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This is an article on Pokemon Camp, a new feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn what Pokemon Camp is and how to do it.

Pokemon Camp - Overview

Pokemon Camp Banner.jpg

Setting up a camp helps a lot in getting to know your party Pokemon better. You can play with your Pokemon or cook for them so that their friendship levels increase.

Pokemon Camp - Playing with Pokemon

poke toy.jpg bouncing balls.jpg

Play with your party Pokemon here using a Poke Toy or bouncing balls. Take some time off from battling and enjoy playing together to strengthen your bond.


You can also find Alcremie in the camp, which has the ability to create whipped cream in its hands. There are many different flavors and colors to be discovered!

Pokemon Camp - Cooking Curry on Rice

In Pokemon Camp, you can cook for your party Pokemon and share it with them. Make curry on rice, a dish that is enjoyed by the people in the Galar Region.


Just like real curry, you can choose from many different ingredients when crafting your masterpiece.

The type of curry you end up with depends entirely on what goes into it! Try using a wide variety of berries.

Fan the flames to get that curry cooking! Once it has started, you will need to stir the pot to craft the most delicious curry.
fan the flames.jpg Stir.jpg

After you finish cooking, bon appetit! Share this tasty meal together with your Pokemon.

Types of Curry

As the curry you will be cooking depends on what you put in, the ingredients you choose will change the type of curry you will end up with.
sausage curry.jpg

There are many types of curry to be made, so experiment with different ingredients to try and fill out your Curry Dex.
curry dex.jpg

Effects of Eating Curry

Wobbuffett Class.jpg
Players will receive a ranking for the taste of the curry they made. Besides bragging rights for the player, this has a number of benefits of the Pokemon who eat it, including restoring HP, gaining Exp. Points, and increasing their Friendship stat.

Pokemon Camp - Visiting other Camps

Pokemon Camp is one of many ways that you can play and interact with other trainers.


Pokemon Camping can be done together with other players. Up to four players can camp together. This will give your Pokemon a chance to play with your friends' Pokemon in a friendly and fun environment. Once everyone is present, why not share some curry with the party?


If you are connected to the internet or local connection and you come across another tent in the Wild Area, this means that you have found another player's Pokemon Camp.
visit camp.jpg
Take one of your Pokemon with you and visit their camp!

You will need to have purchased a Nintendo Switch Online Membership in order to join another player's camp through an internet connection. This is not required when playing locally however.

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