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Genshin Impact 4.4 Banners, Release Date, and Events

Genshin Impact - 4.4 Release Date and Details

Genshin Impact's Version 4.4 was released on January 31, 2024. Check out Version 4.4's banners, events, new skins, features and Patch Notes right here!

Genshin Impact 4.4 Release Date

Released on January 31, 2024

Genshin Impact Version 4.4
Genshin Impact - Version 4.4
Release Date January 31, 2024

Genshin Impact 4.4 was released on January 31, 2024, around one week before the year's Chinese New Year. The update features Xianyun and Gaming's release, as well as the yearly Lantern Rite events with new skins!

Version History and Roadmap

Countdown Until Version 4.4 Release

Version 4.4 maintenance has ended early and is now live!

Maintenance Date and Times for Version 4.4 Release

Server Release Date and Timezones
North America January 30, 2024 6:00 PM~11:00 PM (UTC/GMT-5)
Europe January 31, 2024 12:00 AM~5:00 AM (UTC/GMT+1)
Asia January 31, 2024 7:00 AM~12:00 PM (UTC/GMT+8)
TW, HK, MO January 31, 2024 7:00 AM~12:00 PM (UTC/GMT+8)

Version Maintenance Times

Version Calendar

Genshin Impact 4.4 Banners

4.4 Phase 1 - Xianyun, Gaming, and Nahida

Phase 1 Banners Banner Dates Rate-Ups
Genshin - Xianyun Banner Release - Version 4.4Xianyun Banner Start: January 31, 2024
End: February 20, 2024
Genshin - Xianyun ImageGenshin - Noelle ImageGenshin - Gaming ImageGenshin - Faruzan Image
Genshin - The MoongrassNahida Banner Start: January 31, 2024
End: February 20, 2024
Genshin - Nahida ImageGenshin - Noelle ImageGenshin - Gaming ImageGenshin - Faruzan Image
Genshin - Epitome Invocation Banner - Version 4.4 Phase 1 Epitome Invocation
(Phase 1)
Start: January 31, 2024
End: February 20, 2024
Genshin - CraneGenshin - A Thousand Floating Dreams ImageGenshin - Lithic Spear ImageGenshin - Sacrificial Sword ImageGenshin - Sacrificial Greatsword ImageGenshin - Sacrificial Fragments ImageGenshin - Sacrificial Bow Image

The banners for Version 4.4 Phase 1 feature Xianyun's and Gaming's banner release! Xianyun's banner runs alongside Nahida's banner rerun, all throughout Phase 1 of Version 4.4 from January 31, 2024 to February 20, 2024!

The weapon banner for Phase 1 of Version 4.4 features the newest 5-star Catalyst, Crane's Echoing Call, which runs alongside A Thousand Floating Dreams!

4.4 Phase 2 - Xiao and Yae Miko Reruns

Phase 2 Banners Banner Dates Rate-Ups
Genshin - Invitation to Mundane Life - Version 4.4Xiao Banner Start: February 20, 2024
End: March 12, 2024
Genshin - Xiao ImageGenshin - Ningguang ImageGenshin - Yaoyao ImageGenshin - Xinyan Image
Genshin - Everbloom Violet - Version 4.4Yae Miko Banner Start: February 20, 2024
End: March 12, 2024
Genshin - Yae Miko ImageGenshin - Ningguang ImageGenshin - Yaoyao ImageGenshin - Xinyan Image
Genshin - 4.4 Phase 2 Epitome Invocation Weapon BannerEpitome Invocation
(Phase 2)
Start: February 20, 2024
End: March 12, 2024
Genshin - KaguraGenshin - Primordial Jade Winged-Spear ImageGenshin - Lithic Blade ImageGenshin - LionGenshin - Favonius Lance ImageGenshin - The Widsith ImageGenshin - The Stringless Image

Immediately after Phase 1, Version 4.4's Phase 2 featuring Xiao and Yae Miko's banner reruns are available from February 20, 2024 until March 12, 2024!

The weapon banner for Phase 2 features both of their best-in-slot weapons, the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, and Kagura's Verity, alongside the banner-exclusive Lithic Blade!

Genshin Impact 4.4 Summary

All New Content in Version 4.4

4.4 News Guides
Everything in 4.4 4.4 Livestream
4.4 Livestream Codes All Redeem Codes
2024 Lantern Rite HOT Free Liyue 4-Star Character
Free Xingqiu Skin HOT Ganyu Skin
Shenhe Skin May Fortune Find You
Of Kites and New Sights PS5 Skin Selector
4.4 Characters
4.4 Weapons
Crane's Echoing Call
4.4 New Map
Chenyu Vale
4.4 Quests
Xianyun Story Quest
4.4 Enemies
Solitary Suanni Boss
4.4 Events
Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze Journey Through Hilinigmatic Terrain
Triumphant Frenzy Receiver of Friends From Afar
Overflowing Mastery 4.4

Version 4.4 Trailer

Genshin Impact 4.4 Skins

New Character Skins

New 4.4 Skins
Bamboo Rain ImageXingqiu: Bamboo Rain Frostflower Dew ImageShenhe: Frostflower Dew Twilight Blossom ImageGanyu: Twilight Blossom

Genshin Impact 4.4 announces new skins for Xingqiu, Shenhe, and Ganyu. Xingqiu's skin is given for free for players who play the 2024 Lantern Rite event during the patch, while Shenhe and Ganyu's new outfits are sold with a limited-time discount!

Skin Selector Bundle

Genshin - PlayStation 5 Skin Selector Bundle
PlayStation announces a new Starter Kit bundle which also rewards players a redemption code to get the Skin Selector, Primogems, namecard, Hero's Wit, and Mora! However, this bundle is only available in China.

The skin selector lets you claim any 4-star skins of your own choosing. The pool includes all skins up until Version 4.4, but this excludes Diluc's and Xingqiu's outfits.

Skin Selector from PS5 Starter Set Bundle

Genshin Impact 4.4 Events

Lantern Rite 2024

The annual Lantern Rite festival is featured in Version 4.4! The official flagship event for Lantern Rite 2024, Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze, is part of the events released in Version 4.4!

Earn Primogems and other goodies in the May Fortune Find You, and Of Kites and New Sights events, Xingqiu's free skin, Bamboo Rain by playing through the event, as well as invite a Liyue 4-star character for free through the Friends at Doorstep event!

2024 Lantern Rite Guide

All Events in Version 4.4

Events Description
Genshin Impact - 4.4 Lantern Rite Event - Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring BreezeVibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze The long-awaited Lantern Rite 2024 is here! Play various minigames with your friends, help characters find ingredients, and explore all around Chenyu Vale to complete challenges!
Genshin Impact - Journey Through Hilinigmatic TerrainJourney Through Hilinigmatic Terrain Investigate the mysterious towers in Dadaupa Gorge in this Hilichurl-focused event!
Genshin Impact - Triumphant FrenzyTriumphant Frenzy Analyze your opponents' lineup, and quickly adapt to it to complete all the challenges in this new 4.4 combat event!
Genshin Impact - Receiver of Friends From AfarReceiver of Friends From Afar Scour for ingredients, cook, and complete orders in this cooking event for Version 4.4!
Genshin Impact - Overflowing MasteryOverflowing Mastery 4.4 Obtain increased rewards from talent domains thru the Overflowing Mastery 4.4 rerun!

Genshin Impact 4.4 New Permanent Content

New Map Area - Chenyu Vale

Chenyu Vale Map Previews

In the Version 4.4, travelers will be able to explore, and traverse the iconic mountainous region of Chenyu Vale!

This region ridden with rivers, mountains, and tea leaves is a place filled with rich history, primarily one that involves the illuminated beasts of Liyue, the Adepti!

Chenyu Vale Map Guide

Wish-Exclusive 5-Star Weapon

Genshin Impact Version 4.4, Crane

Crane's Echoing Call is a 5-Star Catalyst featured on Phase 1 of Version 4.4, alongside Xianyun!

Crane's Echoing Call Weapon Guide

Xianyun's Story Quest

Genshin - 4.4 Xianyun Story Quest

Aside from her banner release, the Cloud Retainer also gets her own Story Quest for Version 4.4! Get to know Xianyun better in the Act 1 of Grus Serena Chapter.

Xianyun Story Quest Guide

4.4 New Boss - Solitary Suanni

Genshin Impact - Solitay Suanni

The Solitary Suanni is the newest boss for Version 4.4! This Illuminated Beast boss belongs to the Suanni race, the same race that Gaming's pet companion, Man Chai is part of.

Solitary Suanni Boss Guide

Developers Discussion 01/17

Genshin Impact Dev Discussion 1-17

HoYoVerse recently released the Dev Discussion 01/17, which contains further improvement on Artifact Loadouts, Serenitea Pot Improvements, among other Quality-of-Life updates to make every traveler's experience seamless! Check them out below!

Dev Discussion (01/17)

Fast Equip Artifacts

Genshin Impact Dev Discussion 1-17 - Artifact Loadout

In Version 4.4, travelers will now be able to fast-equip artifacts through the Quick Loadout feature of the artifact menu!

Quick Loadouts are based off the accumulated data from recently active players, while custom loadouts lets you pick the parameters of choosing which artifacts to equip!

List of Artifacts and Stats

Serenitea Pot Optimizations

Genshin Impact Dev Discussion 1-17 - Serenitea Pot

Travelers are now able to tweak their Serenitea Pot with ease, because of the new Category and Filter Optimizations on the Teapot's Inventory and Creation screens!

Moreover, the editing mode categories will no longer reset, which means no need to re-toggle the category you're currently working on! Teapot Companions' friendship levels will now also appear in the same editing mode!

Serenitea Pot and Housing System Guide

Lingering Moment Optimizations

Genshin Impact Dev Discussion 1-17 - Lingering Moment

Aside from the Editing Mode optimizations in the Serenitea Pot, the Lingering Moment furnishing now prioritize characters whose Hangout Memories you've already unlocked! This means easier navigation on which memory to display in your realm.

Adventure Encounters Reminders

Genshin Impact Dev Discussion 1-17 - Adventure Encounter

One of the best optimizations we've gotten so far is the Adventure Encounter feature, and after Version 4.4 hits the live servers, a red dot will appear on the Claim Rewards button to remind you there's still an extra 20 Primogems to claim from Katheryne!

Adventure Encounter Points Guide

Increased Party Composition Limit

Genshin Impact Dev Discussion 1-17 - Increased Party Comp Limit

Another exciting update for Version 4.4 is the increased party composition limit! Once Version 4.4 went live on January 31, the limit will be increased to 15!

Party Building Guide

Test Run Optimization

In addition, a Test Run update rolled out on January 31 where Travelers no longer have to get out of the current Character Trial Stage to move over to the next one!

Test Run Event Mechanics and Rewards

Borderless Mode and Model Precision Updates

Genshin Impact Dev Discussion 1-17 - Dynamic Resolution

Lastly, some neat improvements were added to the Character Model, specifically a Dynamic Character Resolution, which makes models more fleshed-out. In line with this, a Borderless Mode was added to the game!

Version 4.4 Visual Enhancement Updates

Gradient Tint Rock Global Far Fog

In Version 4.4, travelers in both PC and PlayStation platforms received two major Visual Enhancement updates, namely Global Far Fog (GFF), and Gradient Tint Rock. A simplified update will be made available for mobile users, as well!

Gradient Tint Rock is a visual enhancement feature that replicates Shan Shui, a painting style primarily themed with ink wash techniques. This creates a more artistic depth to Chenyu Vale, which gives travelers better visual experience traversing the new region!

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Genshin Impact - News and Game Info

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Version Updates

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