List of Egg Groups | Pokemon Sword and Shield

This guide lists all the Egg Groups in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for details about Egg Groups and which Pokemon belong to each Egg Group.

What are Egg Groups?

When breeding Pokemon at a Nursery, Egg Groups determine which Pokemon can produce Eggs with each other, and which Pokemon cannot produce Eggs with each other.

Egg Groups are essential to breeding Pokemon as you need two Pokemon in the same Egg Group to produce an egg. Leaving 2 Pokemon of opposite Gender and of the same Egg Group in a Nursery will result in an Egg for you to hatch.

That said, all these rules can be ignored when one of the parents is a Ditto. Ditto can produce an Egg with any Pokemon except those of the Undiscovered Egg Group.

How to Train & Breed for Competitive Pokemon

List of Egg Groups

List of Egg Groups
Grookey.png Grass Dewpider.pngBug Pidove.pngFlying Machop.pngHuman-Like
Axew.pngMonster Alcremie.pngFairy Jangmo-o.pngDragon honedge.pngMineral
Eevee.pngField Gastly.pngAmorphous Sobble.pngWater 1 Magikarp.pngWater 2
Wimpod.pngWater 3 Pichu.pngUndiscovered ditto.pngDitto -

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