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Genshin - Tsurumi Conch Locations Guide

Shitoki's Ghost will appear after picking up a Tsurumi Island Conch with a Treasure Map in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock Shitoki's Ghost with the Through the Mists quest series, where to find all Conches, and how to complete the Treasure Map Fragments in this Inazuma guide!

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Tsurumi Island Conch Locations

Map of Shitoki and Conch Locations

Location Tsurumi Island, Inazuma

How to Find Shitoki's Ghost

Genshin - Find the four Conches on Tsurumi Island
Shitoki appears the first time you pick up any of the conches with a treasure map fragment in them! After getting all four fragments, Shitoki will be located near the Statue of the Seven in Tsurumi Island.

Treasure Map Fragment Walkthrough

No. Image How to Get
1 Go north of the Waypoint east of Mt. Kanna to the ruins below the cliffs. The conch is behind some pots.
2 By the docks at the very beginning of Tsurumi Island.
3 In the water below the Perch in Shirikoro Peak.
4 In the large ship wreckage by the Rifthounds.

How to Find All Tsurumi Island Ghosts

For all the other ghosts' locations and request guides, take a look at our full Tsurumi Island Ghosts walkthrough:
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How to Complete Shitoki's Request

How to Find Treasure Map Fragments and Complete Shitoki's Request

How to Complete Shitoki's Request
To trigger Shitoki's request, you need to get one of the conches with a treasure map on it.
Locate the other three conches with treasure maps on them in Tsurumi Island. Click here to jump to the map locations!
Talk to Shitoki by Tsurumi Island's Statue of the Seven.
Shitoki will give you a completed Treasure Map that that indicates that it's in Mt. Kanna.
Once you reach the area inside Mt. Kanna, you will see a dig button. Dig for a note with a Precious Chest!

Information on Shitoki's Ghost

Who is Shitoki the Ghost?

Genshin - Meeting Shitoki the Ghost
Shitoki is one of the ten ghostly illusions on Tsurumi Island. He can't board the boat to the afterlife because he needs the treasure his brother left him.

How to Unlock Shitoki and Other Ghosts

Shitoki will appear once you get the first conch with a map on it and near the Statue of the Seven. This is after you've finished the Through the Mists quest series and cleared the fog on Tsurumi Island completely.
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Big Brother's Letter to Shitoki

Contents of Big Brother's ''Letter'' to Shitoki
This note is roughly made from animal hide. Upon it, two smiling people are drawn, hand-in-hand. The blue skies are unclouded by fog. There is only a radiant boat. ''Father'' and ''Sister'' sit on the boat, waving happily toward the shore.

When you dig in the area, the Precious Chest with the letter will appear. Reading it will give you a clue about Shitoki's Big Brother.

Boatman's Hint on Shitoki

Boatman's Lines on Shitoki

''The child who picks shells by the shore, come, board the boat! The brother you knew left his forebears' souls to seek a life on the far shore. Forget him now, forget the pain of parting...''

After you find and talk to Shitoki, the Boatman's ghost will no longer speak to you about them.
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