Pokemon Sword and Shield

Getting to the 2nd Gym (Part 2) - Walkthrough

Getting to the 2nd Gym
This is the story guide and objectives list for obtaining the 2nd Badge (Turffield - Hulbury) in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn which Pokemon the trainers in this location have, as well as other useful walkthrough information.

Getting to the 1st Gym Getting to the 3rd Gym

Things to Do Before Getting to the 2nd Gym

Get a Grass/Electric-type Pokemon

The second gym leader, Nessa, has the Water/Rock-type Pokemon Drednaw. Therefore having a Grass-type Pokemon who can deal 4x damage, or an Electric-type to deal 2x damage will be advantageous.

We recommend picking up a Eldegoss from the bridge on Route 5!

Try and pick up the Eldegoss floating around on the bridge of Route 5. It starts at a high level, and already knows the move Razor Leaf, which will come in very handy.

Picking up Toxel from the Pokemon Day Care on Route 5 is also useful


If you stop at the Route 5 Pokemon Day Care Center on the way to the gym leader's town, you can pick up the Electric-type Pokemon Toxel. This Pokemon can be of use against Nessa, so be sure to get it before moving on!

Getting to the 2nd Gym - Story Walkthrough


Turffield Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Turffield Objectives
1 Exit Turffield Stadium and head south.
2 Head towards the east (right) Pokemon Center

Route 5

Route 5 Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Route 5 Objectives
1 Continue east (right) along the path
2 Fight with Team Yell twice to the east (right) of the Pokemon Day Care
3 Receive the Rotom Bike from the character you saved
4 Continue along the bridge and battle with Hop
5 Continue east (right) and enter Hulbury

Pick up the pace with the Rotom Bike!

After getting the Rotom Bike from the character you saved on Route 5, you should pretty much always be riding it. This will increase your speed and make progressing through the game go by much more smoothly.


Hulbury Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Hulbury Objectives
1 Talk with Oleana and Rose in front of the Pokemon Center
2 Head north (up) toward the Gym
3 Speak with the woman in front of the Gym
4 Continue east and speak with Nessa, who is next to the lighthouse
5 Return to the Gym and challenge Nessa

Hulbury Gym Leader: Nessa's Pokemon

Pokemon Lv. Type Known Moves
Goldeen ImageGoldeen Lv. 22 Water Type ・Horn Attack
・Water Pulse
Arrokuda ImageArrokuda Lv. 23 Water Type ・Aqua Jet
Drednaw ImageDrednaw Lv. 24 Water Type ・Max Strike
・Max Geyser
・Razor Shell

How to Beat Nessa

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