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New Pokemon

This page consists of Lists of Generation 8 (New) Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Use this page for building your team and filling out your Pokedex!

List of Pokemon Available in the Expansion Pass DLC

New Pokemon will be available in The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra, available in the Expansion Pass DLC.

Kubfu ImageKubfu Urshifu ImageUrshifu Calyrex ImageCalyrex

New Gigantamax Forms

Gigantamax Cinderace ImageGigantamax Cinderace Gigantamax Inteleon ImageGigantamax Inteleon Gigantamax Rillaboom ImageGigantamax Rillaboom

List of Pokemon Appearing in Expansion Pass DLC

List of Generation 8 Pokemon (New Pokemon)

Starter Pokemon

No. Pokemon Type
1 GrookeyGrookey Grass Image
4 ScorbunnyScorbunny Fire Image
7 SobbleSobble Water Image

Legendary Pokemon

No. Pokemon Type
? RegielekiRegieleki Electric Image
? RegidragoRegidrago Dragon Image
398 ZacianZacian Fairy Image
Steel Image
398-1 Zacian (Hero of Many Battles)Zacian (Hero of Many Battles) Fairy Image
399-1 Zamazenta (Hero of Many Battles)Zamazenta (Hero of Many Battles) Fighting Image
399 ZamazentaZamazenta Fighting Image
Steel Image
400-1 Eternamax EternatusEternamax Eternatus Poison Image
Dragon Image
400 EternatusEternatus Poison Image
Dragon Image

Standard Pokemon

No. Pokemon Type
? ZarudeZarude Dark Image
Grass Image
? KubfuKubfu Fighting Image
? CalyrexCalyrex Psychic Image
Grass Image
? UrshifuUrshifu Fighting Image
? Gigantamax ToxtricityGigantamax Toxtricity Electric Image
Poison Image
2 ThwackeyThwackey Grass Image
3 RillaboomRillaboom Grass Image
5 RabootRaboot Fire Image
6 CinderaceCinderace Fire Image
8 DrizzileDrizzile Water Image
9 InteleonInteleon Water Image
10 BlipbugBlipbug Bug Image
11 DottlerDottler Bug Image
Psychic Image
12 OrbeetleOrbeetle Bug Image
Psychic Image
21 RookideeRookidee Flying Image
22 CorvisquireCorvisquire Flying Image
23 CorviknightCorviknight Flying Image
Steel Image
24 SkwovetSkwovet Normal Image
25 GreedentGreedent Normal Image
29 NickitNickit Dark Image
30 ThievulThievul Dark Image
33 ObstagoonObstagoon Dark Image
Normal Image
34 WoolooWooloo Normal Image
35 DubwoolDubwool Normal Image
42 ChewtleChewtle Water Image
43 DrednawDrednaw Water Image
Rock Image
46 YamperYamper Electric Image
47 BoltundBoltund Electric Image
126 GossifleurGossifleur Grass Image
127 EldegossEldegoss Grass Image
159 SizzlipedeSizzlipede Fire Image
Bug Image
160 CentiskorchCentiskorch Fire Image
Bug Image
161 RolycolyRolycoly Rock Image
162 CarkolCarkol Rock Image
Fire Image
163 CoalossalCoalossal Rock Image
Fire Image
180 ArrokudaArrokuda Water Image
181 BarraskewdaBarraskewda Water Image
183 PerrserkerPerrserker Steel Image
184 PersianPersian Normal Image
185 MilceryMilcery Fairy Image
186 AlcremieAlcremie Fairy Image
205 ApplinApplin Grass Image
Dragon Image
206 FlappleFlapple Grass Image
Dragon Image
207 AppletunAppletun Grass Image
Dragon Image
219 SirfetchSirfetch'd Fighting Image
237 CursolaCursola Ghost Image
238 ImpidimpImpidimp Dark Image
Fairy Image
239 MorgremMorgrem Dark Image
Fairy Image
240 GrimmsnarlGrimmsnarl Dark Image
Fairy Image
241 HatennaHatenna Psychic Image
242 HattremHattrem Psychic Image
243 HattereneHatterene Psychic Image
Fairy Image
302 CufantCufant Steel Image
303 CopperajahCopperajah Steel Image
309 CramorantCramorant Flying Image
Water Image
310 ToxelToxel Electric Image
Poison Image
311 ToxtricityToxtricity Electric Image
Poison Image
311-1 Toxtricity (Low Key Form)Toxtricity (Low Key Form) Electric Image
Poison Image
312 SilicobraSilicobra Ground Image
313 SandacondaSandaconda Ground Image
328 RunerigusRunerigus Ground Image
Ghost Image
335 SinisteaSinistea Ghost Image
336 PolteageistPolteageist Ghost Image
337 IndeedeeIndeedee Psychic Image
Normal Image
344 MorpekoMorpeko Electric Image
Dark Image
345 FalinksFalinks Fighting Image
349 SnomSnom Ice Image
Bug Image
350 FrosmothFrosmoth Ice Image
Bug Image
351 ClobbopusClobbopus Fighting Image
352 GrapploctGrapploct Fighting Image
353 PincurchinPincurchin Electric Image
366 Mr. RimeMr. Rime Ice Image
369 StonjournerStonjourner Rock Image
370 EiscueEiscue Ice Image
371 DuraludonDuraludon Steel Image
Dragon Image
374 DracozoltDracozolt Electric Image
Dragon Image
375 ArctozoltArctozolt Electric Image
Ice Image
376 DracovishDracovish Water Image
Dragon Image
377 ArctovishArctovish Water Image
Ice Image
395 DreepyDreepy Dragon Image
Ghost Image
396 DrakloakDrakloak Dragon Image
Ghost Image
397 DragapultDragapult Dragon Image
Ghost Image

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Pokemon by Generation

Generation 1 Pokemon.pngGeneration 1 Generation 2 PokemonGeneration 2 Generation 3 PokemonGeneration 3
Generation 4 PokemonGeneration 4 Generation 5 PokemonGeneration 5 Generation 6 PokemonGeneration 6
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Pokemon by Type

FireFire WaterWater GrassGrass
ElectricElectric IceIce FightingFighting
PoisonPoison GroundGround FlyingFlying
PsychicPsychic BugBug RockRock
GhostGhost DragonDragon DarkDark
SteelSteel FairyFairy NormalNormal

Pokemon by Base Stats

List of All Pokemon by Base Stats

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