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Version Exclusive Pokemon (Crown Tundra Updated)

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Exclusive Pokemon

This guide lists all Pokemon that are exclusive to Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, along with each version's exclusive Pokemon in the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLC.

Version Exclusive Pokemon

The Crown Tundra Exclusives

Compared with The Isle of Armor DLC, the Crown Tundra DLC boasts a significantly higher number of exclusive Pokemon. In addition to exclusive Pokemon found in the wild, Pokemon which are available in Dynamax Adventures vary highly by version.

Dynamax Adventure Exclusives

Sword Shield
Pokemon SWSH - Ho-oh ImageHo-oh Pokemon SWSH - Latios ImageLatios Pokemon SWSH - Lugia ImageLugia Pokemon SWSH - Latias ImageLatias
Pokemon SWSH - Groudon ImageGroudon Pokemon SWSH - Dialga ImageDialga Pokemon SWSH - Kyogre ImageKyogre Pokemon SWSH - Palkia ImagePalkia
Pokemon SWSH - Tornadus ImageTornadus Pokemon SWSH - Reshiram ImageReshiram Pokemon SWSH - Thundurus ImageThundurus Pokemon SWSH - Zekrom ImageZekrom
Pokemon SWSH - Xerneas ImageXerneas Pokemon SWSH - Solgaleo ImageSolgaleo Pokemon SWSH - Yveltal ImageYveltal Pokemon SWSH - Lunala ImageLunala

List of Dynamax Adventure Pokemon

Wild Pokemon Exclusives

Sword Shield
Pokemon SWSH - Omanyte ImageOmanyte Pokemon SWSH - Omastar ImageOmastar Pokemon SWSH - Kabuto ImageKabuto Pokemon SWSH - Kabutops ImageKabutops
Pokemon SWSH - Bagon ImageBagon Pokemon SWSH - Shelgon ImageShelgon Pokemon SWSH - Gible ImageGible Pokemon SWSH - Gabite ImageGabite
Pokemon SWSH - Salamence ImageSalamence Pokemon SWSH - Garchomp ImageGarchomp

The Isle of Armor Version Exclusives

Sword Shield
Pokemon SWSH - Heracross ImageHeracross Pokemon SWSH - Pinsir ImagePinsir
Pokemon SWSH - Clauncher ImageClauncher Pokemon SWSH - Skrelp ImageSkrelp
Pokemon SWSH - Clawitzer ImageClawitzer Pokemon SWSH - Dragalge ImageDragalge

The Isle of Armor has just a few Pokemon exclusive to each version as shown above, although it's also possible to catch them in Max Raids when they appear.

Additionally, it's also possible to catch version exclusive Pokemon if participating in a Max Raid hosted by another player.

Base Game Version Exclusives

Zacian and Zamazenta

Sword Shield
Pokemon SWSH - Zacian ImageZacian Pokemon SWSH - Zamazenta ImageZamazenta

The Legendary Pokemon and mascots of Pokemon Sword and Shield are each exclusive to their respective game. The Attack-focused Zacian can only be obtained in Pokemon Sword, while the Defensive Zamazenta is exclusive to Pokemon Shield.

Gigantamax Pokemon

Sword Shield
Pokemon SWSH - Gigantamax Machamp ImageGigantamax Machamp Pokemon SWSH - Gigantamax Lapras ImageGigantamax Lapras
Pokemon SWSH - Gigantamax Coalossal ImageGigantamax Coalossal Pokemon SWSH - Gigantamax Gengar ImageGigantamax Gengar
Pokemon SWSH - Gigantamax Flapple ImageGigantamax Flapple Pokemon SWSH - Gigantamax Appletun ImageGigantamax Appletun

Although their normal versions are available in both versions, Gigantamax versions of some Pokemon are exclusive to either Pokemon Sword or Shield. That said, players from either version can participate in Max Raid Battles featuring these Pokemon when they are hosted by another player.

List of Gigantamax Pokemon

Pokemon Sword Exclusives

Pokemon SWSH - SeedotSeedot Pokemon SWSH - NuzleafNuzleaf Pokemon SWSH - ShiftryShiftry Pokemon SWSH - MawileMawile
Pokemon SWSH - SolrockSolrock Pokemon SWSH - ScraggyScraggy Pokemon SWSH - ScraftyScrafty Pokemon SWSH - GothitaGothita
Pokemon SWSH - GothoritaGothorita Pokemon SWSH - GothitelleGothitelle Pokemon SWSH - RuffletRufflet Pokemon SWSH - BraviaryBraviary
Pokemon SWSH - DeinoDeino Pokemon SWSH - ZweilousZweilous Pokemon SWSH - HydreigonHydreigon Pokemon SWSH - SwirlixSwirlix
Pokemon SWSH - SlurpuffSlurpuff Pokemon SWSH - PassimianPassimian Pokemon SWSH - TurtonatorTurtonator Pokemon SWSH - Jangmo-oJangmo-o
Pokemon SWSH - Hakamo-oHakamo-o Pokemon SWSH - Kommo-oKommo-o Pokemon SWSH - SirfetchSirfetch'd Pokemon SWSH - StonjournerStonjourner

Pokemon Shield Exclusives

Pokemon SWSH - LarvitarLarvitar Pokemon SWSH - PupitarPupitar Pokemon SWSH - TyranitarTyranitar Pokemon SWSH - LotadLotad
Pokemon SWSH - LombreLombre Pokemon SWSH - LudicoloLudicolo Pokemon SWSH - SableyeSableye Pokemon SWSH - LunatoneLunatone
Pokemon SWSH - CroagunkCroagunk Pokemon SWSH - ToxicroakToxicroak Pokemon SWSH - SolosisSolosis Pokemon SWSH - DuosionDuosion
Pokemon SWSH - ReuniclusReuniclus Pokemon SWSH - VullabyVullaby Pokemon SWSH - MandibuzzMandibuzz Pokemon SWSH - SpritzeeSpritzee
Pokemon SWSH - AromatisseAromatisse Pokemon SWSH - GoomyGoomy Pokemon SWSH - SliggooSliggoo Pokemon SWSH - GoodraGoodra
Pokemon SWSH - OranguruOranguru Pokemon SWSH - DrampaDrampa Pokemon SWSH - CursolaCursola Pokemon SWSH - EiscueEiscue
Pokemon SWSH - Eiscue (Noice Face)Eiscue (Noice Face)

How to Get Other Version Exclusives

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Max Raid Battle.png

Although some Pokemon are exclusive to each version, you can still get all exclusives by playing with other players online. Joining a player with a different version when they embark on a Max Raid battle or Dynamax Adventure lets you catch any Pokemon exclusive to their version.

Max Raid and Dynamax Adventures Recruitment Board

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I have seen a wild Seedot in shield while searching for a Catterpie. I've also seen Heracross in shield.


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