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This is a guide on the easiest way to collect watts fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to learn more on where and how to collect and spend watts.

What are Watts?

Pokemon Den Banner
Instead of Poke Dollars, there is another currency that can be used in exchange for goods and services around the Wild Area. This special currency is called Watts.

Where to Collect Watts

Pokemon Dens

Glowing with Red Light

Pokemon Den1
The Pokemon Dens that are glowing with red light will give you 50 Watts.

The number of watts will increase from 50 to 200 Watts in the later part of the game.

With a Red Pillar of Light

Pokemon Den2
On the other hand, Pokemon Dens with a red pillar of light will give you 300 Watts.

Approach a glowing den, then press the A button to collect Watts.

Rotom Rally

Rotom Rally1
You can get Watts from joining the Rotom Rally. Just approach the Watt Trader and choose Rotom Rally.

Watt Rewards Depends on the Score

Rotom Rally2
The amount of watts you receive depends on the score you obtain from the rally. You can select the length of the rally before the race; the longer the rally you participate in, the bigger the watt rewards.

Time Score (Estimated) Watt Rewards
40 10,000 100
50 10,000 120
80 15,000 150 - 200
90 20,000 200 - 250
120 20,000 - 30,000 250 - 300

Max Raid Battles

Max Raid Battles can also provide Watts as a reward, depending on the number of Raid Stars you get. The better your star ranking for the battle, the more Watt rewards you obtain.

No Star 50 - 200 W
1 Star 300 W
2 Stars -
3 Stars 2,000 W
4 Stars 2,000 W

Catching Brilliant Pokemon

Brilliant Aura

Brilliant Pokemon1
There are Pokemon enveloped in a golden aura called a Brilliant Aura. These are referred to as Brilliant Pokemon. Catching or defeating a Brilliant Pokemon can grant you Watt rewards.

Appearance of Brilliant Pokemon in the Grass

Brilliant Pokemon are easy to miss, as they are usually in the tall grass. We recommend that you sneak or lurk around tall grasses to search for Brilliant Pokemon.

However, if you want to quicken the spawning of Brilliant Pokemon, encounter and battle with as many Pokemon as you can. The more times you battle, the greater the odds of a Brilliant Pokemon appearing are.

The table below shows the spawning frequency of Brilliant Pokemon in the grass.

Battles Brilliant Pokemon Future Encounters
At least 1 Brilliant Pokemon may appear.
20 1.3x probability of appearing
50 1.6x probability of appearing
100 2x probability of appearing

Appearance of Brilliant Pokemon in the Water

When looking for a Brilliant Pokemon in the water, the number of battles you go through is not as important as when looking for Brilliant Pokemon in the grass.

Instead, you need to have 25 consecutive wins while fishing against Pokemon of any species to increase the probability of Brilliant Pokemon appearing.

Successful Hook Streak Brilliant Pokemon Future Encounters
0-2 Brilliant Pokemon may appear
3-6 1.3x probability of appearing
7-14 3.3x probability of appearing
15-24 6.6x probability of appearing
25 and up 16.6x probability of appearing

Take note that failing to hook a Pokemon, running away, leaving the area, or turning off the game will break the winning streak you have.

Recommended Way to Collect Watts

Approaching Pokemon Dens

Though there are many ways to get Watts, we recommend getting them from Pokemon Dens. This is the lowest-effort method, as you will only need to approach a den and interact with it. In the later part of the game, you could collect 1,000 to 2,000 Watts in 5 minutes simply by interacting with dens.

Remember that a den loses its glow after its Watts are obtained or after a Dynamax Pokemon is encountered inside (Pokemon Dens with a red pillar only), however, all Dens will regain their glow after some time has passed.

How to Use Watts

Watt Traders

Watts Exchange1
Watt Traders are characters offering a variety of goods in exchange for Watts.

The Goods Change Every Day

Watts Exchange2
They offer a variety of goods that can help you win more rewards, or your Pokemon to learn moves, as Technical Machines (TMs) are available for Watt trade. Visit the Watt Trader every day as the items he offers change by the day.
List of TMs and Locations

Brilliant Finds

Brilliant Find2
You can also exchange your Watts with characters selling a Brilliant Find at a bargain price around the Wild Area.

Approach the fishing NPC to trade your Watts for some rare finds!

It is recommended not to miss these NPCs as they can sell you a valuable Wishing Piece for a more affordable watt price.

Upgrade your Rotom Bike

Rotom Bike Upgrade 1

Your Rotom-powered bike is already fast to begin with, but you can still upgrade your bike to give it a boost!

Exchange Watts for Upgrades

Rotom Bike Upgrade 2
Just hand over your Watts to the Trader and he can give your Rotom Bike an upgrade. This will allow you to use the speed boost, activated by pressing B, after riding for a shorter duration.

Rotom Bike Upgrade Watts Needed
1 1,000 W
2 3,000 W
3 5,000 W

This will help you finish Rotom Rallies in no time! The faster the Rotom Bike, the bigger the Watt rewards in the Rotom Rally!


By exchanging your collected Watts, you can change the color of your biking outfit.

Color Matching

The color available is defined by the top Pokemon in your party, so you can choose the color you want by switching to a different Pokemon.

Where to Find Watt Traders

Watt Trader
Watt Traders are around the Wild Area, so it is easy to spot them. They wear a white and black clothes that look like a Gym Uniform.

Town Map

Trader Map1 Trader Map2

Check out the Town Map to easily find them. Some of these locations are accessible via Flying Taxi. Look for the Wing icon above these locations.

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