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List of Unrepeatable One-time Events (Crown Tundra Updated)

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This is a list of unrepeatable one-time events, as well as irreversible choices you make for your character as you advance the story in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Character Permanent Choices

Name, Gender, and Skin Color

Character Select.jpg
As you start the game, you will be asked to select a character from the lineup of photos.

You cannot change your name, gender, and skin color.

However, later on in the game, you will be able to change your hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and clothes through boutiques and salons.
How to Change Your Clothes and Appearance



When you first arrive in Wedgehurst, you can talk to a woman outside the Pokemon Center. By doing so, you can set your birthday.

Once it has been set, you cannot change it anymore.

You can celebrate on the day of your birthday by visiting any Pokemon Center.

Trainer ID No.

Trainer ID No.jpg

You cannot change the Trainer ID No. that you will get. The only way to change this is by resetting the game until you get the number you want.

Uniform Number

Uniform Number.jpg
When you first register as a Gym Challenger, you will be asked to give a number which will be displayed on your uniform.

Once you set it, you cannot change it anymore.

One-time Obtainable Pokemon

Your Starter Pokemon

Galar Starters.jpg
One of the first choices you will make in the game is choosing your starter Pokemon. Once you choose your partner, you cannot get the other two Pokemon from the wild.

Which Starter Pokemon Should You Choose?

You Can Still Get All Three Starters

It is possible to get all three of the Galar starter Pokemon, and that is through breeding and trading!

See our guide on how to get all the starters.
How to Get All Starters

Get Alola Starter in The Isle of Armor

Alolan Starter.jpg
In the Isle of Armor, if you find the 100th missing Diglett, the Diglett Trainer will give you an Alola Starter as a reward. However, the type of Pokemon that you will receive depends on the Starter Pokemon you have chosen at the beginning of the base game. Check the table below for the list of Alola Starters.

Pokemon from finding Diglett's location
Pokemon SWSH - Litten ImageLitten
If you choose Scorbunny
Pokemon SWSH - Rowlet ImageRowlet
If you choose Grookey
Pokemon SWSH - Popplio ImagePopplio
If you choose

If you want to find all the Diglett, you can check their location in the button link below.

All 150 Diglett Locations and Maps

Legendary Pokemon


Depending on your game version, you will get Zacian or Zamazenta as the game's legendary Pokemon.

Additionally, like previous Pokemon games, once you have caught or defeated the Legendary Pokemon, you cannot encounter that Pokemon ever again. Be sure to save before battling the Pokemon, in case you accidentally knock it out!

Legendary Pokemon That Can Be Obtained

Pokemon SWSH - Zacian ImageZacian
Pokemon SWSH - Zamazenta ImageZamazenta
Pokemon SWSH - Eternatus ImageEternatus

Pokemon from NPCs

Meowth Trade.jpg

There are NPCs in the game that you can trade Pokemon with.

If you want to get good IVs, save the game before exchanging your Pokemon until you get the Pokemon with the IVs you want.

Obtainable Pokemon in Sword and Shield
Pokemon SWSH - Toxel ImageToxel Pokemon SWSH - Yamask ImageYamask Pokemon SWSH - Meowth ImageMeowth Pokemon SWSH - Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime
Pokemon SWSH - Togepi ImageTogepi Pokemon SWSH - Cottonee ImageCottonee Pokemon SWSH - Charmander ImageCharmander Pokemon SWSH - Type: Null ImageType: Null
Obtainable Pokemon in Sword Obtainable Pokemon in Shield
Pokemon SWSH - Hatenna ImageHatenna Pokemon SWSH - Throh ImageThroh Pokemon SWSH - Impidimp ImageImpidimp Pokemon SWSH - Sawk ImageSawk

Receive Type: Null After the Champion Cup

Receive Type Null.jpg

After finishing the story, you can receive Type: Null at the Battle Tower from the woman on the left.

If you want to get one with good IVs, you should save your game first before receiving the Pokemon since you can only get this once and you cannot breed Legendary Pokemon.

One-time Obtainable Pokemon in The Isle of Armor

Get Squirtle or Bulbasaur from Mustard

Choose Bulbasaur or Squirtle
After completing the first trial from Mustard in the Master Dojo, you will have a chance to choose from two starters; Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Both starters can evolve to Gigantamax and is available in Max Raid battles. If you are wondering which starter is better, check the button link below.

Should you Choose Bulbasaur or Squirtle?

Get Kubfu from Mustard

After completing the third trial at the Master Dojo, talk to Mustard, and you will receive Kubfu. After confirming Kubfu, the game will save automatically. Remember, Kubfu is a Legendary Pokemon; you are unable to get it through breeding. If you want to get a Kubfu with the best possible Nature and IVs, try rerolling.

How to Get the Best Kubfu

Evolving Kubfu into Urshifu

Kubfu to Urshifu.jpg
Kubfu evolves into Urshifu when you complete one of the Towers of Two Fists. You can choose from two Towers; one for Dark-type and one for Water-type. After choosing which of the two towers you want to challenge, you will be unable to change it. So, choose carefully!

Which Style of Urshifu Should You Choose?

Finding Diglett Rewards

Finding all 150 Diglett in The Isle of Armor will earn you various Alolan Pokemon. Remember, you can only receive this once; it is better to save the game before receiving it if you want to reroll and get the best Nature and IVs.

List of Pokemon From Finding Diglett
Pokemon SWSH - Alolan Meowth ImageAlolan Meowth Pokemon SWSH - Slowpoke ImageSlowpoke Pokemon SWSH - Alolan Vulpix ImageAlolan Vulpix Pokemon SWSH - Alolan Sandslash ImageAlolan Sandslash
Pokemon SWSH - Alolan Raichu ImageAlolan Raichu Pokemon SWSH - Alolan Marowak ImageAlolan Marowak Pokemon SWSH - Alolan Exeggutor ImageAlolan Exeggutor Pokemon SWSH - Alolan Diglett ImageAlolan Diglett
Pokemon SWSH - Rowlet ImageRowlet Pokemon SWSH - Litten ImageLitten Pokemon SWSH - Popplio ImagePopplio -

One-time Obtainable Pokemon in The Crown Tundra

Get Calyrex


Calyrex ImageCalyrex

Just like the previous Legendary Pokemon, once you've caught Calyrex, you won't be able to catch it again. Be sure to prepare the Poke Ball of your choice, and try rerolling if you want to get a Calyrex with the best possible Nature and IVs.

How to Get Calyrex

Get Glastrier or Spectrier

Snowslide Slope Old Graveyard
Pokemon SWSH - Glastrier ImageGlastrier Lv. 75 Pokemon SWSH - Spectrier ImageSpectrier Lv. 75
ice ghost

In the story of Calyrex, the Legendary Horse that you get depends on the type of carrot you planted on the field. Once you've planted it, you won't be able to go back, so choose wisely!

Glastrier or Spectrier?

Dynamax Adventure: Legendary and UB

Legendary and UB in Dynamax Adventure.jpg
You can only get one Legendary and one Ultra Beast Pokemon from Dynamax Adventure. Even if you play online, you won't be able to catch more than one of each Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beast, so keep this in mind.

All Crown Tundra Legendary Pokemon and Where to Find Them

Get the Legendary Titans

Regi Ruins.jpg

Pokemon SWSH - Regirock ImageRegirock Pokemon SWSH - Regice ImageRegice Pokemon SWSH - Registeel ImageRegisteel Pokemon SWSH - Regigigas ImageRegigigas

You can only catch the Legendary Giants in each ruins once. It is better to save the game before starting the battle and reroll until you find the one with the best Nature and IV.

How to Get All Regis

Regidrago or Regieleki

Pokemon SWSH - Regidrago ImageRegidrago
Dragon Type
Pokemon SWSH - Regieleki ImageRegieleki
Electric Type

You can't catch both Regidrago and Regieleki. So, you have to choose between the two. To catch it, you need to copy the braille pattern of your chosen Regi. Make sure to check the pattern you made before interacting with the statue. Once done, you won't be able to go back and change it.

Regidrago or Regieleki?

Get the Legendary Birds

Galarian Birds.png

Pokemon SWSH - Galarian Articuno ImageGalarian Articuno Pokemon SWSH - Galarian Zapdos ImageGalarian Zapdos Pokemon SWSH - Galarian Moltres ImageGalarian Moltres

You can catch the Legendary Birds Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres in the Crown Tundra as you move forward in the story. Don't forget to save the game before starting the battle so you can reroll and get the one with the best Nature and IVs.

How to Get All Legendary Birds

Pokemon from Finding the Footprints

Finding the Footprints.png

Pokemon SWSH - Cobalion ImageCobalion Pokemon SWSH - Terrakion ImageTerrakion Pokemon SWSH - Virizion ImageVirizion Pokemon SWSH - Keldeo ImageKeldeo

You can catch Virizion, Terrakion, Cobalion after completing the quest that Sonia gave in Freezington, which is to find all the footprints. After catching all three of the original Swords of Justice, you'll also be able to encounter Keldeo.

Location of All Footprints

One-time Obtainable Poke Ball

Dream Ball ImageDream Ball

You can receive a Dream Ball from the Ball Guy at Wyndon.

Unlike other Poke Balls that you can obtain elsewhere, the Dream Ball cannot be won as a Hall of Fame prize, so use it wisely.

List of Poke Balls and Where to Get Them

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