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Champion Cup Finals

This walkthrough explains how to complete the Champion Cup Finals (Wyndon Gym) in the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information on the trainers in the Champion Cup, the Pokemon they use in battle, and strategies on how to defeat them.

Rose Tower Getting to the Champion

Things to Do Before the Champion Cup Finals

Raise your party Pokemon's levels to at least 55!

In the Champion Cup Finals, you will be battling with 4 trainers who all have Pokemon around level 55. Be sure that your own Pokemon are leveled high enough to be able to defeat them.

Champion Cup Finals - Story Walkthrough

Jump to a Location in this Section
Wyndon Bede Nessa
Bea Allister Raihan


Wyndon Items and Obtainable Pokemon

Wyndon Objectives
1 Have the woman show you to Wyndon Stadium
2 Enter the Stadium and go through the receptionist
3 Battle with Bede
4 Battle with Nessa
5 Battle with Allister
6 Battle with Raihan

List of Opponents in the Champion Cup Finals

1st Battle - Bede

Bede's Pokemon

Champion Cup Finals - Bede.png

Pokemon Level Type
Mawile ImageMawile Lv.51 Steel Type Fairy Type
Gardevoir ImageGardevoir Lv.51 Psychic Type Fairy Type
Galarian Rapidash ImageGalarian Rapidash Lv.52 Psychic Type Fairy Type
Hatterene ImageHatterene Lv.53 Psychic Type Fairy Type

2nd Battle: Nessa

Nessa's Pokemon

Champion Cup Finals - Nessa.png

Pokemon Level Type
Golisopod ImageGolisopod Lv.51 Water Type
Barraskewda ImageBarraskewda Lv.52 Water Type
Seaking ImageSeaking Lv.52 Water Type
Pelipper ImagePelipper Lv.51 Water Type Flying Type
Drednaw ImageDrednaw Lv.53 Water Type Rock Type

3rd Battle - Bea (Sword Version Only)

Champion Cup Finals - Bea.png

Bea's Pokemon

Pokemon Level Type
Hawlucha ImageHawlucha Lv.52 Fighting Type Flying Type
Falinks ImageFalinks Lv.53 Fighting Type
SirfetchSirfetch'd Lv.53 Fighting Type
Grapploct ImageGrapploct Lv.52 Fighting Type
Machamp ImageMachamp Lv.54 Fighting Type

3rd Battle - Allister (Shield Version Only)

Champion Cup Finals - Allister.png

Allister's Pokemon

Pokemon Level Type
Dusknoir ImageDusknoir Lv.52 Ghost Type
Chandelure ImageChandelure Lv.52 Ghost Type Fire Type
Polteageist ImagePolteageist Lv.53 Ghost Type
Cursola ImageCursola Lv.53 Ghost Type
Gengar ImageGengar Lv.54 Ghost Type Poison Type

4th Battle - Raihan

Champion Cup Finals - Raihan.png

Raihan's Pokemon

Pokemon Level Type
Torkoal ImageTorkoal Lv.53 Fire Type
Goodra ImageGoodra Lv.54 Dragon Type
Turtonator ImageTurtonator Lv.54 Fire Type Dragon Type
Flygon ImageFlygon Lv.54 Ground Type Dragon Type
Duraludon ImageDuraludon Lv.55 Steel Type Dragon Type

Don't put your Ice or Fairy-type Pokemon in the lead

Raihan tries to psyche out players who are ready to counter his Dragons by using a Fire-type Pokemon, Torkoal, as his first Pokemon. Fire-type Pokemon are resistant to both Ice and Fairy-type moves, so you'll be forced to switch out and give his Torkoal a free attack. Instead of leading with your Ice or Fairy type, start with something to counter his Torkoal, like a Water-type Pokemon.

Post Game Content and Walkthrough

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