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How to Farm Watts Quickly (Crown Tundra Updated)

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How to Farm Watts Fast.png
This is a guide on the easiest way to farm Watts fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn more on where and how to collect and spend Watts.

What are Watts?

Pokemon Den Banner
Instead of Poke Dollars, there is another currency that can be used in exchange for goods and services around the Wild Area. This special currency is called Watts.

How to Farm Watts Easily

Digging Pa is the Best Way

Pokemon SWSH - Digging Pa - Huge amount of Watts.png
This feature is only available in The Isle of Armor DLC.

Farming Watts is now easier with Digging Pa thanks to the Isle of Armor DLC! For 7 of the Armorite Ores you can get from Raids, you can ask Digging Pa, the father of the Digging Duo, to dig up large amounts of Watts for you. We've even managed to get more than 500,000 Watts from one digging round, so if you have the Isle of Armor expansion, we recommend going to Digging Pa for your Watts!

You can get to Digging Pa easily by flying to Training Lowlands, where you'll appear almost right in front of him.

Digging Pa Location and Watts Earned

Get Armorite Ores through Raids

The fastest way to collect a lot of Armorite Ores is doing Max Raids. Unless it's a special Raid, you're guaranteed to get Armorite Ores, so it's the best way to get them!

Recommended Pokemon Dens
Challenge Road - Den C Challenge Road
By the rock past the grassy area, two levels below the Tower of Darkness.
Raid Pokemon:
Rockruff, Lycanroc, Chansey, Blissey
Honeycalm Island - All Dens Honeycalm Island
All Dens on the Island.
Raid Pokemon:
Combee, Vespiquen, Chansey, Blissey

In the Max Raids above, the same Pokemon appear in the the normal and rare Dens, making them easy to clear for Armorite Ores.

Pokemon Dens in Wild Areas

Raid Boss Partial Header.png

If you don't have The Isle of Armor DLC, we find moving from Den to Den in the Wild Area and collecting Watts from all the glowing Dens to be the next best farming method. Once you've cleared the Pokemon League, you get 2,000 Watts from all Dens with light pillars, allowing you to quickly rake in Watts.

Complete the Max Raids you find

We strongly recommend challenging and beating the Max Raids you find. When you beat a Pokemon in a Max Raid, the light pillars and Dens will reset, so you can gather Watts all over again!

How to Win Max Raid Battles

Where to Collect Watts

Have Them Dug Up by Digging Pa

Digging Pa.jpg
Digging Pa is only available in the Isle of Armor DLC.

Digging Pa, the father of the Digging Duo, can dig up Watts for you, in exchange for Armonite Ores.

You can get as much Watts as he can dig up before he gets tired, and you can have Watts dug up for free the first time you meet him.

Digging Pa Location and Watts Earned

Pokemon Dens without Light Pillars

Pokemon Den1
The Pokemon Dens that are glowing with red light will give you Watts. You can only collect Watts once per glow, then the glow disappears and you'll have to find the next glowing Den. Press the A button by glowing Dens to collect Watts.

The number of Watts will increase when you clear the Pokemon League and become Champion!

Watts gained from glowing Dens

Before Pokemon League 50 W
After Pokemon League 200 W

Pokemon Dens with Light Pillars

Pokemon Den2
You can get a lot more Watts from the Pokemon Dens that have red or purple pillars of light than the normal glowing ones. These can be seen from afar, so try to prioritize these Dens when you are Watt hunting!

Watts gained from Dens with Light Pillars

Before Pokemon League 300 W
After Pokemon League 2,000 W

Since the increase from 300 to 2,000 makes a huge difference, we strongly recommend defeating the Pokemon League or finishing the story!

Story Walkthrough

Catch or Defeat Brilliant Pokemon

Brilliant Pokemon1
There are Pokemon enveloped in a golden aura called a Brilliant Aura. These are referred to as Brilliant Pokemon. Catching or defeating a Brilliant Pokemon can grant you Watt rewards!

Brilliant Pokemon are easy to miss, as they are usually in the tall grass, so we recommend you check around tall grass areas when you're searching for Brilliant Pokemon.

However, if you want to speed up the spawning of Brilliant Pokemon, encounter and battle as many Pokemon as you can. The more times you battle, the greater the odds of a Brilliant Pokemon appearing are!

Brilliant Pokemon Spawn Rates

Battles Brilliant Pokemon Future Encounters
At least 1 Brilliant Pokemon may appear.
20 1.3x probability of appearing
50 1.6x probability of appearing
100 2x probability of appearing

Brilliant Pokemon and Fishing

For fishing, you can tell the Pokemon is Brilliant even before casting your line, as the water will be sparkling.

To increase the rate for Brilliant Pokemon while fishing, you need to continue to defeat the Pokemon you fish up! If you fail to hook a Pokemon, run away, leave the area, or turn off the game, your map and the Brilliant Pokemon rate will be reset, so keep that in mind when fishing for Brilliant Pokemon!

Brilliant Pokemon often have better stats

A Brilliant wild Pokémon is often more powerful than normal, and might even know special Moves, so consider catching them rather than defeating them if you find a Pokemon you like!

Rotom Rally

Rotom Rally1
You can get Watts from joining the Rotom Rally. Just approach the Watt Trader and choose Rotom Rally.

Watt Rewards Depends on the Score

Rotom Rally2
The amount of watts you receive depends on the score you obtain from the rally. You can select the length of the rally before the race; the longer the rally you participate in, the bigger the watt rewards.

Time Score (Estimated) Watt Rewards
40 10,000 100
50 10,000 120
80 15,000 150 - 200
90 20,000 200 - 250
120 20,000 - 30,000 250 - 300

How to Use Watts

Get Rare Items from Watt Trader

Watt Trader in Snowslide Slope.jpg
Watt Trader is also available in the Crown Tundra. You can purchase items from Today's Highlight once a day, which includes Apricorns and items needed for evolving Pokemon.

Available Poke Ball and Wishing Piece

Item Watt Price
Nest Ball 50 W
Dive Ball 50 W
Repeat Ball 50 W
Hyper Potion 80 W
Wishing Piece 3,000 W

Available TRs

No. Move Price Watts
TR40 Skill Swap 1,000 W
TR41 Blaze Kick 3,000 W
TR42 Hyper Voice 5,000 W
TR43 Overheat 8,000 W
TR44 Cosmic Power 2,000 W
TR45 Muddy Water 5,000 W
TR46 Iron Defense 2,000 W
TR47 Dragon Claw 3,000 W
TR48 Bulk Up 2,000 W
TR49 Calm Mind 2,000 W

Upgrade the Dojo

Dojo Upgrades - Give Honey Watts

If you have the Isle of Armor expansion pack, you need lots and lots of Watt to upgrade the Pokemon Dojo. It comes with some awesome rewards, like Vitamin drinks with bulk-discounts, so we recommend stopping by Honey and giving her as many Watts as you can spare.

All Pokemon Dojo Upgrades

Digging Duo

How to Get to Digging Duo 4.jpg

For 500 Watts, these two brothers will try to dig up rare items and fossils for you. They can be found near the Daycare in the Wild Area, so stop by and encourage them with some Watts!

Getting Rare Items From the Digging Duo

Buy Items from Wild Area NPCs

Brilliant Find2
You can also exchange your Watts with characters selling Brilliant Finds for a mere 100 Watts around the Wild Area.

Approach the fishing NPC to trade your Watts for some rare finds!

Items from the Fisher

Pearl Big Pearl
Pearl String Wishing Piece

Items from the Mountain Climber

Exp. Candy XS Exp. Candy S
Exp. Candy M Wishing Piece

Watt Traders

Watts Exchange1
Watt Traders are characters offering a variety of goods in exchange for Watts.

Goods that change Every Day

Watts Exchange2
They offer a variety of goods that can help you win more rewards, or your Pokemon to learn moves, as Technical Machines (TMs) are available for Watt trade. Visit each Watt Trader every day as the items they offer change by the day.

Locations of All Watt Traders

Always Wishing Pieces and a Poke Ball

They will always carry Wishing Pieces and one of the possible Poke Balls from the list below:

Item Watt Price
Wishing Piece 3,000 W
Quick Ball 50 W
Luxury Ball 50 W
Dusk Ball 50 W
Dive Ball 50 W
Timer Ball 50 W
Nest Ball 50 W
Net Ball 50 W
Heal Ball 20 W
Repeat Ball 100 W

List of Poke Balls and Where to Get Them

Available TRs

All TRs are available randomly through Watt Traders in the Wild Area. The shop line-up changes every day, so check all of them if you're looking for a specific Move!

No. Move Price (Watts)
TR00 Swords Dance 2000
TR01 Body Slam 3000
TR02 Flamethrower 5000
TR03 Hydro Pump 8000
TR04 Surf 5000
TR05 Ice Beam 5000
TR06 Blizzard 8000
TR07 Low Kick 3000
TR08 Thunderbolt 5000
TR09 Thunder 8000
TR10 Earthquake 8000
TR11 Psychic 5000
TR12 Agility 2000
TR13 Focus Energy 1000
TR14 Metronome 1000
TR15 Fire Blast 8000
TR16 Waterfall 3000
TR17 Amnesia 2000
TR18 Leech Life 3000
TR19 Tri Attack 2000
TR20 Substitute 3000
TR21 Reversal 2000
TR22 Sludge Bomb 5000
TR23 Spikes 2000
TR24 Outrage 8000
TR25 Psyshock 3000
TR26 Endure 1000
TR27 Sleep Talk 2000
TR28 Megahorn 8000
TR29 Baton Pass 2000
TR30 Encore 2000
TR31 Iron Tail 5000
TR32 Crunch 3000
TR33 Shadow Ball 3000
TR34 Future Sight 3000
TR35 Uproar 3000
TR36 Heat Wave 5000
TR37 Taunt 2000
TR38 Trick 2000
TR39 Superpower 8000
TR40 Skill Swap 1000
TR41 Blaze Kick 3000
TR42 Hyper Voice 5000
TR43 Overheat 8000
TR44 Cosmic Power 2000
TR45 Muddy Water 5000
TR46 Iron Defense 2000
TR47 Dragon Claw 3000
TR48 Bulk Up 2000
TR49 Calm Mind 2000
TR50 Leaf Blade 5000
TR51 Dragon Dance 2000
TR52 Gyro Ball 3000
TR53 Close Combat 8000
TR54 Toxic Spikes 2000
TR55 Flare Blitz 8000
TR56 Aura Sphere 3000
TR57 Poison Jab 3000
TR58 Dark Pulse 3000
TR59 Seed Bomb 3000
TR60 X-Scissor 3000
TR61 Bug Buzz 5000
TR62 Dragon Pulse 3000
TR63 Power Gem 3000
TR64 Focus Blast 8000
TR65 Energy Ball 5000
TR66 Brave Bird 8000
TR67 Earth Power 5000
TR68 Nasty Plot 2000
TR69 Zen Headbutt 3000
TR70 Flash Cannon 5000
TR71 Leaf Storm 8000
TR72 Power Whip 8000
TR73 Gunk Shot 8000
TR74 Iron Head 5000
TR75 Stone Edge 8000
TR76 Stealth Rock 3000
TR77 Grass Knot 3000
TR78 Sludge Wave 5000
TR79 Heavy Slam 3000
TR80 Electro Ball 3000
TR81 Foul Play 3000
TR82 Stored Power 2000
TR83 Ally Switch 2000
TR84 Scald 3000
TR85 Work Up 1000
TR86 Wild Charge 5000
TR87 Drill Run 3000
TR88 Heat Crash 3000
TR89 Hurricane 8000
TR90 Play Rough 5000
TR91 Venom Drench 2000
TR92 Dazzling Gleam 3000
TR93 Darkest Lariat 5000
TR94 High Horsepower 5000
TR95 Throat Chop 3000
TR96 Pollen Puff 5000
TR97 Psychic Fangs 5000
TR98 Liquidation 3000
TR99 Body Press 3000

Upgrade your Rotom Bike

Rotom Bike Upgrade 1

Your Rotom-powered bike is already fast to begin with, but you can still upgrade your bike to give it a boost!

Exchange Watts for Upgrades

Rotom Bike Upgrade 2
Just hand over your Watts to the Trader and he can give your Rotom Bike an upgrade. This will allow you to use the speed boost, activated by pressing B, after riding for a shorter duration.

Rotom Bike Upgrade Watts Needed
1 1,000 W
2 3,000 W
3 5,000 W

This will help you finish Rotom Rallies in no time! The faster the Rotom Bike, the bigger the Watt rewards in the Rotom Rally!


By exchanging your collected Watts, you can change the color of your biking outfit.

Color Matching

The color available is defined by the top Pokemon in your party, so you can choose the color you want by switching to a different Pokemon.

Where to Find Watt Traders

Watt Trader
Watt Traders are around the Wild Area, so it is easy to spot them. They wear a white and black clothes that look like a Gym Uniform.

Near Flying Taxi stops

Click the maps above for details!

Check out the Town Map to easily find them. By hovering over a location with your cursor, you can see which points are labeled 'Watt Trader'. Some of these locations are accessible via Flying Taxi. Look for the Wing icon above these locations, so you can jump there and buy what you need!

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