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List of Rock-type Moves

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Pokemon Sword and Shield - List of Rock-type Moves

This is a list of all Rock-type moves that are usable in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra DLC. Sort all Rock moves by Power, PP, and Accuracy, and see how to use them competitively.

List of Rock-type Moves

Moves Type Power Acc. PP
Accelerock Pokemon Rock Image 40 100 20
Ancient Power Pokemon Rock Image 60 100 5
Diamond Storm Pokemon Rock Image 100 95 5
G-Max Volcalith Pokemon Rock Image - - -
Head Smash Pokemon Rock Image 150 80 5
Max Rockfall Pokemon Rock Image - - -
Meteor Beam Pokemon Rock Image 120 90 10
Power Gem Pokemon Rock Image 80 100 20
Rock Blast Pokemon Rock Image 25 90 10
Rock Polish Pokemon Rock Image - - 20
Rock Slide Pokemon Rock Image 75 90 10
Rock Throw Pokemon Rock Image 50 90 15
Rock Tomb Pokemon Rock Image 60 95 15
Rock Wrecker Pokemon Rock Image 150 90 5
Rollout Pokemon Rock Image 30 90 20
Sandstorm Pokemon Rock Image - - 10
Smack Down Pokemon Rock Image 50 100 15
Stealth Rock Pokemon Rock Image - - 20
Stone Edge Pokemon Rock Image 100 80 5
Tar Shot Pokemon Rock Image - 100 15
Wide Guard Pokemon Rock Image - - 10

Rock-type Effectiveness

Damage Dealt Type
2x Pokemon Flying Image Pokemon Bug Image Pokemon Fire Image Pokemon Ice Image
1/2 Pokemon Fighting Image Pokemon Ground Image Pokemon Steel Image
No Effect -

Rock-type Moves in Competitive Play

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Rock-type Moves in Competitive Play

The most common Rock-type moves used in the metagame are intended to disrupt the Pokemon in the field, with the likes of Rock Slide having a chance to make the target flinch and Rock Tomb lowering the Speed stat.

In addition with these moves able to turn a match around, Rock-type moves also serve as a threat to numerous offensive Pokemon having Fire and Electric-typing.

Rock and Ground-type's Neutral Coverage

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Rhyperior Rock/Ground

Rock and Ground-type moves, when both included in a moveset, are able to hit all types without resistance. Rock-type moves cover for types that Ground-type moves will hit ineffectively, and the opposite is true!

High Damage, For a Price

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Stone Edge

A couple of Rock-type moves are incredibly powerful and are able to deal ridiculous amounts of damage. The catch? You need to sacrifice some of your momentum in order to use these moves.

For example, Rock Wrecker has 150 base damage, but your Pokemon cannot act on the next turn. Head Smash also has 150 base power but deals serious recoil damage to the user.

The special Rock-type move Meteor Beam is powerful and boosts your Special Attack, but it is a two-turn move. Note that this can be remedied by letting your Pokemon hold Power Herb.

Stone Edge, the staple move against Flying-types, has a high chance to hit critically, but suffers from low accuracy.

Stealth Rock's Usefulness

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Stealth Rock

One of the most iconic entry hazards in Pokemon is Stealth Rock, which damages any Pokemon that switches in once it is set up in the field.

This move is generally useful especially once you knock out your opponent's lead, but is more effective when facing against teams that have Fire or Flying-type attackers, or those holding Focus Sash.

Sandstorm and the Weather Wars

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Sandstorm and Sand Rush

With almost half of the commonly used Pokemon in the metagame relying on the weather, Sandstorm also plays a role in the ever-contested weather wars.

Sandstorm is either used as a way to mess with Sun or Rain-centric teams, or as a means to set up a Sandstorm team.

No one else benefits more from Sandstorm than Pokemon having the Sand Rush Ability, like Excadrill, which boosts their Speed during a Sandstorm.

Rock-type Dynamax Moves

Pokemon Sword and Shield - G-Max Volcalith

Using Max Rockfall while Dynamaxed summons a Sandstorm that lasts for five turns. This effect works well with Pokemon with the Abilities like Sand Veil and Sand Rush.

This also works as a way to change the weather in the field, and deal small damage to your opponents, provided they are not Rock, Ground, or Steel-types!

It is also worth mentioning Gigantamax Coalossal's G-Max Volcalith, which deals residual damage to the opposing field for four turns.

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