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Genshin Impact - How to Unlock Palace in a Pool Domain
Palace in a Pool is a one-time Inazuma Domain in Genshin Impact. Learn how to solve the Suigetsu Pool's water level puzzle and unlock the Palace in a Pool Domain, the electro puzzles, its rewards, and other information in this guide!

Palace in a Pool Information

Palace in a Pool Domain Location

First-Clear Rewards
Ley Line Disorder
• Once, in the ancient mansion of Umigozen, famed throughout Inazuma there was a window that could be used to enjoy wine and observe the flowers outside. Now the mansion lies empty, and only bandits and theives dwell within..
Monster List
Genshin Impact - Nobushi: Hitsukeban Image Genshin Impact - Mirror Maiden Image Genshin Impact - Treasure Hoarders - Pugilist Image Genshin Impact - Treasure Hoarders - Pyro Potioneer Image Genshin Impact - Treasure Hoarders - Cryo Potioneer Image

The Palace in a Pool Domain is located in the northeast area of Watatsumi Island. To unlock this area, you'll need to finish the Archon Quest for Chapter 2: Act 1 and get to Inazuma.

The Domain is underwater!

Although you can get to the location pretty easily, the Domain will initially be underwater. You'll need to solve a series of puzzles and lower the water level twice to unlock it.
Inazuma Map Guide

How to Unlock Palace in a Pool

Water Level Puzzle Walkthrough

How to Unlock the Domain
Go to the marked location and observe the pool. You'll need to 1.) make the Lightning Strike Probes point to the right direction and 2.) use Electro to activate the Electro Monuments quickly.
Summon Electrograna from two Thunder Sakura Boughs nearby. To avoid displacing an arrow you've already solved, we recommend activating the furthest arrows first.
The "*" in the image are the Thunder Sakura Boughs. The numbers beside them are the order you should solve the arrow puzzles in.
Once all the arrows are pointing at the right direction, the Electro Monuments will unlock. Use Fischl or Lisa to easily light them all up in time.
After lighting up all Electro Monuments, the water will only go down halfway. Dive into the lowered water level to continue.
Swim through the narrow opening and follow the path until you see an opening in the floor above you. Climb up the wall and into the room.
Interact with the three switches on each wall of the room to open the locked gate.
Standing at the gate you just unlocked, look at the ceiling to your right. Climb up that wall and into the higher room.
Activating the cube mechanism will drain the water completely and allow you to unlock the Domain. The gate beside this mechanism can be unlocked with the switch to the right.
You can either exit that gate and jump down into the Domain, or continue deeper into the ruins to get to the Domain. Note that the ruins have more puzzles to solve!

Palace in a Pool Walkthrough

How to Complete Palace in a Pool

Domain Walkthrough
Head to the marked area, you will find a gate that requires two amulets to unlock it.
2 Genshin - Palace in a Pool Domain Map
Collect the two amulets which you need to find around the domain.
3 Genshin - Palace in a Pool - Open Door
After collecting all three amulets, head back to the locked gate and unlock it.
4 Genshin - Palace in a Pool - Defeat the Mirror Maiden and Treasure Hoarders
Defeat the Mirror Maiden and the Treasure Hoarders to complete the domain.
5 Genshin - Palace in a Pool - Collect Treasure
Don't forget collecting the rewards from the Treasure Chest before leaving the domain.

Palace in a Pool Tips and Tricks

How to Slide Doors

Genshin - Palace in a Pool - Destroy Screens

In order for you to collect the Amulets, you must go through and open the Sliding Doors on the way. Some of the doors will be blocked by screens, attack the screens to give way to the sliding doors.

Electroculus Puzzle Solution

Exploring the ruins and solving the Electro Puzzles can lead you to an Electroculus!

How to Locate the Electroculus
From the entrance of the Domain, go forward and into the first room to the left.
Open the gate inside the room and defeat the Ruin Sentinel inside.
Activate the stone pillar to summon an Electro Seelie.
Light up the Electro Statues in the order that the Electro Seelie approached them.

The first two would be the Electro statues inside the room, on the left and the right, respectively.
The next two Electro statues would be further down the hall, past the broken wall.

Light up the Electro statue to the right before lighting up the one on a raised platform to the left.
Lighting up the four Electro statues will unlock the Lightning Strike Probe.

Use Electro or summon the Electro Seelie again to get the Lightning Strike Probe to point in the right direction.
To the left of the stone pillar is a window where you can find the second Lightning Strike Probe.
Open the gate across the room, there will be an Thunder Sakura Bough to your left once you go through.

Summon an Electrogranum to be able to point the Lightning Strike Probe in the right direction and unlock the next room.
Rotate the Phase Gate in the next room to activate it.
Use the Phase Gate to get to the upper floor where the Electroculus is located past a Thunder Barrier.

Don't forget to summon an Electrogranum with you before using the gate!
There is also a Luxurious Chest on the platform next the where the Electroculus is!

Electro Stone Puzzle Solution

Genshin - Suigetsu Pool - Electro Stone Puzzle
On the surface ruins of the Suigetsu Pool, connect all of the Electro Stones to get an Exquisite Chest!

How to Connect the Electro Stones
Head for the window at the end of the hallway directly across from the Palace in a Pool domain entrance.
There will be an Electro Seelie under a tree root by the window.
Follow the Electro Seelie up the stairs and to the room directly above, where you will have to climb the wall to get to.
The Electro Seelie will lead you to two Relay Stones, which you can ignore for now.
Follow the Electro Seelie up to the surface. The Seelie will connect the Cumulative Stone to the first Discharge Stone.
Go back underground and find a Relay Stone beside a Phase Gate.

Take this Relay Stone first, because taking too long will reset the other Relay Stones' positions.
Place the Relay Stone on top of the wall near the second Discharge Stone, closest to the Domain entrance.
Go back to the room with the two Relay Stones and place one in between the first Relay Stone and the Cumulation Stone.

Make sure all the stones so far are connected!
Take the other Relay Stone and place it in between the last Discharge Stone and the Cumulative Stone across the ruins.

Beware of the resting Ruin Sentinel by the Discharge Stone.
There should be a Thunder Sakura Bough close to the last Discharge Stone.

Take an Electrogranum from the Thunder Sakura Bough and place your character in between the last Relay Stone and the Cumulative Stone until all are connected.
Once the circuit is complete, the Exquisite Chest will appear!

Palace in a Pool Rewards

Get the Enigmatic Page

Genshin - Torn Page- Toki Alley Page IV Palace in a Pool - Suigetsu Pool
The Enigmatic Page is located near a Luxurious Chest after you lower the water in the area.
Enigmatic Page Location Guide

First-Time Completion Rewards

One-Time Rewards
Genshin - Primogem Image Primogem x40 Genshin - Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP x500 Genshin - Electro Sigil Image Electro Sigil x5
Genshin - Guide to Transience Image Guide to Transience x2 Genshin - Hero Hero's Wit x3 Genshin - Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore x5
Genshin - Mora Image Mora x30000 Genshin - Shimenawa - Flower - Entangling BloomEntangling Bloom x1 -

Palace in a Pool Achievement

Palace in a Pool Domain Unlock Achievement

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Completed AchievementPalace in a Pool 5 Primogems
Objective : Unlock Palace in a Pool.

Unlocking the Palace in a Pool Domain will give you the Palace in a Pool Achievement, which gives 5 Primogems!
Achievement List and Rewards

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