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The Crown Tundra Post-Game Content

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Not sure what to do after you finish up the Crown Tundra in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Take a look at our guide on all the things that are available once you complete the main story!

The Crown Tundra Post-Game Content

The End.jpg
  • Catch the Ultra Beasts in Dynamax Adventures
  • Participate in the Galarian Star Tournament
  • Buy Routes to Specific Legendaries in Dynamax Adventures
  • Complete the Legendary Clue?
  • Receive Cosmetics From Peonia
  • Obtain the Gold Expedition Uniform
  • Unlock Endless Dynamax Adventures
  • Battle Peony Daily

Catch the Ultra Beasts

Once you've cleared the main story of the Crown Tundra, you'll be able to start a post-game story that brings the Ultra Beasts into Dynamax Adventures. Every Ultra Beast from Nihilego to Stakataka can be encountered like the Legendary Pokemon at random so you'll be in the Max Lair for quite some time hunting them down!

Dynamax Adventures

Can Be Used For Shiny Hunting

Like the Legendaries, Ultra Beasts can also be shiny. You can only get each UB once so take a look at our guide on how to look for shinies in Dynamax Adventures so you don't miss out!

How to Hunt Shiny Legendary Pokemon in Dynamax Adventures

Participate in the Galarian Star Tournament

Galarian Star Tournament Partner.png

The Galarian Star Tournament is one final piece of story for the game that brings all of the Gym Leaders together to battle together. To unlock the tournament, you will need to have cleared all of the prior post-game story from the main game and the Isle of Armor DLC.

Galarian Star Tournament

Buy Routes to Specific Legendaries in Dynamax Adventures

Pokemon - Crown Tundra -  Learn the location of Legendary Pokemon for 5 Dynite Ores

While the Legendaries that appear in Dynamax Adventures are random, speaking with Peonia will allow you to use 5 Dynite Ores to purchase the location of one Legendary. You won't get to choose which one, but if you're lucky you can guarantee one you're searching for will appear!

Complete the Legendary Clue?

The final Legendary Clue revolves around the appearance of Ultra Beasts that have begun to appear in the Max Lair. Your goal is to find and catch Necrozma for Peony, so may as well grab the UBs while you're at it!

The Crown Tundra Story Walkthrough

※Transferring a Necrozma from Pokemon HOME will not count towards completion.

Receive Cosmetics From Peonia

Futuristic Monocle.jpeg

You can also recieve special cosmetic items that reference past games from Peonia from completing Dynamax Adventures. In our experience, we found that for every 5 Dynamax Adventures we cleared Peonia would give out one item.

Obtain the Gold Expedition Uniform

Gold Expedition Uniform.jpeg

Right at the end of the Crown Tundra's story you will receive the Gold Expedition Uniform from Peony. If you were already a fan of the original outfit check this one out too!

Unlock Endless Dynamax Adventures

Endless Dynamax Adventure.jpeg

A regular Dynamax Adventure consists of 5 battles before leaving, but Endless Dynamax Adventures you can continue as long as your party can go. For more details on Endless Dynamax Adventures, head on over to our Dynamax Adventure guide!

Dynamax Adventures

Battle Peony

Peony Battle 2.jpeg

Once Peony heads over to the Max Lair at the end of the story, speaking with him will allow you to challenge him to a battle once a day. Peony specializes in Steel-type Pokemon so bring Pokemon that can exploit its weaknesses.

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