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Pokerus Effects and How to Infect Your Pokemon

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Learn the meaning of Pokerus, its effects and how to spread it to your Pokemon. Read this guide to answer your questions about Pokerus in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield.

What is Pokerus?

Currently Infected Zamazenta.png
Pokerus, short for Pokemon Virus, is a rare microscopic life form that attaches to Pokemon and increases the amount of EVs your Pokemon gains.

Is Pokerus Bad? Not At All!

Despite the name, Pokerus has no negative effects. It is actually good to have your Pokemon infected with it because of its powerful effects.

How to Tell if Pokemon is Infected with Pokerus

At the Pokemon Center

You will be notified that a Pokemon in your party is infected with Pokerus when you have your party healed at the Pokemon Center.

In Pokemon Stats

Pokerus Logo.png
You can also check the stats of your Pokemon; there will be a label that your Pokemon is infected by Pokerus. An icon for Pokerus will be visible on the Pokemon's 'Check summary' screen, on the Box screen, or in Pokemon HOME.

Pokerus Explanation.png

The label will remain even after your Pokemon has healed from it. The label will change slightly, from the image of a 'spreading virus' to a more inert-looking virus, to show that the virus is no longer contagious.

Pokerus Effects

Doubles the Number of EVs Obtained

What does Pokerus do? It doubles the number of EVs an afflicted Pokemon obtains from battle.

Even if your Pokemon has healed from Pokerus, the effect stays. This is useful for training your Pokemon.
How to EV Train Fast and Reset EVs

Gains More EVs in Poke Jobs

Along with Power Items, Pokerus will allow your Pokemon to acquire more EVs than normal when you send them in Poke Jobs, specifically seminars!

Rates of EV acquisition from seminars

Boosts Applied EVs acquired
per 1 hour
Time needed to reach 252 EVs
None +4 63 hours
Pokerus +8 31.5 hours
Power Item +12 21 hours
Power Item and Pokerus +24 10.5 hours

How to Do Poke Jobs

How to Get Pokerus

Online Trade

Pokemon Trade.jpg
A Pokemon rarely gets Pokerus from battle, with a 3/65536 probability.

As it is difficult to obtain Pokerus on your own, trading online for a Pokemon with Pokerus is the quickest way to obtain it.
How to Trade With Friends Locally and Online

How to Infect Your Pokemon with Pokerus

Battle With the Infected Pokemon in Your Party

Pokerus will spread to other Pokemon in your party as long as you have the Pokerus-infected Pokemon in your party when you go to battles.

Pokerus Duration

How Long Does Pokerus Last?

Pokemon with Pokerus will heal from one to four days in the game. However, the effect of gaining double the EVs will still remain.

Once your Pokemon has been cured, it will not be able to infect other Pokemon and will be immune to Pokerus in the future.

How to Preserve Pokerus in Your Pokemon

Currently Infected Pokemon.png

A Zamazenta with Pokerus in Pokemon HOME.

You can prevent your Pokerus-infected Pokemon from healing by storing them in Pokemon Boxes or Pokemon HOME.

Note that Pokerus does not spread inside Pokemon Boxes or Pokemon HOME.

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