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How to Get and Use the Rotom Bike

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This is a page guide on how to get and use the Rotom Bike in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information on how to upgrade the Rotom Bike and use it to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

What is the Rotom Bike?

Rotom Bike.jpg

The Rotom Bike is a vehicle which connects to the player's Rotom Phone to gain turbo boosting powers, allowing the player to pass through long routes quickly.

The Rotom Bike is extremely useful, especially when trying to avoid battle against Pokemon or trainers loitering around.

How to Get the Rotom Bikes

There are two Rotom Bikes in the game and you can obtain both from a man wearing a mask in two different areas.

How to Obtain the Rotom Bikes
Route 5 Bridge Rotom Bike.jpg
Route 9 (before crossing the water) Rotom Bike 2 (1).jpg

First Rotom Bike for Land Use

Rotom Bike 1.jpg

The first Rotom Bike can be obtained on Route 5, on the bridge to Hulbury, heading east after obtaining the 1st badge in Turffield.

How to Surf with the Rotom Bike

Get the Second Rotom Bike to Surf

Rotom Bike 2 (2).jpg

The second Rotom Bike you can receive from the same NPC around Route 9 gives you the ability to travel even on water. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, there is no option to Surf on Pokemon needed, as the Rotom Bike fulfills the same purpose this time around.

Rotom Bike 2 (3).jpg
How to Surf (Bike) on Water

How to Use the Rotom Bike

The Rotom Bike can be used by pressing the + or - button on your Joy-con. The bike also has a Turbo Function, allowing the player to travel faster after charging it up, which can be improved by upgrading it in the Wild Area.

The Rotom Bike's Surf feature also allows the player to travel to other areas which would not be accessible without it.

Rotom Bike Turbo Boost

Rotom Bike Turbo Function

When riding continuously for a short while, you will notice an electricity starting to gather around the wheels of the bike. This demonstrates that the Rotom Bike's Turbo Boost is ready to use. When the Rotom Bike is fully charged, press B to fly across the map at high speed.

This feature is highly useful for traveling and Pokemon hunting in the Wild Area, such as traveling between Dens to search for Gigantamax Pokemon.

Wild Area and Raid Strategy

How to Upgrade the Rotom Bike

Talk to Watts

Rotom Rally.jpg

The man in white, known conveniently as Watts, is located in the Wild Area and can do a number of things for the player, including upgrading their Rotom Bike and appearance on the bike.

How to Improve Rotom Bike Turbo Boost

Rotom Bike Turbo Boost.jpg

When you talk to Watts, he will offer you Rotom Bike-related services such as shortening the length of the cooldown period between each Turbo Boost. In exchange, you will have to pay him 1,000 Watts.

Rotom Rally 2.jpg

Once improved, you will have more opportunities to avoid battles and reach your desired destinations faster. Moreover, being able to maintain a high speed for longer will improve your performance in the Rotom Rally, which will allow you earn more rewards and more than make up for the 1,000 Watts you spent on the upgrade.

Change Outfit

Rotom Bike Watts - Change Outfit.jpg

As soon as you begin riding the Rotom Bike, your character's clothing will magically change into a biking outfit. There is no way to change this clothing at a Boutique, unlike normal clothing, but Watts can upgrade your character's biking outfit to match the type of the first Pokemon in your party. You can change your first Pokemon before talking to him to let your character wear whatever color you prefer.

How to Get to Lake of Outrage and Axew's Eye

Lake of Outrage.jpg

Two areas inthe Wild Area, Lake of Outrage and Axew's Eye, are unreachable unless you have already obtained the second Rotom Bike with the Surf function. Use the second Rotom Bike to cross the water and reach these areas, where a wide variety of rare Pokemon are waiting to be encountered.

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