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Best Dragapult Build
This is a strategy guide for using Dragapult in competitive play. Read on for tips on the best Nature, EV builds, Movesets, and Held Items to use with Dragapult, as well as its strengths and weak points.

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Basic Information for Dragapult

Types and Abilities

Pokemon Type 1 Type 2
Dragon Type Ghost Type
Clear Body Prevents other Pokemon from lowering its stats.
Infiltrator Passes through the foe's barrier and strikes.
Cursed Body (Hidden) May disable a move used on the Pokemon.

Base Stats

HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
88 120 75 100 75 142

Best Nature for Dragapult

What Nature are you running on Dragapult?

Best Natures
+Spd, -SpDef
+Spd, -Atk
+Spd, -SpAtk

What are Natures?

Strategies for Dragapult

Standard Build

Nature Naive
EV Spread Atk. 252, Spd. 252, HP 4
Ability Clear Body
Held Item Life Orb
Moveset Dragon Darts
Fire Blast
Phantom Force

Because Dragapult can use both Physical and Special moves, it's the ideal user for Life Orb. This build goes in favor of physical attacks, but building Dragapult around a special moveset is a valid option.

As Dragapult is a tad unreliable defensively, Focus Sash is also a good choice. Not only will it bring out Dragapult's strengths as a sweeper itself, but also can help it hold back an opponent's sweeper.

Other Viable Moves

Steel Wing Strong hitter against Fairy-types. Max Steelspike's effect of raising Defense is also a draw.
Shadow Ball An alternate option for the hard-to-use Phantom Force. A solid option for a Special-leaning Dragapult.
Flamethrower An alternate option for Fire Blast. Its increased accuracy helps, but the decreased power takes away from its OHKO and 2HKO potential.
Draco Meteor For a Special-focused Dragapult. A powerful move with a downside of a 2-stage Special Defense drop - make sure your opponent can't take advantage of it.

Will-o-Wisp + Substitute Build

Nature Timid
EV Spread Spd. 252, HP 236, Sp.Atk. 20
Ability Infiltrator
Held Item Leftovers
Moveset Hex
Dragon Pulse

Here's the Dragapult set for those who want to take advantage of the Will-o-Wisp + Hex combo attack. Fast Pokemon bringing out a Will-o-Wisp on their first turn out is a tried and true method proved by Mega Gengar and Talonflame in previous games, and Dragapult is no slouch either.

Leftovers is a solid choice for constant HP restoration, allowing it to take advantage of Substitute. Its Speed is also pushed to the max, with the remaining EVs in Special Attack to make Dragapult a powerful defensive hitter.

How to Use Dragapult Effectively

An unpredictable attacker

Cute Dragapult.png

As players can run a Dragapult with either Physical or Special attacks, it's truly a Pokemon which cannot be read easily. With a wide movepool and several fearsome moves to keep opponents on their toes, it's proved itself as a top-class attacker.

Lead with Dragapult and U-turn out

Leading with Dragapult, you can bait the opponent into switching out, only to follow with your own U-turn and switch in a Pokemon to counter the newly switched-in foe. With a blistering speed of 142, Dragapult is a great scout to find out what cards are stacked against you.

A support player that takes advantage of its high speed

Dragapult Will-o-Wisp.png

Dragapult can round out its moveset with Thunder Wave, Will-o-Wisp, Light Screen, and other support moves to make it a stellar setup player. And with its high speed, even Taunt, the ultimate foe of support Pokemon, can't stop Dragapult completely.

Counters for Dragapult

Wall it with a Fairy-type

Just like any other Dragon type, Fairy-types are a weak spot for Dragapult. Pokemon with the Fairy typing that can also take Ghost-type moves with 1/2x or less damage will be able to handle Dragapult without a problem.

Best Pokemon to Use

Pokemon Description
Grimmsnarl ImageGrimmsnarl Ranking:★★★★★
・Can take almost all of Dragapult's attacks with 1/2x or less damage
・Can hit with the Priority Move Sucker Punch for immediate super effective damage
Best Ranked Battle Build for Grimmsnarl
Sylveon ImageSylveon Ranking:★★★・・
・High Special Defense allow it to hold off a Special-leaning Dragapult
・Watch out for Steel Wing, which can deal heavy damage

Hit first and hard with Priority Moves

The Ice-type Priority Move Ice Shard and the Dark-type Priority Move Sucker Punch can hit Dragapult's weak points. Pokemon who can match these moves while also withstanding Dragapult's attacks make for effective counters.

Best Pokemon to Use

Pokemon Description
Bisharp ImageBisharp Ranking:★★★★★
・Type matchup allows it to take most of Dragapult's moves with 1/2x or 1/4x damage
・Can use Sucker Punch to hit Dragapult's weak point
Mamoswine ImageMamoswine Ranking:★★★・・
・Ice Shard hits Dragapult where it hurts
・Can use Icicle Spear to break through Focus Sash
Weavile ImageWeavile Ranking:★★★・・
・Ice Shard hits Dragapult where it hurts

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