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This page lists all Electric-Type Pokemon found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In addition, information regarding Electric-type Pokemon's strengths and weaknesses is listed. Use this page for building your team and filling out your Pokedex!

List of Electric-type Pokemon

No. Pokemon Type
Galarian ZapdosGalarian Zapdos Electric Image
Flying Image
17 CharjabugCharjabug Bug Image
Electric Image
18 VikavoltVikavolt Bug Image
Electric Image
46 YamperYamper Electric Image
47 BoltundBoltund Electric Image
64 JoltikJoltik Bug Image
Electric Image
65 GalvantulaGalvantula Bug Image
Electric Image
66 ElectrikeElectrike Electric Image
67 ManectricManectric Electric Image
193 PichuPichu Electric Image
194 PikachuPikachu Electric Image
195 RaichuRaichu Electric Image
198 JolteonJolteon Electric Image
220 ChinchouChinchou Water Image
Electric Image
221 LanturnLanturn Water Image
Electric Image
310 ToxelToxel Electric Image
Poison Image
311 ToxtricityToxtricity Electric Image
Poison Image
311-1 Toxtricity (Low Key Form)Toxtricity (Low Key Form) Electric Image
Poison Image
318 HelioptileHelioptile Electric Image
Normal Image
319 HelioliskHeliolisk Electric Image
Normal Image
344 MorpekoMorpeko Electric Image
Dark Image
348 TogedemaruTogedemaru Electric Image
Steel Image
353 PincurchinPincurchin Electric Image
372 RotomRotom Electric Image
Ghost Image
372-1 Heat RotomHeat Rotom Electric Image
Fire Image
372-2 Wash RotomWash Rotom Electric Image
Water Image
372-3 Frost RotomFrost Rotom Electric Image
Ice Image
372-4 Fan RotomFan Rotom Electric Image
Flying Image
372-5 Mow RotomMow Rotom Electric Image
Grass Image
374 DracozoltDracozolt Electric Image
Dragon Image
375 ArctozoltArctozolt Electric Image
Ice Image

Affinity of Electric-type Pokemon With Other Types

Electric-type moves are super effective on two other types, while Electric-type Pokemon are resistant to three types. Electric-type Pokemon have one weaknesses, and Electric-type moves are not very effective on three other types. Electric-type Pokemon have no immunities, and one other type of Pokemon (Ground) is immune to Electric-type moves.


Water Type Electric Type Ground Type
Flying Type Grass Type
Dragon Type


Electric Type Ground Type None
Flying Type
Steel Type

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Pokemon by Generation

Generation 1 Pokemon.pngGeneration 1 Generation 2 PokemonGeneration 2 Generation 3 PokemonGeneration 3
Generation 4 PokemonGeneration 4 Generation 5 PokemonGeneration 5 Generation 6 PokemonGeneration 6
Generation 7 PokemonGeneration 7 New PokemonGeneration 8 (New Pokemon)

Pokemon by Type

FireFire WaterWater GrassGrass
ElectricElectric IceIce FightingFighting
PoisonPoison GroundGround FlyingFlying
PsychicPsychic BugBug RockRock
GhostGhost DragonDragon DarkDark
SteelSteel FairyFairy NormalNormal

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