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Inazuma - Where to Find Bake-Danuki

The Bake-Danuki is an animal in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock the Bake-Danuki, its location, dropped items, and other basic information.

Bake-Danuki Basic Information

Genshin - Bake-Danuki Image
Type Tanuki (Beast)
Drops Items and Artifacts
Catchable? No

Can you Capture the Bake-Danuki?

No, you can't capture the Bake-Danuki with the Omni-Ubiquity Net. Learn more about how to get and use the Omni-Ubiquity Net in our guide:

Omni-Ubiquity Net Gadget Guide

Archive Description

A carefree tanuki that comes and goes without leaving any trace, and that knows mystical arts passed down only amongst their kindred. It has the ability to transform into other objects, including humans.
Although they often tangle with a mysterious organization under the Shogunate, the tanuki are not a wicked lot and only tease humans for fun.
There is but one recorded exception: years ago, the bake-danuki who guarded Chinju Forest started a battle due to some conflict between their leader Ioroi and a kitsune. In the end, most of the bake-danuki were sealed within stone statues.

What is a Bake-Danuki?

Bake-Danuki are known to resemble Japanese raccoon dogs or Tanuki. Bake-Danuki have the ability to transform into other objects, so keep an eye out for their transformations!

Interacting with Bake-Danuki

Inazuma - Chasing a Bake-Danuki

Bake-Danuki are playful in nature, and their characteristic jingling can be heard from afar. Chase them down, and once you get near them, they will do a flip and vanish to a nearby location.

Inazuma - Bake-Danuki Chase

Keep chasing them down, and eventually the jingling will stop. You will now have to find an object that the Bake-Danuki has transformed into and interact with them accordingly, and you will be rewarded items (and possibly even Treasure Chests)!

Bake-Danuki Transformations

Objects Interaction

Electro Pillar
Attack with Electro Element

Wooden Box
Destroy with an attack

Fire Torch
Ignite the torch with a Pyro Element attack

Stone Pile
Attack the stone pile
Broken Pottery
Attack the broken pottery
Exploding Barrel
Blow up the barrel
Thunder Barrier Stone
Bring an Electrogranum and get close to it

Bake-Danuki Locations

Bake-Danuki Habitat

You can find the Bake-Danuki In various areas of Inazuma.

Known Bake-Danuki Locations
Narukami Island Kannazuka
Yashiori Island Watatsumi Island
Seirai Island

Narukami Island

Bake-Danuki in Narukami Island are relatively easy to find and chase down, and are scattered along trails, roads, and nearby landmarks.

Narukami Island Bake-Danuki Directions

No. Directions
1 Along the road going through Chinju Forest towards the Kamisato Estate.
2 / 3 Inside a cave between Konda Village and Araumi.
4 Near a cliff in the vicinity of an Electroculus underneath the Kamisato Estate.
5 On a trail near the Court of Flowing Sand Domain.
6 On the path to the shrine of Ioroi.

Narukami Island Guide

Kannazuka Island

Bake-Danuki in Kannazuka Island are scattered nearer to each other, but there are more littered objects in this Island. Some of them are near areas with Balethunder, so vigilance against this element is advised.

Kannazuka Bake-Danuki Directions

No. Directions
1 On the East side of Tatarasuna's mountainside.
2 On the North side of Tatarasuna's mountain, along a road.
3 On a cliff on the West side of Tatarasuna, near a cliff.
4 On a beach, South of the Kujou Encampment.
5 East of the Pyro Hypostasis arena.

Kannazuka Area Guide

Yashiori Island

Bake-Danuki in Yashiori Island are fewer in number, and are scattered near areas affected by Balethunder. Keep in mind that this island has high amounts of Balethunder in some areas, and is constantly wet due to sustained rain. Be wary of the various enemies that can trigger Elemental Reactions while you are chasing down Bake-Danuki.

Yashiori Island Bake-Danuki Directions

No. Directions
1 On the rear of Higi Village.
2 Near the bones of Orobashi behind Fort Fujitou.

Yashiori Island Guide

Watatsumi Island

Only one Bake-Danuki is seen in Watatsumi Island. You can easily interact with this Bake-Danuki by teleporting to the Waypoint on Sangonomiya Shrine.

Watatsumi Island Guide

Seirai Island

Bake-Danuki in Seirai Island are found on the outer parts of the island. You might need to go around the Island with a Waverider for some of the locations.

Seirai Island Bake-Danuki Directions

No. Directions
1 On the south-eastern island behind Amakumo Peak.
2 North of the "Seiraimaru" wreckage.
3 Near the encampment southeast of the Waverider Waypoint.

Seirai Island Guide

How to Unlock the Bake-Danuki

Find and Approach to Unlock

You can unlock the Bake-Danuki in the Living Beings Archive by finding and approaching Bake-Danuki.

Drops Various Items

Bake-Danuki Portrait Drop Various Items
Drop Type Items and Artifacts

Bake-Danuki Achievement

Yamada Go's Wooden Mallet Achievement

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Completed AchievementYamada Go's Wooden Mallet 5 Primogems
Objective : See through the illusions of the Tanuki several times.

Finding 15 Bake-Danukis will award you with the Yamada Go's Wooden Mallet Achievement, which gives 5 Primogems!

Achievement List and Rewards

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