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How to Check IVs

This guide will show you how to unlock the Judge Function and check your Pokemon's IVs in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Check a Pokemon's IVs

Throughout the series, a Pokemon's IVs have remained hidden values, and in Sword and Shield they remain difficult to find. To check a Pokemon's IVs, you must unlock the Judge Function. The Judge Function is mainly used for making teams for competitive play, as you can use it to check the IVs of Pokemon when breeding them much more easily than before.

How to Unlock the Judge Function

1. Unlock the Battle Tower

Battle Stadium.jpg
You can unlock the Battle Tower by finishing the main story of Pokemon Sword and Shield and going to the Battle Tower in Wyndon.

2. Battle and win in the Battle Tower 6 times

Judge Function.jpg
You need to win 6 times in either Single or Double battles in the Battle Tower to get the Judge Function, as a reward for unlocking the Pokeball Tier. After winning 6 battles, you will be rewarded with the Judge Function and will be able to use it at any time.

How to Use the Judge Function

1. Go to Options

Release Move 4.jpg
Go to Options by tapping X in the joy con.

2. Select Pokemon

Release Move 4.jpg
Go and choose the Pokemon in the menu.

3. Go to Boxes

Release Move 5.jpg
Go to your boxes by tapping R on the joy con. You can also go to a Rotom terminal in any Pokemon Center to access your boxes.

4. Tap the +

Judge Pokemon 1.jpg
Tap the + icon on the Joy-Con to view the stats of your Pokemon. Ratings which represent your Pokemon's IVs will be displayed at the right side of the screen.

Explanation of Judge Ratings

Term Individual Values
No Good 0
Decent 1 - 10
Pretty Good 11 - 20
Very Good 21 - 29
Fantastic 30
Best 31

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