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This page lists all Water-type moves that are usable in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on to see the Power, PP, Effect, and Accuracy of each move!

List of Water-type Moves

Moves Type Power Acc. PP
Aqua Jet Water Image 40 100 20
Aqua Ring Water Image - - 20
Aqua Tail Water Image 90 90 10
Brine Water Image 65 100 10
Bubble Beam Water Image 65 100 20
Crabhammer Water Image 100 90 10
Dive Water Image 80 100 10
Fishious Rend Water Image 85 100 10
G-Max Cannonade Water Image
G-Max Foam Burst Water Image - - -
G-Max Rapid Flow Water Image - - -
G-Max Stonesurge Water Image - - -
Hydro Cannon Water Image 150 90 5
Hydro Pump Water Image 110 80 5
Life Dew Water Image - - 10
Liquidation Water Image 85 100 10
Max Geyser Water Image - - -
Muddy Water Water Image 90 85 10
Octazooka Water Image 65 85 10
Rain Dance Water Image - - 5
Razor Shell Water Image 75 95 10
Scald Water Image 80 100 15
Snipe Shot Water Image 80 100 15
Soak Water Image - 100 20
Sparkling Aria Water Image 90 100 10
Surf Water Image 90 100 15
Water Gun Water Image 40 100 25
Water Pledge Water Image 80 100 10
Water Pulse Water Image 60 100 20
Water Shuriken Water Image 15 100 20
Water Spout Water Image 150 100 5
Waterfall Water Image 80 100 15
Whirlpool Water Image 35 85 15
Withdraw Water Image - - 40

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