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This page provides tips & strategies on how to get money (Poke Dollars) as fast as possible in the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information about items and moves that can get you quick cash in a flash.

The Basics of Making Money

Make your Pokemon hold a money-making item

The items Amulet Coin and Luck Incense have the effect of doubling the number of Poke Dollars earned from a trainer battle. Both of these items exist, but unfortunately their effects do not stack, so there's no point in having more than one of them on one Pokemon in your party at a time.

Items used for making money

Amulet Coin ImageAmulet Coin When a Pokemon holding this item participates in a trainer battle, the cash reward at the end of the battle will be doubled.
Location: Motostoke Outskirts
Luck Incense ImageLuck Incense When a Pokemon holding this item participates in a trainer battle, the cash reward at the end of the battle will be doubled.
Location: Wedgehurst Incense Shop (11,000 Poke Dollars)

Using money-making moves

There are a select few moves that yield the player a few Poke Dollars at the end of the battle.

Moves which earn money

Pay Day At the end of the battle, the player will receive 5 Poke Dollars multiplied by the user's level for each time the move was used.
G-Max Gold Rush The signature move of Gigantamax Meowth. It inflicts the Confusion status effect on all opposing Pokemon. In addition, the player will receive 100 Pokemon dollars times Meowth's level for each time the move was used.

Sell items obtained in Max Raids

Max Raid Result.jpg
Items received as rewards from Max Raids can be sold as a high price to shops; cash-equivalent items like Stardust and TRs (technical records) are especially choice finds which come up frequently in Max Raid rewards. Keep all the Exp. Candy for your own use and sell the rest for quick cash.

Oleana's Advice

Picture of Oleana.png The more you progress through the game, the harder the Max Raid battles will get, so start collecting from early in the game.

Ways to earn money before the Hall of Fame

Run errands in Stow-on-Side (1 per day)

Running Errands in Stow-on-Side.png
When you talk to the man standing next to the flea market in Stow-on-Side, he will buy a cash-equivalent item from you at a high price once per day. He'll pay a price significantly higher than the standard market price, so be sure to bring the item he wants every day to claim a fat reward.

Available Rewards

Itme Name Market Price Errand Reward
Tiny Mushroom ₽250 ₽2,000
Pearl ₽1,000 ₽3,000
Stardust ₽1,500 ₽4,000
Big Mushroom ₽2,500 ₽10,000
Rare Bone ₽2,500 ₽11,111
Big Pearl ₽4,000 ₽12,000
Star Piece ₽6,000 ₽14,000
Balm Mushroom ₽7,500 ₽25,000
Pearl String ₽10,000 ₽27,500
Comet Shard ₽12,500 ₽30,000

Oleana's Advice

Picture of Oleana.png If you don't have the specific cash-equivalent item the man requests, go to the Wild Area to search for it or participate in Max Raid Battles until you earn one as a reward.

Ways to earn money after the Hall of Fame

Beat the Champion Cup again

After entering the Hall of Fame, you can challenge the Champion Cup again any time at Wyndon Stadium. You can earn a variety of random Poke Ball types and cash-equivalent items each time you win the Champion Cup.

Oleana's Advice

Picture of Oleana.png In the Champion Cup, the standard trainers' Pokemon will be around Level 55, the Gym Leaders' Pokemon will be around Level 60, and Leon and Hop's Pokemon will be around Level 70, so keep that in mind when choosing Pokemon to participate.

Use Gigantamax Meowth

Gigantamax Meowth.jpg

Every time you use Gigantamax Meowth, you have an opportunity to earn heaps of money after the battle. When you use Meowth in each battle of Champion Cup, you can rake in around 30,000 Poke Dollars in a single battle, and have your pockets bursting in just one trip through the Cup.

How to Obtain the Gigantamax Meowth Mystery Gift

Oleana's Advice

Picture of Oleana.png Because you can only use Dynamax once per battle, be sure to have other strong Pokemon to back up Meowth in clearing the Cup.

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1 Hellyessirabout 2 months

As part of your daily chores, like checking Stow-on-Side's market, renember to go around the wild area looking for bright spots in below trees and on shorelines which usually contain cash-equivalent items. Specially in hard to reach places like Axew's Eye and Lake of Rage or the water you will find very profitable items.

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