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The Crown Tundra Story Walkthrough

Pokemon Crown Tundra Story Walkthrough

This is Game8's complete walkthrough and guide for completing The Crown Tundra DLC. If you get stuck along the way, check our walkthrough to learn how to complete everything in The Crown Tundra!

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Starting the Game

To the Crown Tundra!

Crown Tundra Story - Go to the Crown Tundra


Upon starting the game you will receive a Crown Pass that will allow you to travel to the Crown Tundra from Wedgehurst Station.
If you haven't received the Crown Pass, be sure that you have purchased the Expansion Pass DLC and downloaded the latest Software Update.
Speak to the rail staff in Wedgehurst Station to board a train to the Crown Tundra Station.
How to Get to The Crown Tundra
Upon arrival your Pokedex will be updated to include the Crown Tundra Pokedex.
Exit the station to meet Peony and Peonia. Approach them for a battle with Peony.
Peony specializes in Steel-type Pokemon, using a Copperajah and Aggron. Defeat him to move on.
With the battle over you are now free to explore the Crown Tundra and begin filling your Pokedex!

How to Beat Peony

Peony's Pokemon
Copperajah ImageCopperajah Lv. 70 Aggron ImageAggron Lv. 70

You might be caught off guard by the sudden battle the moment you leave the train station. Be sure to prepare your party in advance with Pokemon which can handle Steel-types, such as Fighting-types and Ground-types.

The Dynamax Adventure Begins

Crown Tundra Story - Dynamax Adventures


From the Station, head straight ahead and you’ll run into Peony entering the Max Lair, home to Dynamax Adventures.
Follow Peony inside and speak with the researcher to begin a Dynamax Adventure.
Tip: Your first Legendary Pokemon will always be a Suicune, so try to get a Grass or Electric-type Pokemon if possible.
Dynamax Adventure Guide
Clear the Dynamax Adventure to catch up with Peonia.
After exiting the lair, speak with Peony again and follow him south towards Freezington.

Your First Dynamax Adventure

Suicune ImageSuicune

At the end of the Max Lair, you'll encounter your first Legendary in the Crown Tundra, Suicune. Many players fail on their first try, and though you can return to encounter Suicune again, you'll have to start the Dynamax Adventure over to try for another encounter. When proceeding through the Den, try to catch a Pokemon which is effective against Water types to aid in the battle.

Try to Get 8 Dynite Ores

Dynite Ore ImageDynite Ore

You'll need to collect 8 Dynite Ores to proceed through the Story, as they will be required later on. If you're aiming to charge ahead as quickly as possible, a maximum of 11 Dynite Ores can be found in a single Dynamax Adventure, so try for a good run through your first Dynamax Adventure and score at least 8 points from the list below.

List of Bonuses
・Investigated the den (Max 4) - Defeat a Pokemon.
・Reached the innermost area (2) - Get to the last Battle.
・Caught a very special Pokemon (3) - Catch a Legendary Pokemon.
・Safe Adventure (2) - Clear the adventure without any Pokemon fainting.

If you don't make it on your first try, you can continue doing Dynamax Adventures to farm Dynite Ore. It's a good idea to go ahead and get the 8 Dynite Ores now to skip having to come back later.

Best Way to Get Dynite Ores

Choosing Your Path

Receive the Legendary Clues

King of Bountiful Harvests Clue.jpg


Upon your arrival, enter the house that Peony went into on the other side of the village. You will receive the Expedition Uniform and Legendary Clues 1-3 as well as a Master Ball.

Follow the Legendary Clue of your choice

At this point, you'll have the option to follow any of the three Legendary Clues. Depending on the Legendary Pokemon you want to capture first, you can advance any of these storylines, and can even balance the three to your liking.

Peony will encourage you to start off with the first Legendary Clue, The King of Bountiful Harvest, which allows the player to catch Calyrex and one of the Legendary Horse Pokemon. The clues on the Town Map will point you this Clue as well, so this storyline is easiest to complete first.

Click a link in the table below to jump to a chapter!

Storyline Legendary Pokemon
King of Bountiful Harvests Button.pngLegendary Clue 1:
The King of Bountiful Harvest
Legendary Titans Button.pngLegendary Clue 2:
The Legendary Titans
Legendary Birds Button.pngLegendary Clue 3:
The Legendary Birds

Complete the Post-Game and Isle of Armor as well

Story Unlocks.png

After you've completed the three chapters above, you'll be able to participate in the Ultra Beast Event and the Galarian Star Tournament.

However, you'll also need to complete the Post-Game contents of the Pokemon Sword and Shield base game, as well as the Isle of Armor story before you're able to join the Galarian Star Tournament, so consider working your way through these in advance.

Clue 1: The King of Bountiful Harvest

Calyrex Statue.jpeg


Get the Wooden Crown from Peony's table and use it on the statue outside.
Gather information on Calyrex.
Plant an Iceroot or Shaderoot Carrot and craft the Reins of Unity.
Which Legendary Horse Should You Choose?
Battle with Calyrex at the Crown Shrine.
Report Back to Peony.

Catch Calyrex and a Legendary Horse

CalyrexCalyrex GlastrierGlastrier SpectrierSpectrier

The King of Bountiful Harvest chapter will see the player helping Calyrex to reunite with one of his two Legendary Steeds, Glastrier and Spectrier. You'll be able to catch Calyrex, as well as one of the two Legendary Horses.

The King of Bountiful Harvest Walkthrough

Clue 2: The Legendary Titans Walkthrough

Legendary Titans.jpeg


Catch Registeel, Regice and Regirock
Catch Regieleki or Regidrago (only one available per game)
Which Regi Pokemon Should You Choose?
Report back to Peony
Optional: Catch Regigigas

Catch up to five Regi Pokemon

RegiceRegice RegirockRegirock RegisteelRegisteel
RegielekiRegieleki RegidragoRegidrago RegigigasRegigigas

The Legendary Titans chapter will see the player solving the mysteries of Legendary Clue 2, visiting a series of ruins to capture each of the Regi Pokemon. You'll be able to capture the original three Regis, as well as Regidrago and Regieleki, and even the elusive Regigigas!

The Legendary Titans Walkthrough

Chapter 3: The Legendary Birds Walkthrough

Three Birds.jpeg


Go to Dyna Tree Hill at the southernmost point of the Crown Tundra.
The Legendary Birds will fly away to different parts of the Map.
Catch Galarian Articuno in the Crown Tundra, Galarian Zapdos in the Wild Area, and Galarian Moltres in the Isle of Armor.
Report back to Peony.

Catch the Galarian forms of all Legendary Birds

Galarian ArticunoGalarian Articuno Galarian ZapdosGalarian Zapdos Galarian MoltresGalarian Moltres

This chapter will have the player travel both in and outside of the Crown Tundra to capture all three of the Galarian Legendary Birds. If it's been a while since you picked up the game, you'll get a nice chance to revisit some old areas while catching new versions of the original Legendary Trio!
The Legendary Birds Walkthrough

Completing the Game and Post-Game Contents

Completed the Game.png

Once you've solved the mystery of all three Legendary Clues, congratulations! You've completed the main story of The Crown Tundra.

After you report to Peony for the last time, he'll give you his Rare League Card and a Golden Expedition Outfit.

How to Unlock Post-Game Contents

Once Peony leaves you can spot something shining on the ground. Interact with it to obtain a Legendary Clue?
Head over to the Max Lair to return the Legendary Clue? to Peony. You'll now be able to find Ultra Beasts within Dynamax Adventures.
Heading outside will also get you a call from Leon inviting you to the Galarian Star Tournament in Wyndon.

The Crown Tundra Post-Game Content

Chapter 4: The Ultra Beasts Walkthrough

They Came From the Ultra Beyond

Ultra Beasts.jpeg

This optional chapter grants the player access to Ultra Beasts, which can be randomly encountered in Dynamax Adventures. This chapter is still being researched, so we are adding more information as it is determined!

Catch Necrozma to Complete the Chapter


Catch Necrozma in a Dynamax Adventure. Its condition for appearing is completely random, so continue Dynamax Adventures until you encounter it.
After catching Necrozma, you'll get a call from Peony.
You'll receive an Ability Patch and Beast Ball for completing the chapter.
Optional: After catching any 5 Ultra Beasts in Dynamax Adventures, you'll receive Poipole as a gift in front of the entrance to the Max Lair.

A Variety of Ultra Beasts Await

Pheromosa ImagePheromosa Stakataka ImageStakataka Guzzlord ImageGuzzlord Kartana ImageKartana Celesteela ImageCelesteela
Xurkitree ImageXurkitree Buzzwole ImageBuzzwole Nihilego ImageNihilego Blacephalon ImageBlacephalon Necrozma ImageNecrozma

You can catch all the Ultra Beasts aside from Poipole and Naganadel simply by completing Dynamax Adventures. However, their appearance is random, and they appear along with other Legendary Pokemon, so this chapter can take a long time to complete.

Keep hunting until you find Necrozma, and have fun catching all the Legendaries and Ultra Beasts you can on the way!

How to Get the Ultra Beasts

Galarian Star Tournament

Galarian Star Tournament.jpeg

After receiving the call from Leon, visit Wyndon to participate in the Galarian Star Tournament.

Once you've completed the Galarian Star Tournament, you'll achieve the real ending of The Crown Tundra!

Galarian Star Tournament Guide

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