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This is a page on the Pokemon Kubfu, including its learnable moves and where it can be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information on its evolutions, abilities, type advantages, and more.

Kubfu - Type and Abilities

Kubfu - Type

Type 1 Type 2
Pokemon Fighting Image -

Best Pokemon Tier List For Ranked Battle

Type Defenses

Takes 4x damage
Takes 2x damage
Pokemon Flying Image Pokemon Psychic Image Pokemon Fairy Image
Takes 0.5x damage
Pokemon Bug Image Pokemon Rock Image Pokemon Dark Image
Takes 1/4x damage
Takes 0x damage


Name Description
Inner Focus The Pokemon is protected from flinching.

Egg Group

Egg Groups
Undiscovered Image Undiscovered

Effort Values (EV) Earned

Effort Values (EV) Earned

Basic Information

Kubfu is a new legendary Pokemon appearing in The Isle of Armor. It holds an important role in your journey in the Pokemon Dojo under your apprenticeship with Mustard.

Kubfu can evolve to Urshifu which has two different forms; the Single-Strike Style, and the Rapid-Strike Style.

How to Evolve Kubfu into Urshifu

Kubfu evolves into Urshifu when you complete one of the Towers of Two Fists. You will only be able to choose one of the towers to challenge, and when you and Kubfu clear the tower, Kubfu will evolve into either Urshifu's Single-Strike Style, if you complete the Tower of Darkness, or Urshifu's Rapid-Strike Style, if you complete the Tower of Waters.

Nintendo Direct Mini - March 2020 26-14 screenshot.pngTower of Darkness Nintendo Direct Mini - March 2020 26-11 screenshot.pngTower of Waters

Urshifu and its Forms

Can You Breed Kubfu?

Ditto and Urshifu

Because Kubfu and Urshifu are Legendary Pokemon in the Undiscovered Egg Group, they cannot breed, and there is no way to breed a Kubfu. Even when placed together with Ditto in the Nursery, Kubfu and Urshifu will be unable to produce an egg.

For now, it seems the Kubfu provided to the player is the only one directly obtainable; however, it is possible to trade, allowing for players to potentially obtain more than one Kubfu.

How to Get Kubfu

The Isle of Armor

Kubfu only appears in the Isle of Armor which is included in the Expansion Pass DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Mustard's Dojo

Nintendo Direct Mini - March 2020 26-7 screenshot.png

In order to receive Kubfu, you must advance the story in Isle of Armor by clearing 3 trials at the Master Dojo. Before speaking to Mustard after your final trial, saving your game will allow you to reroll for the best possible Nature and IVs if you wish.

How to Get the Best Kubfu

Evolution Chart of Kubfu

Pokemon How to Evolve
KubfuKubfu -
Urshifu Rapid-Strike StyleUrshifu Rapid-Strike Style Complete the Tower of Waters with Kubfu
Urshifu Single-Strike StyleUrshifu Single-Strike Style Complete the Tower of Darkness with Kubfu

How to Evolve Every Pokemon

Base Stats of Kubfu

60 60 (#)
90 90 (#)
60 60 (#)
Sp. Atk
53 53 (#)
Sp. Def
50 50 (#)
72 72 (#)
Total Base Stats
385 (#44)

List of All Pokemon by Base Stats

Learnset of Kubfu

Learnset by Leveling Up

Lv. Move Type Power Acc. PP
Base Rock Smash Pokemon Fighting Image 40 100 15
Base Leer Pokemon Normal Image - 100 30
4 Endure Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
8 Focus Energy Pokemon Normal Image - - 30
12 Aerial Ace Pokemon Flying Image 60 - 20
16 Scary Face Pokemon Normal Image - 100 10
20 Headbutt Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 15
24 Brick Break Pokemon Fighting Image 75 100 15
28 Detect Pokemon Fighting Image - - 5
32 Bulk Up Pokemon Fighting Image - - 20
36 Iron Head Pokemon Steel Image 80 100 15
40 Dynamic Punch Pokemon Fighting Image 100 50 5
44 Counter Pokemon Fighting Image - 100 20
48 Close Combat Pokemon Fighting Image 120 100 5
52 Focus Punch Pokemon Fighting Image 150 100 20

Learnset by TM

No. Move Type Power Acc. PP
TM00 Mega Punch Pokemon Normal Image 80 85 20
TM01 Mega Kick Pokemon Normal Image 120 75 5
TM03 Fire Punch Pokemon Fire Image 75 100 15
TM04 Ice Punch Pokemon Ice Image 75 100 15
TM05 Thunder Punch Pokemon Electric Image 75 100 15
TM15 Dig Pokemon Ground Image 80 100 10
TM21 Rest Pokemon Psychic Image - - 10
TM24 Snore Pokemon Normal Image 50 100 15
TM25 Protect Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TM26 Scary Face Pokemon Normal Image - 100 10
TM31 Attract Pokemon Normal Image - 100 15
TM39 Facade Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 20
TM41 Helping Hand Pokemon Normal Image - - 20
TM42 Revenge Pokemon Fighting Image 60 100 10
TM43 Brick Break Pokemon Fighting Image 75 100 15
TM56 U-turn Pokemon Bug Image 70 100 20
TM75 Low Sweep Pokemon Fighting Image 65 100 20
TM76 Round Pokemon Normal Image 60 100 15
TM78 Acrobatics Pokemon Flying Image 55 100 15
TM79 Retaliate Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 5

Learnset by TR

No. Move Type Power Acc. PP
TR01 Body Slam Pokemon Normal Image 85 100 15
TR07 Low Kick Pokemon Fighting Image - 100 20
TR13 Focus Energy Pokemon Normal Image - - 30
TR20 Substitute Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR21 Reversal Pokemon Fighting Image - 100 15
TR26 Endure Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR27 Sleep Talk Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR39 Superpower Pokemon Fighting Image 120 100 5
TR48 Bulk Up Pokemon Fighting Image - - 20
TR53 Close Combat Pokemon Fighting Image 120 100 5
TR69 Zen Headbutt Pokemon Psychic Image 80 90 15
TR74 Iron Head Pokemon Steel Image 80 100 15
TR85 Work Up Pokemon Normal Image - - 30

Learnset through a Move Tutor

Move Type Power Acc. PP
Coaching Pokemon Fighting Image - - 10

Learnset via Egg Moves

This Pokemon currently has no moves learned in this way.

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