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List of Fire-type Pokemon

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This page lists all Fire-Type Pokemon found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In addition, information regarding Fire-type Pokemon's strengths and weaknesses is listed. Use this page for building your team and filling out your Pokedex!

List of Fire-type Pokemon

Pokemon in Galarian Pokedex

Nat. No. Galar No. Pokemon Type
4 378 Fire Type
5 379 Fire Type
6 380 Fire Type Flying Type
37.1 68 Fire Type
38.1 69 Fire Type
58 70 Fire Type
59 71 Fire Type
136 199 Fire Type
324 300 Fire Type
479.2 372-1 Electric Type Fire Type
555.2 368 Ice Type Fire Type
607 287 Ghost Type Fire Type
608 288 Ghost Type Fire Type
609 289 Ghost Type Fire Type
631 317 Fire Type
757 244 Poison Type Fire Type
758 245 Poison Type Fire Type
776 347 Fire Type Dragon Type
813 4 Fire Type
814 5 Fire Type
815 6 Fire Type
838 162 Rock Type Fire Type
839 163 Rock Type Fire Type
850 159 Fire Type Bug Type
851 160 Fire Type Bug Type

Pokemon not in Galarian Pokedex

Pokemon HOME

With the release of Pokemon HOME on February 12th, 2020, Pokemon from previous games which were previously inaccessible in Pokemon Sword and Shield became obtainable by trading from previous games in the series.

Nat. No. Pokemon Type
77.1 Fire Type
78.1 Fire Type
554.1 Fire Type
555.1 Fire Type
555.2 Fire Type Psychic Type
725 Fire Type
726 Fire Type
727 Fire Type Dark Type

New Pokemon, Abilities, and Moves Available through Pokemon HOME

The Isle of Armor DLC

Many of the Pokemon not included in the Pokemon Sword and Shield base game will be available in The Isle of Armor, the first half of the Expansion Pass DLC, available June 17th. Look forward to catching your old favorites again, including some with new Galarian and Gigantamax forms!

Nat. No. IoA No. Pokemon Type
105.1 171.1 Alolan MarowakAlolan Marowak Fire Type Ghost Type
636 186 LarvestaLarvesta Bug Type Fire Type
637 187 VolcaronaVolcarona Bug Type Fire Type
662 23 FletchinderFletchinder Fire Type Flying Type
663 24 TalonflameTalonflame Fire Type Flying Type

The Crown Tundra DLC

The Crown Tundra, the second half of the Expansion Pass DLC, promises the return of Legendary Pokemon from previous generations and other old favorites.

Nat. No. CT No. Pokemon Type
126 19 MagmarMagmar Fire Type
146 204 MoltresMoltres Fire Type Flying Type
240 18 MagbyMagby Fire Type
244 - EnteiEntei Fire Type
250 - Ho-ohHo-oh Fire Type Flying Type
255 - TorchicTorchic Fire Type
256 - CombuskenCombusken Fire Type Fighting Type
257 - BlazikenBlaziken Fire Type Fighting Type
467 20 MagmortarMagmortar Fire Type
485 - HeatranHeatran Fire Type Steel Type
494 - VictiniVictini Psychic Type Fire Type
643 - ReshiramReshiram Dragon Type Fire Type
721 - VolcanionVolcanion Fire Type Water Type
804 - BlacephalonBlacephalon Fire Type Ghost Type

List of Pokemon Appearing in Expansion Pass DLC

Affinity of Fire-type Pokemon With Other Types

Fire-type moves are super effective on four other types, while Fire-type Pokemon are resistant to six types. Fire-type Pokemon have three weaknesses, and Fire-type moves are not very effective on four other types. Fire-type Pokemon have no immunities, and no other type of Pokemon are immune to Fire-type moves.


Grass Type Dragon Type None
Bug Type Fire Type
Ice Type Water Type
Steel Type Rock Type


Fire Type Water Type None
Bug Type Rock Type
Grass Type Ground Type
Ice Type
Steel Type
Fairy Type

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