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This is a guide to evolutionary stones in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch. Read on if you want to know what evolutionary stones are and what they do, as well as which Pokemon evolve through evolutionary stones.

How to Obtain Evolutionary Stones

Get them from the Digging Duo

The most efficient way to obtain evolutionary stones is to receive them from the Digging Duo in Bridge Field. For 500 watts, you can receive a random item, and occasionally that item will be an evolutionary stone.

You are going to need a lot of watts if you aim to pick up many stones, so be sure and visit many Pokemon Dens to collect as many as possible!

List of Evolutionary Stones

Evolutionary Stones
Fire Stone Water Stone Thunder Stone Leaf Stone
Moon Stone Sun Stone Shiny Stone Dusk Stone
Dawn Stone Ice Stone - -

All can be found at the Lake of Outrage

You can pick up all evolutionary stones at the Lake of Outrage. However, you cannot get them until the Rotom Bike can go over water, so be sure and go there after winning your 6th badge.

Can you purchase them?

We have not currently discovered any method of buying evolutionary stones. It is very possible that you cannot buy evolutionary stones in this game, so when you do have them, be sure and select which Pokemon to use them on very careful so that you do not waste them.

Pokemon that normally require stones to evolve can be found in the wild

Although evolutionary stones are quite rare, many Pokemon that can normally only be obtained by evolving with a stone can be found in the wild. When you cannot find the stone you need to evolve a Pokemon, you may just be able to capture it's evolved form in the wild instead.

Pokemon That Evolve With Stones

Pokemon That Evolve With a Fire Stone

Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution
Eevee ImageEevee Flareon ImageFlareon
Vulpix ImageVulpix Ninetales ImageNinetales
Growlithe ImageGrowlithe Arcanine ImageArcanine

Pokemon That Evolve With a Water Stone

Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution
Eevee ImageEevee Vaporeon ImageVaporeon
Shellder ImageShellder Cloyster ImageCloyster
Lombre ImageLombre Ludicolo ImageLudicolo

Pokemon That Evolve With a Thunder Stone

Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution
Pikachu ImagePikachu Raichu ImageRaichu
Eevee ImageEevee Jolteon ImageJolteon
Charjabug ImageCharjabug Vikavolt ImageVikavolt

Pokemon That Evolve With a Leaf Stone

Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution
Eevee ImageEevee Leafeon ImageLeafeon
Gloom ImageGloom Vileplume ImageVileplume
Nuzleaf ImageNuzleaf Shiftry ImageShiftry

Pokemon That Evolve With a Moon Stone

Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution
Clefairy ImageClefairy Clefable ImageClefable
Munna ImageMunna Musharna ImageMusharna

Pokemon That Evolve With a Sun Stone

Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution
Gloom ImageGloom Bellossom ImageBellossom
Cottonee ImageCottonee Whimsicott ImageWhimsicott
Helioptile ImageHelioptile Heliolisk ImageHeliolisk

Pokemon That Evolve With a Shiny Stone

Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution
Roselia ImageRoselia Roserade ImageRoserade
Togetic ImageTogetic Togekiss ImageTogekiss
Minccino ImageMinccino Cinccino ImageCinccino

Pokemon That Evolve With a Dusk Stone

Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution
Lampent ImageLampent Chandelure ImageChandelure
Doublade ImageDoublade Aegislash ImageAegislash

Pokemon That Evolve With a Dawn Stone

Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution
Kirlia ImageKirlia
(Male Only)
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir
(Male Only)
Snorunt ImageSnorunt
(Female Only)
Froslass ImageFroslass
(Female Only)

Pokemon That Evolve With an Ice Stone

Pre-Evolution Post-Evolution
Eevee ImageEevee Glaceon ImageGlaceon
Galarian Darumaka ImageGalarian Darumaka Galarian Darmanitan ImageGalarian Darmanitan

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