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Genshin Impact - Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle Guide
Lightning Strike Probes are Inazuma puzzles in Genshin Impact Version 2.0. Learn what Lightning Strike Probes do, how to solve the Electro compass puzzle, and other puzzle information in this guide!

Lightning Strike Probe Info

What is a Lightning Strike Probe?

Electro Compass Device

The Lightning Strike Probe is a ruin device that points to sources of Electro, with a compass and needle. It can only be found in the Inazuma region after Version 2.0.
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How to Solve Lightning Strike Probe Compass Puzzle

Point the Needle with Electro

Genshin - Lightning Probes - Needle Pointed to the Right Direction

To solve Lightning Strike Probe compass puzzles, you must point the needle to the arrow pointing outward on the base. If the base glows Electro, that means you have successfully solved the puzzle!

The Lightning Strike Probe points to various sources of Electro. If a character or enemy is affected by the Electro element, the Lightning Strike Probe will point to them as well!

Use Electrogranas or Beidou's Elemental Skill

Genshin - Lightning Probes - Use Beidou or Electrogranas

You can also summon an Electrograna to have a Lightning Strike Probe follow you. In addition, using Beidou's Elemental Skill will let you position the needle to where you are standing!

Sometimes Electro Seelies can also help you point the needles, although sometimes they also need precise timing as some of them go around Lightning Strike Probes.

Lightning Strike Probe Rewards

How to Get Puzzle Rewards

Genshin - Lightning Strike Probe - Treasure Chest Reward

The base of the Lightning Strike Probe has a direction marker on it. Getting the Lightning Strike Probes in the area to point to the same direction as their marker and glow a purple light will result in a Treasure Chest appearing!

Lightning Strike Probe Locations

All Lighting Strike Probe Locations

Lighting Strike Probes can be found in various locations all over Inazuma except Narukami Island.

Lightning Strike Probe Locations
Kannazuka Yashiori Island
Watatsumi Island Seirai Island
Tsurumi Island

Kannazuka Lightning Strike Probes

Kannazuka Lightning Strike Probes serve as a tutorial for these puzzles, as they do not exist in Narukami Island.

If there are two compasses, try to go around them and not to the center, as going in the center might point the needle to the wrong direction.

Kannazuka Area Guide

Yashiori Island Lightning Strike Probes

There is only one Lightning Strike Probe puzzle in Yashiori Island, found on Jakotsu Mine. You may need to drop down to get the Electrograna below.

Watatsumi Island Lightning Strike Probes

Some Lightning Probes in Watatsumi Island will involve Electro Seelies that will go around Probes, making it harder to solve. Try to figure out their rotations and solve accordingly!

Watatsumi Island Guide

Seirai Island Lightning Strike Probes

Because Lightning Strike Probes in Seirai Island are on the outer edges of the island, there is no need to eradicate the barrier that protects the island.

Seirai Island Guide

Tsurumi Island Lightning Strike Probes

There are five Lightning Strike Probes in Tsurumi Island. Unlike the ones in Watatsumi Island, the compass puzzles in Tsurumi Island are fairly easier to solve.
Tsurumi Island Map and Puzzles Guide

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