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Flowing Purity Weapon Guide

Genshin Impact - Flowing Purity Catalyst

Flowing Purity is a new 4-Star catalyst in Genshin Impact Version 4.0. Check out where you can get the Flowing Purity, as well as its ascension materials, weapon stats, and best characters for it!

Flowing Purity Best Characters

Who is Flowing Purity Good For?

Recommended Characters
Klee ImageKlee Mona ImageMona Wanderer ImageWanderer
Wriothesley ImageWriothesley Yae Miko ImageYae Miko Heizou ImageHeizou
Ningguang ImageNingguang Yanfei ImageYanfei

Free-to-Play Forgeable Catalyst for Elemental Reaction DMG

The Flowing Purity catalyst has a passive that increases Elemental DMG after using an Elemental Skill. Characters that rely on Elemental Reaction DMG and scales of ATK% are good, as long as you have a healer who can remove the Bond of Life mechanic!

Note that while these characters can use this catalyst, it may not be their best weapon depending on their builds.

Best Team Comp

Flowing Purity Stats and General Information

Flowing Purity Basic Stats and Skills

Flowing Purity
Flowing Purity Image
Type Catalyst
Base ATK 44
Rarity ★★★★
Bonus Effect
ATK + 6.0%
Unfinished Masterpiece
・When using an Elemental Skill, All Elemental DMG Bonus will be increased by 8% for 15s, and a Bond of Life worth 24% of Max HP will be granted. This effect can be triggered once every 10s. When the Bond of Life is cleared, every 1,000 HP cleared in the process will provide 2% All Elemental DMG Bonus. Max 12% All Elemental DMG can be gained this way, and lasts 15s.
A strangely-shaped anthology of scripts. All the scripts written by Coppelius are recorded within.
How to Obtain
Forge via Blacksmith

Flowing Purity Stats

Lvl. Base ATK ATK
1/20 44 6.0%
20/20 119 10.6%
40/40 226 15.4%
50/50 293 17.9%
60/60 361 20.3%
70/70 429 22.7%
80/80 497 25.1%
90/90 565 27.6%

One of the Fontaine Craftable Weapons

Flowing Purity is one of the 5 new craftable 4-star weapons from Fontaine that is available after Genshin Impact's 4.0 update.

How to Get Flowing Purity

Craft from a Blacksmith

Fontaine Craftable Weapons
Genshin Impact - Finale of the DeepFinale of the Deep Genshin Impact - Rightful RewardRightful Reward Genshin Impact - Flowing PurityFlowing Purity
Genshin Impact - Song of StillnessSong of Stillness Genshin Impact - Tidal ShadowTidal Shadow

You can acquire Flowing Purity by purchasing its blueprint from Estelle at the Fontaine's smithy, gathering its required materials, and then having it made by the blacksmith.

Exchange Materials for the Bluperint

Weapon Materials
Genshin Impact - Flowing Purity Image Flowing Purity

Collect the materials and items needed in exchange for this craftable weapon's blueprint!

How to Forge Fontaine Craftable Weapons

Flowing Purity Release Date

Genshin Impact Version 4.0
Genshin - Version 4.0
Release Date August 16, 2023

Flowing Purity became available in Genshin Impact's 4.0 update on August 16, 2023.

4.0 Release Date and Patch Notes

Flowing Purity Ascension Materials

Level Ascension Materials

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×5000

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×15000

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×20000

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×30000

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×35000

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×45000

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