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Having trouble finding all 150 Alolan Digletts hidden across the Isle of Armor in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Check out our guide with images for each Diglett's location in every area!

All Diglett Locations and Maps

Location Overview

All Locations (Click to Jump!)
Fields of Honor Workout Sea Soothing Wetlands
Forest of Focus Training Lowlands Warm-Up Tunnel
Challenge Road Brawlers' Cave Challenge Beach
Courageous Cavern Honeycalm Sea Honeycalm Island
Stepping-Stone Sea Insular Sea Loop Lagoon
Potbottom Desert

Fields of Honor

Total: 19
All 150 Diglett Locations - Fields-of-Honor-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Workout Sea

Total: 11
All 150 Diglett Locations - Workout-Sea-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Soothing Wetlands

Total: 20
All 150 Diglett Locations - Soothing-Wetlands-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Forest of Focus

Total: 8

Training Lowlands

Total: 15
All 150 Diglett Locations - Training-Lowlands-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Warm-Up Tunnel

Total: 3
ll 150 Diglett Locations - Warm-Up-Tunnel-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Challenge Road

Total: 8
:All 150 Diglett Locations - Challenge-Road-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Brawlers' Cave

Total: 7
All 150 Diglett Locations - Brawlers-Cave-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Challenge Beach

Total: 9
All 150 Diglett Locations - Challenge-Beach-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Courageous Cavern

Total: 7
All 150 Diglett Locations - Courageous-Cavern-New-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Honeycalm Sea

Total: 3
All 150 Diglett Locations - Honeycalm-Sea-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Honeycalm Island

Total: 11
All 150 Diglett Locations - Honeycalm-Island-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Stepping-Stone Sea

Total: 7
All 150 Diglett Locations - Stepping-Stone-Sea-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Insular Sea

Total: 6
All 150 Diglett Locations - Insular-Sea-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Insular Sea
All 150 Diglett Locations - Insular-Sea-Digletts 1.jpg All 150 Diglett Locations - Insular-Sea-Digletts 2.jpg

*Counts as 3

All 150 Diglett Locations - Insular-Sea-Digletts 3.jpg All 150 Diglett Locations - Insular-Sea-Digletts 4.jpg

Loop Lagoon

Total: 7
All 150 Diglett Locations - Loop-Lagoon-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Potbottom Desert

Total: 10
All 150 Diglett Locations - Potbottom-Desert-Digletts.pngEnlarge

Diglett Search Rewards

Diglett's Found Reward
5 Alolan MeowthAlolan Meowth
10 SlowpokeSlowpoke
20 Alolan VulpixAlolan Vulpix
30 Alolan SandshrewAlolan Sandshrew
40 Alolan RaichuAlolan Raichu
50 Alolan MarowakAlolan Marowak
75 Alolan ExeggutorAlolan Exeggutor
151 Alolan DiglettAlolan Diglett

*The Alolan starter you receive corresponds to the type of the starter you chose at the start of the game (i.e. Grookey → Rowlet)

3 or More Perfect IVs and a Unique Ability


Each Pokemon you receive for finding Diglett around the Isle of Armor comes with both its unique ability and 3 perfect IVs, allowing even beginners to power them up with Silver Bottle Caps for use in ranked matches.

Except Diglett

Unlike the previous Pokemon you received, Alolan Diglett has 6 perfect IVs, the advantageous Jolly nature, and its unique ability, perfect for getting it ready for ranked matches if you so desire.

How to See How Many Diglett are Left

Interact With the Sign in the Fields of Honor


Near the bridge in the Fields of Honor and to the left of the Diglett Trainer is a sign that when interacted with will tell you the amount of Diglett remaining in each area.

Speak to the Diglett Trainer

Speaking to the Diglett Trainer instead will tell you how many total Diglett are remaining as well as how many you have already found.

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