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The Isle of Armor: All New Info
The Crown Tundra: All New Info

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Galar Starters with Hidden Abilities Free on Pokemon HOME!
Gigantamax Festival: The Biggest Max Raid Event Ever!

Generation 7 Pokemon

This page lists all Generation 7 Pokemon found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Use this page for building your team and filling out your Pokedex!

List of Generation 7 Pokemon

Pokemon in the Galarian Pokedex

No. Pokemon Type
16 GrubbinGrubbin Bug Image
17 CharjabugCharjabug Bug Image
Electric Image
18 VikavoltVikavolt Bug Image
Electric Image
52 BounsweetBounsweet Grass Image
53 SteeneeSteenee Grass Image
54 TsareenaTsareena Grass Image
84 MudbrayMudbray Ground Image
85 MudsdaleMudsdale Ground Image
94 StuffulStufful Normal Image
Fighting Image
95 BewearBewear Normal Image
Fighting Image
155 WishiwashiWishiwashi Water Image
156 PyukumukuPyukumuku Water Image
214 DewpiderDewpider Water Image
Bug Image
215 AraquanidAraquanid Water Image
Bug Image
232 WimpodWimpod Bug Image
Water Image
233 GolisopodGolisopod Bug Image
Water Image
244 SalanditSalandit Poison Image
Fire Image
245 SalazzleSalazzle Poison Image
Fire Image
301 MimikyuMimikyu Ghost Image
Fairy Image
307 MareanieMareanie Poison Image
Water Image
308 ToxapexToxapex Poison Image
Water Image
340 MorelullMorelull Grass Image
Fairy Image
341 ShiinoticShiinotic Grass Image
Fairy Image
342 OranguruOranguru Normal Image
Psychic Image
343 PassimianPassimian Fighting Image
346 DrampaDrampa Dragon Image
Normal Image
347 TurtonatorTurtonator Fire Image
Dragon Image
348 TogedemaruTogedemaru Electric Image
Steel Image
360 DhelmiseDhelmise Ghost Image
Grass Image
381 Type: NullType: Null Normal Image
382 SilvallySilvally Normal Image
392 Jangmo-oJangmo-o Dragon Image
393 Hakamo-oHakamo-o Dragon Image
Fighting Image
394 Kommo-oKommo-o Dragon Image
Fighting Image

Alolan Forms

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced Alolan Forms, unique versions of pre-existing Pokemon with new appearances as well as new Type, Abilities, and Moves.

No. Pokemon Type
68-1 Alolan VulpixAlolan Vulpix Ice Image
69-1 Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales Ice Image
Fairy Image
164-1 Alolan DiglettAlolan Diglett Ground Image
Steel Image
165-1 Alolan DugtrioAlolan Dugtrio Ground Image
Steel Image
182-2 Alolan MeowthAlolan Meowth Dark Image
184-1 Alolan PersianAlolan Persian Dark Image
195-1 Alolan RaichuAlolan Raichu Electric Image
Psychic Image

Alolan Forms first became accessible in Pokemon Sword & Shield with the release of Pokemon HOME. Learn how to use Pokemon HOME to transfer your Pokemon in our complete guide!

Pokemon HOME: How to Download and Transfer Pokemon

Pokemon not in the Galarian Pokedex

Pokemon HOME

With the release of Pokemon HOME on February 12th, 2020, Pokemon from previous games which were previously inaccessible in Pokemon Sword and Shield became obtainable by trading from previous games in the series.

No. Pokemon Type
NatDex 722 RowletRowlet Grass Image
Flying Image
NatDex 723 DartrixDartrix Grass Image
Flying Image
NatDex 724 DecidueyeDecidueye Grass Image
Ghost Image
NatDex 725 LittenLitten Fire Image
NatDex 726 TorracatTorracat Fire Image
NatDex 727 IncineroarIncineroar Fire Image
Dark Image
NatDex 728 PopplioPopplio Water Image
NatDex 729 BrionneBrionne Water Image
NatDex 730 PrimarinaPrimarina Water Image
Fairy Image
NatDex 789 CosmogCosmog Psychic Image
NatDex 790 CosmoemCosmoem Psychic Image
NatDex 791 SolgaleoSolgaleo
Steel Image
NatDex 792 LunalaLunala Psychic Image
Ghost Image
NatDex 800 NecrozmaNecrozma Psychic Image
NatDex 802 MarshadowMarshadow Fighting Image
Ghost Image
NatDex 807 ZeraoraZeraora Electric Image
NatDex 808 MeltanMeltan Steel Image
NatDex 809 MelmetalMelmetal Steel Image

New Pokemon, Abilities, and Moves Available through Pokemon HOME

The Isle of Armor DLC

Many of the Pokemon not included in the Pokemon Sword and Shield base game will be available in The Isle of Armor, the first half of the Expansion Pass DLC, available June 17th. Look forward to catching your old favorites again, including some with new Galarian and Gigantamax forms!

No. Pokemon Type
NatDex 744 RockruffRockruff Rock Image
NatDex 745 Lycanroc (Midday Form)Lycanroc (Midday Form) Rock Image
NatDex 745 Lycanroc (Midnight Form)Lycanroc (Midnight Form) Rock Image

The Crown Tundra DLC

The Crown Tundra, the second half of the Expansion Pass DLC, promises the return of Legendary Pokemon from previous generations and other old favorites.

No. Pokemon Type
NatDex 785 Tapu KokoTapu Koko Electric Image
Fairy Image
NatDex 786 Tapu LeleTapu Lele
Fairy Image
NatDex 787 Tapu BuluTapu Bulu Grass Image
Fairy Image
NatDex 788 Tapu FiniTapu Fini Water Image
Fairy Image

List of Pokemon Appearing in Expansion Pass DLC

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Pokemon by Generation

Generation 1 Pokemon.pngGeneration 1 Generation 2 PokemonGeneration 2 Generation 3 PokemonGeneration 3
Generation 4 PokemonGeneration 4 Generation 5 PokemonGeneration 5 Generation 6 PokemonGeneration 6
Generation 7 PokemonGeneration 7 New PokemonGeneration 8 (New Pokemon)

Pokemon by Type

FireFire WaterWater GrassGrass
ElectricElectric IceIce FightingFighting
PoisonPoison GroundGround FlyingFlying
PsychicPsychic BugBug RockRock
GhostGhost DragonDragon DarkDark
SteelSteel FairyFairy NormalNormal

Pokemon by Base Stats

List of All Pokemon by Base Stats

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