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The Isle of Armor Story Walkthrough

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This is Game8's complete walkthrough and guide for completing The Isle of Armor DLC. If you get stuck along the way, check our walkthrough to learn how to complete everything in The Isle of Armor!

Warning: The final portion of the Isle of Armor story requires you to have cleared the post-game scenario. If you haven't done so yet, check out our guide here!

Story Walkthrough Guides
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Story Walkthrough: Part 1 - Getting to the Master Dojo

The First Trial - Slowpoke Chase

Pokemon SnS - Choose Bulbasaur or Squirtle 1.png

Head to Wedgehurst Station.
Speak with the new train station NPC with your Armor Pass in hand and travel to the Isle of Armor.
Upon arrive, you will encounter your rival, Avery or Klara. Leave the station for a battle.
Once the battle is over, go north towards the bridge to start the Diglett side quest.
All 150 Diglett Locations and Maps
Enter the Master Dojo to receive the Exp. Charm and have a Pokemon battle with Mustard.
How to Beat Mustard
When you win you'll receive a Dojo Uniform.
You'll learn of the 3 trials you must face in order to receive the secret armor.
Go into the room to your right to gain access to the Cram-o-matic.
Find and defeat the 3 Slowpoke to complete the first trial.
Defeating the Slowpoke will get you back your rival's Dojo Jacket, Tee, Shorts, Gloves and Legwear.
Return to Mustard and you will have the choice of receiving a Bulbasaur or a Squirtle.
Should you Choose Bulbasaur or Squirtle?

The Second Trial - Max Mushrooms

Pokemon SnS - Max Mushrooms.png

Your second trial will be mushroom picking.
You will receive 5 Armorite Ore from Honey to teach your Pokemon new moves.
How to Get Armorite Ore Fast
Make your way to Warm-Up Tunnel and pick some Max Mushrooms.
Upon picking the Max Mushrooms you will face your rival again in battle.

Check Your Map if You Lose Your Way

You may find it easy to get lost on the Isle of Armor inititally, so if that happens open up your town map to get a better idea of where you're at. To get to Warm-Up Tunnel, the location of the second trial, head north through the Soothing Wetlands, into the Forest of Focus, and then out to the Training Lowlands where you'll find the entrance to Warm-Up Tunnel.

The Third Trial - Dynamax Showdown

The final trial will be a Dynamax battle with your rival.
Upon winning you will receive the mythical Pokemon, Kubfu.

You Can Rest Your Pokemon in the Master Dojo

While there are no Pokemon Centers on the Isle of Armor, if you go to the right in the Master Dojo you can rest up by interacting with the door with a Poke Ball on it.

Story Walkthrough: Part 2 - Befriending Kubfu

Four Sightseeing Spots


Your next task is to become friendly with Kubfu by taking it to the 4 gorgeous spots located in Loop Lagoon, Brawler's Cave, Challenge Road, and Potbottom Desert.
Speaking to a trainer at each location will increase your friendship with Kubfu.
Kubfu's friendship can be raised by normal means as well so while you roam the Isle you may only have to visit 1 or 2 spots.
When Kubfu's friendship has been raised adequately, you will receive a message telling you Mustard would like to see, so return to him.
Mustard will direct you to your next task, the Towers of Two Fists.

The Towers of Two Fists

towers of water and darkness.jpeg

You will now have a choice of taking on the Tower of Waters or the Tower of Darkness.
Prepare your Kubfu and clear 5 floors of either tower to evolve Kubfu into one type of Urshifu.
Note: You will have to clear the tower with only Kubfu on your team so it is recommended to level it to roughly level 70.
Your final fight will be with Mustard and his own Kubfu. Once you have triumphed over him, interact with the scroll to evolve Kubfu into Urshifu.
How to Beat Mustard
Return to the Dojo and you will learn of an item found on the Isle of Armor that is capable of making Urshifu Gigantamax.
Note: You will be unable to progress beyond evolving Kubfu if you have not cleared the post-game scenario from the base game.

The Tower You Challenge Decides Urshifu's Evolution

Clearing the Tower of the Two Fists will evolve Kubfu, with the Tower of Water evolving it into Rapid-Strike Style Urshifu and the Tower of Darkness Single-Strike Style Urshifu. Keep in mind, however, that once you choose a Tower, the other becomes inaccessible and you will have to play on another profile to get the other form of Urshifu.

Leveling Up Kubfu

exp candy.png
The trainers in each tower have Pokemon over level 65 if you've cleared the Pokemon League in the base game, so in order to level Kubfu up quickly it's recommended you use Exp. Candy obtained from Max Raid Battles so you don't have a hard time.

Story Walkthrough Part 3 - Gigantamaxing Urshifu

The Great Search for Nectar

liligant and petlil.jpeg

Meet Hop in the Forest of Focus to start your search for the nectar that can help Urshifu Gigantamax.
Head north to find a lost Petlil then search the nearby area for a Liligant. Once you find one lead it back to Hop and Petlil. If you try to go too fast Liligant will stop following so make sure it can keep up.
You will have to search for an Applin next. Follow the path in front of you straight and there will be one near a dead end. It will run away and hide up the nearby tree so interact with it.
With neither nectar being the answer, your search will lead you elsewhere.

Honeycalm Island

Your next destination is the island to the north east, Honeycalm Island, where you will need to find a Vespiquen.
Interact with the tree behind Hop and shake it to enter a Max Raid battle with a Vespiquen. Defeat it and you will receive a Max Honey necessary for a Max Soup that will allow Urshifu to Dynamax.
Fly back to the Dojo and you will have one last battle with Mustard. Mustard's Pokemon are in their 70s so be prepared.
How to Beat Mustard
Defeating Mustard closes out the story for Isle of Armor!

Any Pokemon is Fine Against Vespiquen

When fighting the Max Raid Vespiquen Urshifu's typing is at a disadvantage against Bug and Flying so feel free to use any Pokemon you want that can exploit Vespiquen's weakness and take it down quickly.

Your Final Battle with Mustard Can Be Tough

Final Mustard.jpeg
Mustard's Pokemon are all above level 70 so he can be challenging for some players who aren't prepared. He will also Gigantamax his Urshifu, which is the typing that you didn't choose for your own, so make sure you have a strong Fairy or Flying type to hit back. This fight also doesn't require you to bring your own Urshifu, so feel free to use whatever Pokemon you like.

How to Beat Mustard

Things to Do After the Story

List of Post-Game Activities

  • Unlock Restricted Sparring
  • Receive a Porygon from Hyde
  • Meet Gym Leaders on the Isle of Armor
  • Rematch with Mustard daily
  • Hop will show you Pokemon

Isle of Armor Useful Characters and Their Locations

Unlock Restricted Sparring

Restricted Sparring.jpeg
Clearing the story will unlock Restricted Sparring, a challenge similar to the Battle Tower but with a twist: you are limited to one type and can only heal your party twice per run. Clearing a round of Restricted Sparring will net you some BP rewards to spend on other goodies.

Restricted Sparring

Receive a Porygon from Hyde

Heading into the room on the right where the Cram-o-matic is, you will see a Porygon that wasn't there previously. Interacting with it and saying Yes will add Porygon to your team. This Porygon comes at level 25, has 3 perfect IVs, a hidden ability, and a random nature.

How to Get Porygon

Gym Leaders Appear on the Isle of Armor

Every day after you clear the story you will be able to run into various Galarian Gym Leaders who you can talk to. You cannot challenge them to a battle here, unfortunately.

Have a Rematch with Mustard

Once per day you can challenge Mustard to another match. His team is exactly the same as it was in the final battle of the story.

Have Hop Show You Unseen Pokemon

Once a day if you speak to Hop, he can offer to show you a Pokemon you haven't seen before. This appears to be limited to Pokemon catchable on the Isle of Armor, so Pokemon like Slowking who evolve through trade don't count and Hop will no longer offer this after a certain pont.

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