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How to Find Apricorns and All Poke Balls

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How to Find Apricorns.png

Apricorns are back in The Isle of Armor! Learn how to find Apricorns and use them to make rare Poke Balls, along with our full list of available Poke Balls!

List of Apricorns

Blue Apricorn ImageBlue Apricorn Yellow Apricorn ImageYellow Apricorn Green Apricorn ImageGreen Apricorn Pink Apricorn ImagePink Apricorn
White Apricorn ImageWhite Apricorn Black Apricorn ImageBlack Apricorn Red Apricorn ImageRed Apricorn

How to Get Apricorns Fast

Shake Trees

Shake Trees.jpg

Along with Berries, Apricorns will fall from Berry trees on the Isle of Armor. However, if you shake the tree too many times, a Pokemon will fall out, and you'll lose all the Berries and Apricorns which fell up to that point.

Locations of All Apricorn Trees

List of Apricorn Tree Locations
Map Name Apricorn Color Number of Trees
Forest of Focus All colors 7
Fields of Honor All colors 4
Soothing Wetlands Yellow Apricorn ImageYellow Apricorn Green Apricorn ImageGreen Apricorn Pink Apricorn ImagePink Apricorn Red Apricorn ImageRed Apricorn 4
Challenge Beach Blue Apricorn ImageBlue Apricorn Black Apricorn ImageBlack Apricorn 2
Training Lowlands White Apricorn ImageWhite Apricorn 1 (Southeast area)

The tree in the southwest area of the Training Lowlands does not produce Apricorns.

Forest of Focus is a great place to farm

The Forest of Focus has seven trees which can produce Apricorns of any color. Its trees have a low ratio of Berries, so they're perfect for collecting as many Apricorns as possible in one go.

One tree of each color

There are trees in the Soothing Wetlands, Challenge Beach, and Training Lowlands which only produce one color of Apricorn. If you're looking to make a specific Poke Ball, these trees can be useful for collecting just the color you need!

From sparkling ground

Apricorns from Sparkling Ground

Like many other items, Apricorns can sometimes be found in sparkling ground, so be sure to collect it when you see it.

Trade the girl in green for 100 Watts

Apricorns from NPC

You'll sometimes find a girl wearing green who will trade you 4 of one type of Apricorn for 100 Watts. Since you can find 100 Watts by simply interacting with an inactive Den, this is a no-brainer!

It seems like the girl offering Apricorns will start appearing once you've filled out a large amount of Pokemon in your Isle of Armor PokeDex.

Note: One of our Walkthrough team members only saw her after filling in 150+ Pokemon, but the exact requirement is currently unknown!

How to Make Poke Balls

Use the Cram-o-Matic


The Cram-o-Matic in the room on the right side of the dojo can be used to change Apricorns into a variety of Poke Balls. Currently, the Poke Balls which result from using Apricorns the Cram-o-Matic seem to be random, unlike other Recipes. So to collect a variety of Poke Ball types, you'll need to get as many Apricorns as possible, without worrying about the type of Apricorn used.

How to Use the Cram-o-Matic

Poke Balls You Can Get With Apricorns

Poke Ball Needed Apricorns and Effect
Fast Ball ImageFast Ball White Apricorns
Catch Pokemon that run away more easily.
Level Ball ImageLevel Ball Red Apricorns
Catch Pokemon that are a lower level than yours more easily.
Lure Ball ImageLure Ball Blue Apricorns
Catch Pokemon you find by fishing more easily.
Heavy Ball ImageHeavy Ball Black Apricorns
Catch Pokemon that have heavy weights more easily.
Friend Ball ImageFriend Ball Green Apricorns
Befriend Pokemon caught with this Poke Ball more easily.
Love Ball ImageLove Ball Pink Apricorns
Catch Pokemon that are the opposite gender of yours more easily.
Moon Ball ImageMoon Ball Yellow Apricorns
Catch Pokemon that evolve with Moon Stones more easily.
Sport Ball Any 4 of the same color Apricorn (Ultra Rare)
No special effect.
Safari Ball Any 4 of the same color Apricorn (Ultra Rare)
No special effect.

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2 Izzyover 3 years

The apricorn girl will start appearing after you've identified *not* caught, all pokemon on the isle, replacing the same one that gave you entries for the same price. Thats when she starts to appear.

1 playeralmost 4 years

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