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This is a forum for players to recruit each other for Max Raid Battles and Dynamax Adventures. Check here for partners before you hunt Legendary Pokemon and for Event Max Raid battles!

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Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.

Max Raid Battle Guide

Pokemon Sword & Shield - Dynamax Raid Battles
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Dynamax Adventure Guide

Crown Tundra - Dynamax Adventures
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How to Win Dynamax Adventures

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Submissions: 39
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39 Anonymous5 monthsReport

who has a stackataka raid i want shiny

38 Anonymous8 monthsReport

same here.Want to hunt them together?

37 Anonymous8 monthsReport

I need a lugia raid and kyogre raid, does anyone have those

36 Anonymous8 monthsReport

can I do yveltal with you

35 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Hey not sure I’m too late for this but do you still playing cuz I need some shield exclusives mon

34 Anonymous9 monthsReport

Does anyone have a Yveltal raid? My friend code on the switch is SW-4616-0502-1328

33 Anonymous10 monthsReport

Ive got Yveltal

32 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport


31 Blamabout 1 yearReport

Anyone able to host some shield-exclusive raids? I need all of them, and I will host sword only raids in return

30 Isaacover 1 yearReport

Does anyone have a Latias raid? I'm on sword and cannot get it.

29 Davidover 1 yearReport

Is anyone able to host a Lugia raid? It's the last Dynamax boss I need.

28 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

Pls add me for Shield adventures -SW6316-1630-5330

27 Makoover 1 yearReport

Looking for mostly any shield exclusive legends and I can currently offer Zygarde Reshiram Groudon written down But mostly looking for friends to play the game with my Nintendo friend code is SW-0644-8471-4808

26 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

Finding Lugia, Kyogre, and Latias raid; can offer their Sword counterpart(Ho-oh, Groudon, Latios).

25 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

I’m looking for yveltal, palkia and thunderous. Please help my friend code on Nintendo is 3304-1167-2043

24 Markkageover 1 yearReport

Im looking for players who have ultra beast sitings so i can complete this last legendary clue?

23 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

im looking for stakataka and blacephalon in dynamax adventures

22 DatJayover 1 yearReport

Hi! I want to shiny hunt Reshiram. I have Shield version, so if anyone is hunting it,can I join you so i register it and we hunt it toguether?

21 Anonymousover 1 yearReport

Dynamax gyrados max 5 star raid

20 Anonymousalmost 2 yearsReport

Look for latias, kyogre, yveltal, lunala

19 Anonymousalmost 2 yearsReport

Anyone wanna raid tonight

18 Anonymousalmost 2 yearsReport

Dynamax Adventures I'm looking for ZEKROM raid I can invite you to any SWORD version one

17 Anonymousalmost 2 yearsReport

Hi, I'm looking for someone who has nihilego as a max raid option, I haven't managed to find one and I'm getting a bit fed up of trying. If you're happy to add me let me know and I'll give you my friend code.

16 Jake Hubschmanalmost 2 yearsReport

I have one. what is the code?

15 Anonymousalmost 2 yearsReport

Pokemon Shield exclusives please!

14 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

Anybody have any of the Pokemon shield exclusive legendaries?

13 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

Any legendaries please?

12 Wootisabout 2 yearsReport

Looking for Palkia Celesteela and Buzzwole

11 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

anyone have a Kartana raid?

10 Anonymousabout 2 yearsReport

Someone have lugia raid

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