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Genshin Impact -  All Tsurumi Island Ghost Guides

Tsurumi Island Ghosts are illusions that only appear after completing the Through the Mists quest series in Genshin Impact. See where to find all the Ghosts, how to complete their requests, and how to send them on board the boat to the afterlife!

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Tsurumi Island Ghost Locations and Request Guides

All Tsurumi Island Ghost Locations

All Tsurumi Island Ghosts
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Shitoki Chise Kito & Kina
Ipe Nonno Rero
Abe Una ''Boatman''

Shitoki Ghost's Location and Puzzle Guide

Where to Find Shitoki
Genshin - Find the four Conches on Tsurumi Island
Locations 1: In the ruins east of Mt. Kanna.
2: By Tsurumi Island's Statue of the Seven.
Request Collect all of the Treasure Maps from the glowing conches.

Piece Shitoki's Treasure Map Together

Shitoki will first appear after picking up a special conch, saying their brother's treasure is lost. You will have to find four specific conches with Treasure Map pieces in them, then have Shitoki put them together.

After finding the Treasure Map pieces and returning to Shitoki, you will then have to go to the location and dig up the treasure!
Shitoki's Conch & Treasure Map Guide

Chise Ghost's Location and Puzzle Guide

Where to Find Chise
Genshin - Chise Location - Where to find Chise
Location Found in Autake Plains.
Request Light all Thunderstorm Stones in Autake Plains

Light up Thunderstorm Stones for Chise

Chise's request will only be completed after lighting up all Thunderstorm Stones in the Autake Plains area. After lighting them up, talk to Chise again to activate the Thunderbird Statue behind her, which will reveal the final Stormstone.

Note that some of these Thunderstorm Stones are hidden or locked by Peculiar Pinion puzzles!
Chise's Thunderstorm Stones Guide

Kito and Kina Ghosts' Locations and Puzzle Guide

Where to Find Kito and Kina
Genshin - Kito and Kina Location - Where to find Kito and Kina
Location Near Autake Plains by a small island.
Request Give Sakura Blooms to them.

Give Kito and Kina Sakura Blooms

You need to find Kito and Kina five times and give them Sakura Blooms four of those times. They will give you Kito's Sachet, which you will probably need to clear Una's request!
Where to Find Kito and Kina

Ipe Ghost's Location and Puzzle Guide

Where to Find Ipe
Genshin - Ipe Location - Where to find Ipe
Location Appears when you fish in Chirai Shrine
Request Fish out an item for them near the waters of Autake Plains.

Fish for Ipe's Missing Charm

Catch any of the fish at the Tsurumi fishing spot near Chirai Shrine and Ipe will appear to compliment you. He will then ask you to fish up a Charm he lost on the west side of the island.

This request might also unlock a new fishing spot with Venomspine Fish and Akai Maou permanently?
Ipe's Fishing Expedition Guide

Nonno Ghost's Location and Puzzle Guide

Where to Find Nonno
Genshin - Nonno Location - Where to find Nonno
Location Found around Chirai Shrine.
Request They will request you to play Hide and Seek with them four times.

Play Hide and Seek with Nonno

Nonno is hiding in some bushes in Chirai Shrine's underground ruin entrance. After speaking with him, you'll need to find and speak to him four more times!
Nonno's Hide and Seek Guide

Rero Ghost's Location and Puzzle Guide

Where to Find Rero
Genshin - Rero Location - Where to find Rero
Location Near Chirai Shrine and Mt. Kanna
Request Examine a tomb east of Chirai Shrine and defeat the Thunderhelm Lawachurl.

Dig up Rero's Wife's Grave

The trickster Rero is waiting on top of the cliff platforms southwest of Chirai Shrine. You need to dig up a spot by a dead tree east of a broken wall in the Chirai Shrine area to fight the Lawachurl and complete his request!

Rero's Wife and the Lawachurl Guide

Abe Ghost's Location and Puzzle Guide

Where to Find Abe
Genshin - Abe Location - Where to find Abe
Location Found in the undergound ruins connecting Shirakoro Peak and Chirai Shine.
Request No requests, but you need to pick up the Fluorescent Fungus in the area in order for them to appear.

Collect Abe's Fluorescent Fungus

Abe appears when you pick the Fluorescent Fungus in underground ruin area with the Torch puzzle and underwater stairway going down. Wait until the Fluorescent Fungus respawn and talk to Abe again to complete his request!

Abe's Mushroom Mystery Guide

Una Ghost's Location and Puzzle Guide

Where to Find Una
Genshin - Una Location - Where to find Una.png
Location Found near the rubble by the Moshiri Ceremonial Site.
Request No requests, they will talk to you and give you three Sakura Blooms.

Get Sakura Blooms from Una

You have to talk to grammy Una every day despite her beeing too sleepy to continue the conversation!

You also have to finish Kito and Kina's ghost request because you'll need the sachet to give to Una.

Una's Location and ... Nap Time Guide?

''Boatman'' Ghost's Location and Puzzle Guide

Where to Find the ''Boatman''
Genshin - Boatman Location - Where to find the Boatman
Location Near the shores of Shirikoro Beach.
Request Find all the other ghosts and complete their requests.

Boatman will give hints to which ghosts you've yet to help, and for what kind of trouble waits you for each! As you complete requests, he'll stop mentioning those ghosts.

After you've completed all other ghost requests, talk to Boatman again for your rewards!

Boatman Ghost Hints

Ghost Hint
Shitoki The child who picks shells by the shore, come, board the boat!
Chise Those who guard the foggy plain, fain not in yon woods remain.
Kito & Kina I spy the dear little children, who dearly miss their grandmother.
Ipe And you, child lingering by the shore, pray, what more have you lost?
Nonno Lost, lonely, little child, are you playing on your own?
Rero One who has grown too swift and wild [...] One playful in a funny way [...].
Abe Ye old who linger on things yet strange and new, [...] let us return, to the golden halls upon the moon.
Una Now I spy, with my little eye... A grandmother missing her grandchildren.

List of All Boatman Hints

What are Tsurumi Island Ghosts?

Tsurumi Island's Illusions of the Past

Genshin - Apparition of the Past
After completing The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna, ghostly illusions will appear in Tsurumi Island. Some of these ghosts will request something after being found and interacted with. When you complete a request, a Chest will appear as a reward!

How to Unlock Tsurumi Island Ghosts

Genshin - Guide to The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna
To make the ghosts of Tsurumi Island appear, you need to complete the last quest in the Through the Mists quest series, The Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna!
Sun-Wheel and Mt. Kanna World Quest Guide

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