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Useful Characters and Their Locations

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This is a list of useful NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and where to find them in the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information about NPCs who give Items, those who offer to trade Pokemon, Move Tutors, Shops, and more.

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List of Useful Characters and Where to Find Them

Characters who give Items

Item Location/Character
Rare Poke Ball.pngRare Poke Balls Each Stadium
Ball Guy
Lucky Egg ImageLucky Egg Hulbury
Cook in the Steak Restaurant
Expert Belt ImageExpert Belt Turffield
The woman near the hill with the geoglyph
Used for evolving Milcery
The man at the counter at the Cafe
Focus Sash ImageFocus Sash Hammerlocke
The Black Belt inside the house next to the Pokemon Center
Choice Scarf ImageChoice Scarf Hammerlocke
The girl in front of the staircase next to the train station
Reaper Cloth ImageReaper Cloth
(after getting Choice Scarf)
The girl in front of the staircase next to the train station
(Sword) Tart Apple ImageTart Apple
(Shield) Sweet Apple ImageSweet Apple
The man on the far left side
(Must have Applin)
Utility Umbrella ImageUtility Umbrella Hammerlocke
The man in the middle house to the left of the train station
Wide Lens ImageWide Lens ×2 Circhester
The man in the hotel
Oval Charm ImageOval Charm
(after entering Hall of Fame)
The policeman in the hotel
Catching Charm ImageCatching Charm
(after entering Hall of Fame)
The Director in the hotel
Shiny Charm ImageShiny Charm
(After completing the Galar Pokedex)
The Director in the hotel
Judge Function
(after entering Hall of Fame)
Reach the Poke Ball Tier in the Battle Tower
Rotom Catalog ImageRotom Catalog Wyndon
The man in the house two down from Wyndon Stadium
Fossil.pngFossils and Treasures Bridge Field
Digging Duo

List of All Items and Effects

Characters offering Pokemon for Trade

Pokemon to Receive Pokemon to Give Location
Meowth ImageMeowth Galarian Meowth ImageGalarian Meowth Turffield
Cottonee ImageCottonee Minccino ImageMinccino Hulbury
Skwovet ImageSkwovet Bunnelby ImageBunnelby Motostoke
Togepi ImageTogepi Toxel ImageToxel Hammerlocke
(Sword only) Hatenna ImageHatenna
(Shield only) Impidimp ImageImpidimp
Maractus ImageMaractus Stow-on-Side
Yamask ImageYamask Galarian Yamask ImageGalarian Yamask Ballonlea
(Sword only) Throh ImageThroh
(Shield only) Sawk ImageSawk
Vanillish ImageVanillish Circhester
Mr. Mime ImageMr. Mime Obstagoon ImageObstagoon Spikemuth
Duraludon ImageDuraludon Frosmoth ImageFrosmoth Wyndon

Important Shops and Locations

Shop and Location
Berry Shop.jpg Berry Shop
show.jpg Bargain Shop
Hammerlocke BP Shop BP Shop
Hammerlocke, Wyndon
Vitamin Shop Vitamin Shop
Incense shop.jpg Incense Merchant
Herb Shop.jpg Herbal Medicine Shop
Watt Trader Watt Trader
Wild Area: Meetup Spot・Dappled GroveBridge FieldEast Lake AxewellHammerlocke HillsGiant's Seat
Curry Ingredients.jpg Ingredients Seller
Wild Area

Move Tutors and Locations

Move Location
Final Moves
Frenzy Plant
Blast Burn
Hydro Cannon
Combo Moves
Grass Pledge
Fire Pledge
Water Pledge
Hammerlocke (West)
Draco Meteor Circhester
Steel Beam Motostoke
(post-Hall of Fame)

Other Useful Characters

Effect Location
Fossil Revival Route 6
The woman up the ladder on the left side
Nursery Bridge Field
Route 5
IV Training
(Hyper Training)
The desk on the right side of the Battle Tower
Effort Ribbon &
Best Friends Ribbon
The couple in the house on the right side of the Pokemon Center
Digging Duo Bridge Field
Can be found near the Nursery
Curry King Hammerlocke Hills

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