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Genshin Impact - Tsurumi Island Guide

Tsurumi Island is an Inazuma island in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock Tsurumi Island, how to get through the fog and mist, a full map of the island and Electroculi locations, all puzzle and quest walkthroughs, and other information in this Inazuma guide!

How to Get to Tsurumi Island

Genshin - 2.2 New Tsurumi Island

How to Unlock Tsurumi Island

How to Unlock Complete Seirai Stormchasers
Begin the Through the Mists Quests

You can only unlock Tsurumi Island after reaching Inazuma, completing the Seirai Stormchasers series, and progressing through the Particularly Particular Author quest.

Talk to Katheryne, Sumida, and Kama in Inazuma City to sail to Tsurumi Island!
A Particularly Particular Author Guide

Tsurumi Island Maps

Full Map of Tsurumi Island

Located south of Inazuma

Tsurumi Island is located far to the south of the other Inazuma islands. There are also smaller islands between the mainland and Tsurumi Island, which contain Electroculi, Remarkable Chests, and the Moshiri Kara Domain.
Inazuma Map Guide

Map of Tsurumi Island Electroculus

How to Get Each Electroculus in Tsurumi Island

For a full walkthrough on each Electroculus location in Tsurumi Island and all other areas of Inazuma, take a look at our Electroculus guide:
Electroculus Locations and Map

Tsurumi Island Puzzle Guides

Tsurumi Island Fog and Mist

Genshin Impact - Tsurumi Island - Mist
Tsurumi Island is surrounded by fog and mist when you first arrive. Staying in the fog for more than 10 seconds will turn your screen foggy and teleport you back to a waypoint!

How to Move Through the Fog and Mist

Features for Tsurumi Island's Fog

Specific Paths


Use Specific Paths and Stormstones to light up Tsurumi Island areas and avoid getting lost in the fog.
Clear the Mist & Fog on Tsurumi Island

All Tsurumi Island Puzzles

Puzzle Guide Puzzle Summary
Genshin Impact - Moshiri Kara Domain GuideMoshiri Kara Moshiri Kara is a one-time Tsurumi Island domain locked by a puzzle. It's located north of the main island.
Genshin Impact - Shirikoro Peak Puzzle GuidesShirikoro Peak Shirikoro Peak has a lot of different puzzles, and even some underground ruins to explore!
Genshin Impact - All Stone Slate Locations in Tsurumi IslandStone Slates Stone Slates are used in the underground ruins of Shirikoro and Chirai, but are found all over Tsurumi Island!
Genshin Impact - Where to Find Star-Shaped Gem & Rewards - Inazuma Guide.pngStar-Shaped Gems Star-Shaped Gems are found in the underground ruins of Shirikoro and Chirai, but require you to find Seelie in different Tsurumi Island areas!
Genshin Impact - Tsurumi Conch Location GuideConch Treasure Glowing conches appears on Tsurumi, and four of them contain map pieces. Combine them for the full map and get the treasure!
Genshin - All Tsurumi Island Ghost Locations Inazuma GuideGhost Requests After completing the Through the Mists quest series, illusions will pop up all over Tsurumi Island. Complete their final requests and help them board to the afterlife!
Genshin Impact - Remarkable Chest LocationsRemarkable Chests Remarkable Chests are a new type of chest only found in Tsurumi Island. Some of them are locked behind quests and puzzles!

Tsurumi Island Quest Guides

All Quests in Tsurumi Island

Quest Guide How to Start Quest
Genshin Impact - A Particularly Particular Author Quest GuideA Particularly Particular Author Complete Seirai Stormchasers and talk to Katheryne in Inazuma City to unlock this quest.
Genshin Impact - Octave of the Maushiro World Quest Walkthrough and RewardsOctave of the Maushiro Unlocks on the server reset after completing A Particularly Particular Author world quest.
Genshin Impact - The Sea of Fog and the Rite of The Trees QuestThe Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees Unlocks on the server reset after completing Octave of the Maushiro world quest.
Genshin Impact - The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna World Quest Walkthrough and RewardsThe Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna Unlocks on the server reset after completing The Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees world quest.
Genshin Impact - The Saga of Mr. Forgetful World Quest Walkthrough and RewardsThe Saga of Mr. Forgetful Unlocks on the server reset after completing Octave of the Maushiro world quest.

Tsurumi Island has a time-locked quest series. This means that the next part of the quest will only be unlocked after the server reset following the completion of the previous quest.
All Through the Mists Quest Guides

Tsurumi Island Enemies

Rifthounds in Tsurumi Island

Genshin - Rifthounds
Rifthounds are a new type of enemy exclusively found in Tsurumi Island. They are wolf-like creatures that can hurt you even if you have a shield, so bring a healer before initiating combat!
Rifthounds Enemy & Location Guide

Other Enemies in Tsurumi Island

Aside from the Rifthounds, Tsurumi Island also has Ruin Sentinels, Abyss Mages, Whopperflowers, and Hilichurl enemies!
List of Enemies & Walkthroughs

Tsurumi Island Items

Fluorescent Fungus in Tsurumi island

Genshin Impact - Tsurumi Island - Fluorescent Fungus

New Local Specialty in Inazuma

The Fluorescent Fungus is a new type of item that can only be found on Tsurumi Island. It's new type of local specialty usually found under trees.
Fluorescent Fungus Locations

Other Items in Tsurumi Island

List of Items
Genshin - Crystal Core ImageCrystal Core Genshin - Mint ImageMint Genshin - Sea Ganoderma ImageSea Ganoderma
Genshin - Seagrass ImageSeagrass Genshin - Unagi Meat ImageUnagi Meat

Genshin Impact Inazuma Guides

Genshin - Inazuma Map Guide Slim
Inazuma Map Guide

Guides to Inazuma Areas

Inazuma Area Guides
Narukami Island Kannazuka
Yashiori Island Seirai Island
Tsurumi Island Watatsumi Island

Guides to Inazuma Features

Inazuma Region Guides
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Electrograna Uses Thunder Spheres
Thunder Barriers Electro Seelie
Electro Stone Puzzle Lightning Probe Puzzle
Cube Pattern Puzzle Pressure Plate Puzzles
Bake-Danuki Puzzle Ghost Locations

Guides to Inazuma Puzzles

Inazuma Puzzle Guides
Tatarasuna Barrier Tatarasuna Keys
Watatsumi 9 Cube Puzzle Seiraimaru Boat
Komaki's Daily Fortune Yashiori Island Puzzle
Tsurumi Island Stone Slates Tsurumi Island Mist
Tsurumi Conch Treasure A Doctor's Odyssey Achievement

Guides to Inazuma Domains

Inazuma Domain Puzzle Guides
Shakkei Pavilion Formation Estate
Empty Boat to a Thousand Gates Palace in a Pool
Moshiri Kara

Guides to Inazuma Quests

Archon Quest Guides
Chapter 2: Act 1 Chapter 2: Act 2
Chapter 2: Act 3
Story Quest Guides
Ayaka Quest Yoimiya Quest
Raiden Shogun Quest Kokomi Quest
World Quest Guides
The Art of Horticulture Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual
A Strange Story in Konda Sacrificial Offering
Hayashi of Tanuki in the Forest Cleansing Defilement
Yougou Cleansing The Farmer's Treasure
Hiromi's Watch Gourmet Supremos, Assemble!
The Gourmet Supremos: The Seashore Strider The Gourmet Supremos: The Deep Divers
The Seventh Samurai Tatara Tales
Sakura Arborism Dreams of Sword Art
Orobashi's Legacy Fate of a Fighter
Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away Treatment on Island
Sinister Instruction Yae Publishing House's Invitation
Chisato's Letter O Archon, Have I Done Right?
International Travel Log Home Lies Over the Ocean
In Another Land Battle of Revenge
The Gourmet Supremos: The Importance of Eating Well The Gourmet Supremos: On the Road
Pizza From Another Land The Ritou Road
Seirai Stormchasers Relics of Seirai
Reminiscence of Seirai The Moon-Bathed Deep
Solitary Sea-Beast Divine Plant of the Depths
Neko Is a Cat Series Fertilizer... Salesperson?
The Narukami Trail Clean House
A Particularly Particular Author Octave of the Maushiro

All Interactive Map Guides

Genshin Impact - Areas and Maps Guide
All Interactive Map Guides

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