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This is a page on the Pokemon Zarude, released in a special event on August 7th. Read to learn about the latest information on this new mythical Pokemon, including its stats, location, release date, and how to get it.

Zarude Release Dates

Pre-purchase tickets for Pokemon the Movie: Coco, which allows players to start collecting Zarude in-game is now on sale until December 24th, 2020! Players are able to redeem the Zarude and Shiny Celebi included from August 7th, 2020 until the event ends on March 31st, 2021. The movie itself began screening in Japan only on December 25th.

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Players will also receive Dada Zarude! Upon entering the movie theater, they will provide each fan with a card, which includes a serial number that is needed to redeem Dada Zarude. If you don't want to miss this opportunity, you'll need to actually visit a theater in Japan or have someone help you obtain a serial number.
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Zarude - Type and Abilities

Zarude - Type

Type 1 Type 2
Pokemon Dark Image Pokemon Grass Image

Best Pokemon Tier List For Ranked Battle

Type Defenses

Takes 4x damage
Pokemon Bug Image
Takes 2x damage
Pokemon Fire Image Pokemon Ice Image Pokemon Fighting Image Pokemon Poison Image Pokemon Flying Image Pokemon Fairy Image
Takes 0.5x damage
Pokemon Water Image Pokemon Grass Image Pokemon Electric Image Pokemon Ground Image Pokemon Ghost Image Pokemon Dark Image
Takes 1/4x damage
Takes 0x damage
Pokemon Psychic Image


Name Description
Leaf Guard Prevents problems with status in sunny weather.

Egg Group

Egg Groups
Undiscovered Image Undiscovered

Base Stats of Zarude

105 105
120 120
105 105
Sp. Atk
70 70
Sp. Def
95 95
105 105
Total Base Stats

List of All Pokemon by Base Stats

How to Get Zarude

Get Dada Zarude from Pokemon the Movie: Coco

Dada Zarude.png
The Official YouTube Channel of Pokemon Japan released an announcement on November 13th that a new form of Zarude is going to be distributed in the celebration of Pokemon the Movie: Coco (Starting on December 25th in Japan). This version of Zarude is the same as the Zarude in the movie, which is wearing a pink scarf around the neck with Celebi's Pokedex number.

The movie is currently only available in Japan. But we have good news! It will also be released for international audiences in 2021 with an English title Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. And maybe a Zarude event will be available, as well!

Dada Zarude Availability Period

Dada Zarude Availability Period Starting December 25, 2020
Ending Date: March 31, 2021

Everyone who sees the movie in theaters will obtain Dada Zarude. Fans will receive the serial code for Dada Zarude upon entering the movie theater. This means that unfortunately, buying the ticket is not enough to get Dada Zarude. Also, the code is for single-use only, so sharing it with anyone will not work unless it is unused.

Moveset and Nature of Dada Zarude from Coco Movie

Dada Zarude with Celebi Scarf.png
Level 70
Nature Adamant
Ability Leaf Guard
Moveset Jungle Healing
Hammer Arm
Power Whip
Energy Ball
Item Held Choice Scarf
Nickname オモヤのもり (Okoyanomori, the name of the forest from the movie)
Ball Cherish Ball

Pokemon the Movie: Coco Ticket Pre-Purchase

Zarude Release Date.jpeg

Pre-purchase Period Starting August 7th, 2020
Ending December 24, 2020

By pre-purchasing a ticket for Pokemon the Movie: Coco, you can get Zarude and a shiny Celebi in celebration of the movie. You can receive the two Pokemon regardless of whether you have purchased the Expansion Pass DLC. However, the availability period to get the preorder tickets for the Coco movie is now over, but you can still redeem them until March 31, 2021.

Zarude Availability Period

Zarude Availability Period Starting August 7th
Ending March 31, 2021

Zarude is obtainable via a Nintendo eShop serial code included with the pre-purchase ticket. After pre-purchase tickets went on sale starting on August 7th, players became able to receive Zarude, along with a Shiny Celebi, via the serial code on the same day.

  • Note that you can only receive this Pokemon within the time period.
  • You can only use a serial code once, so be careful.

How to Order Tickets for Pokemon the Movie: Coco

Tickets for the film are available starting on August 7th via the following link! Although the website is entirely in Japanese, it is still possible to purchase the tickets from abroad.

Ticket Purchase | Pokemon the Movie: Coco (JP)

Direct Purchase Links (Amazon JP)
Junior ticket Regular ticket
Junior ticket w/ T-shirt Regular ticket w/ T-shirt
Direct Purchase Links (Pokemon Center Online)
Junior ticket Regular ticket

Moveset and Nature of Mystery Gift Zarude


The information for the Zarude included with Pokemon the Movie: Coco has been released by the official website. (Japanese only)

Level 60
Nature Sassy (+SpDef, -Spd)
Ability Leaf Guard
Moveset Close Combat
Power Whip
Held Item Leftovers
Nickname オモヤのもり (Okoyanomori, the name of the forest from the movie)
Ball Cherish Ball

Get Zarude from Vivid Voltage TCG Celebration

In celebration of the new Trading Card Game Set: Vivid Voltage, you can get Zarude!

Vivid Voltage - Zarude Availability Period

Vivid Voltage Zarude Availability Period Starting November 13th
Ending December 13th, 2020
(Registration ended)

The registration to get Zarude from the new TCG Set celebration has ended. However, you can still redeem the code until March 31, 2021.

Where to Get Vivid Voltage - Zarude

Location How to Get
US, Canada, Australia, and Latin America Get through the Pokemon Trainers Club Newsletter.
Sign up by November 20th to receive it in December.
UK GAME Stores and GAME Online Store
Germany GameStop in Store and Online Store
Austria and Switzerland GameStop in Store
Italy GameStop Online Store
Ireland GameStop Website
France Micromania
Sign up to their website and receive the code.
Spain GAME Retail
Belgium and Netherlands GameMania
Sign up on their website and receive the codes every Friday.
Portugal FNAC Stores
Sweden Through Spelochsant or Webhallen's Website.

Note: Registration to get Zarude from the Vivid Voltage TCG celebration has ended.

Evolution Chart of Zarude

Zarude is not known to evolve into any other Pokemon. It's unlikely that it will evolve, as no Mythical Pokemon has done so in the past.

How to Evolve Every Pokemon

Learnset of Zarude

Learnset by Leveling Up

Lv. Move Type Power Acc. PP
Base Bind Pokemon Normal Image 15 85 20
Base Scratch Pokemon Normal Image 40 100 35
6 Leer Pokemon Normal Image - 100 30
12 Vine Whip Pokemon Grass Image 45 100 25
18 Growth Pokemon Normal Image - - 40
24 Fury Swipes Pokemon Normal Image 18 80 15
30 Scary Face Pokemon Normal Image - 100 10
36 Grass Knot Pokemon Grass Image - 100 20
42 Bite Pokemon Dark Image 60 100 25
48 U-turn Pokemon Bug Image 70 100 20
54 Swagger Pokemon Normal Image - 85 15
60 Energy Ball Pokemon Grass Image 90 100 10
66 Synthesis Pokemon Grass Image - - 5
72 Hammer Arm Pokemon Fighting Image 100 90 10
78 Thrash Pokemon Normal Image 120 100 10
84 Power Whip Pokemon Grass Image 120 85 10
90 Jungle Healing Pokemon Grass Image - - -

Learnset by TM

No. Move Type Power Acc. PP
TM00 Mega Punch Pokemon Normal Image 80 85 20
TM01 Mega Kick Pokemon Normal Image 120 75 5
TM08 Hyper Beam Pokemon Normal Image 150 90 5
TM09 Giga Impact Pokemon Normal Image 150 90 5
TM10 Magical Leaf Pokemon Grass Image 60 - 20
TM11 Solar Beam Pokemon Grass Image 120 100 10
TM12 Solar Blade Pokemon Grass Image 125 100 10
TM15 Dig Pokemon Ground Image 80 100 10
TM21 Rest Pokemon Psychic Image - - 10
TM22 Rock Slide Pokemon Rock Image 75 90 10
TM23 Thief Pokemon Dark Image 60 100 25
TM24 Snore Pokemon Normal Image 50 100 15
TM25 Protect Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TM26 Scary Face Pokemon Normal Image - 100 10
TM28 Giga Drain Pokemon Grass Image 75 100 10
TM34 Sunny Day Pokemon Fire Image - - 5
TM39 Facade Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 20
TM40 Swift Pokemon Normal Image 60 - 20
TM42 Revenge Pokemon Fighting Image 60 100 10
TM43 Brick Break Pokemon Fighting Image 75 100 15
TM48 Rock Tomb Pokemon Rock Image 60 95 15
TM50 Bullet Seed Pokemon Grass Image 25 100 30
TM53 Mud Shot Pokemon Ground Image 55 95 15
TM56 U-turn Pokemon Bug Image 70 100 20
TM57 Payback Pokemon Dark Image 50 100 10
TM58 Assurance Pokemon Dark Image 60 100 10
TM59 Fling Pokemon Dark Image - 100 10
TM63 Drain Punch Pokemon Fighting Image 75 100 10
TM76 Round Pokemon Normal Image 60 100 15
TM78 Acrobatics Pokemon Flying Image 55 100 15
TM85 Snarl Pokemon Dark Image 55 95 15
TM88 Grassy Terrain Pokemon Grass Image - - 10
TM97 Brutal Swing Pokemon Dark Image 60 100 20
TM98 Stomping Tantrum Pokemon Ground Image 75 100 10

Learnset by TR

No. Move Type Power Acc. PP
TR01 Body Slam Pokemon Normal Image 85 100 15
TR07 Low Kick Pokemon Fighting Image - 100 20
TR20 Substitute Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR26 Endure Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR27 Sleep Talk Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR30 Encore Pokemon Normal Image - 100 5
TR31 Iron Tail Pokemon Steel Image 100 75 15
TR32 Crunch Pokemon Dark Image 80 100 15
TR37 Taunt Pokemon Dark Image - 100 20
TR39 Superpower Pokemon Fighting Image 120 100 5
TR42 Hyper Voice Pokemon Normal Image 90 100 10
TR48 Bulk Up Pokemon Fighting Image - - 20
TR53 Close Combat Pokemon Fighting Image 120 100 5
TR58 Dark Pulse Pokemon Dark Image 80 100 15
TR59 Seed Bomb Pokemon Grass Image 80 100 15
TR65 Energy Ball Pokemon Grass Image 90 100 10
TR68 Nasty Plot Pokemon Dark Image - - 20
TR72 Power Whip Pokemon Grass Image 120 85 10
TR77 Grass Knot Pokemon Grass Image - 100 20
TR93 Darkest Lariat Pokemon Dark Image 85 100 10
TR95 Throat Chop Pokemon Dark Image 80 100 15

Learnset through a Move Tutor

Move Type Power Acc. PP
Grassy Glide Pokemon Grass Image 70 100 20
Lash Out Pokemon Dark Image 75 100 5

Learnset via Egg Moves

This Pokemon currently has no moves learned in this way.

Jungle Healing


Zarude's signature move, Jungle Healing, has the effect of recovering its own and its allies' HP, as well as healing them of any status ailments. All Zarude can learn this movie at Level 90.

Although Jungle Healing is exclusive to Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the official website remarks that other Pokemon may learn this move in future generations.

▶︎Official explanation of Zarude's moveset (Japanese)

How to Use Zarude

Access to a plethora of powerful physical moves allow Zarude to function as a powerful physical sweeper. Access to Jungle Healing also gives it a niche as an offensive support Pokemon in Doubles.

Check out our article below for movesets and best builds for Zarude.

Zarude - Moveset & Best Build for Ranked Battle

Zarude Basic Information


Height 5'11"
Weight 154.3 lbs.

The Rogue Monkey Pokemon

Zarude fights by swinging around trees and branches, and attacking its foes head-on with its claws or anything it can get its hands on. With its quick wit, it easily wins battles.

Hostile to Others

Unknowingly to many, Zarude resides deep in forests, and will immediately attack any Pokemon that is not part of its pack.

Hostile and territorial, many Pokemon that live in the same forest are afraid of Zarude.

Versatile Vines

Zarude can grow its vines at will; it can grow vines from his nape, wrists, and to the soles of its feet.

Zarude uses its vines to swing around branches, or to pick up berries from afar. The vines also have a healing property; any wound that is wrapped around Zarude's vines will heal.

Appears in Pokemon the Movie: Coco

Pokemon Coco.png

The 23rd Pokemon movie, titled Pokemon the Movie: Coco is set to release in theatres in Japan in Winter 2020. Zarude, the newly-discovered Rogue Monkey Pokemon, will make its first appearance in this movie.

How to Get Ash's Hat with Zarude


Players who have both obtained Zarude and purchased the Isle of Armor DLC will be able to obtain Ash's Hat from the movie Coco as a wearable item!

Visit Armor Station with Zarude


In order to obtain the Hat, players will need to have Zarude in either their party or a Box, and visit the Isle of Armor. In the Armor Station, the woman on the right, who gives the player the Isle of Armor Pokedex, will give the hat as a reward for obtaining Zarude.

▶︎Official Source (JP)

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