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Genshin Impact - Living Beings Archive

Genshin Impact's Teyvat is home to a lot of different creatures. Learn more about the animals, enemies, and other notable beings in our archive here.

Animals & Wildlife Archive

Genshin - Animals and Wildlife

Cute beasts and critters can be found all throughout Teyvat, and some of them drop valuable ingredients and materials. See how to find them all on our Animals and Wildlife guide!

List of Animals and Wildlife

Wildlife Overview

List of All Wildlife
Genshin - Forest Boar ImageForest Boar Genshin - Great Snowboar King ImageGreat Snowboar King Genshin - Snowboar ImageSnowboar
Genshin - Black Cat ImageBlack Cat Genshin - Gray Snow Cat ImageGray Snow Cat Genshin - Jade-Eyed Cat ImageJade-Eyed Cat
Genshin - Northland Cat ImageNorthland Cat Genshin - Sapphire ImageSapphire Genshin - Sheriff Cat ImageSheriff Cat
Genshin - Tiger-Striped Cat ImageTiger-Striped Cat Genshin - Black-Back Hound ImageBlack-Back Hound Genshin - Forest-Patrol Hound ImageForest-Patrol Hound
Genshin - Northland Hound ImageNorthland Hound Genshin - Shiba ImageShiba Genshin - Crimson Fox ImageCrimson Fox
Genshin - Snow Fox ImageSnow Fox Genshin - Squirrel ImageSquirrel Genshin - Amateur Weasel Thief ImageAmateur Weasel Thief
Genshin - Boot Weasel ImageBoot Weasel Genshin - Hoarder Weasel Thief ImageHoarder Weasel Thief Genshin - Red-Tailed Weasel ImageRed-Tailed Weasel
Genshin - Snow Weasel ImageSnow Weasel Genshin - Azure Crane ImageAzure Crane Genshin - Emerald Duck ImageEmerald Duck
Genshin - Scarletbeak Duck ImageScarletbeak Duck Genshin - Brownwing Falcon ImageBrownwing Falcon Genshin - Lapis Glede ImageLapis Glede
Genshin - Silkwhite Falcon ImageSilkwhite Falcon Genshin - Umbertail Falcon ImageUmbertail Falcon Genshin - Crimson Finch ImageCrimson Finch
Genshin - Emerald Finch ImageEmerald Finch Genshin - Golden Finch ImageGolden Finch Genshin - Snow Finch ImageSnow Finch
Genshin - Black King Pigeon ImageBlack King Pigeon Genshin - Brightcrown Pigeon ImageBrightcrown Pigeon Genshin - Crimsonflank Pigeon ImageCrimsonflank Pigeon
Genshin - Graywing Pigeon ImageGraywing Pigeon Genshin - White Pigeon ImageWhite Pigeon Genshin - Black-Back Bass ImageBlack-Back Bass
Genshin - Blue-Fin Bass ImageBlue-Fin Bass Genshin - Golden Bass ImageGolden Bass Genshin - Golden Crab ImageGolden Crab
Genshin - Ocean Crab ImageOcean Crab Genshin - Sun Crab ImageSun Crab Genshin - Anemo Crystalfly ImageAnemo Crystalfly
Genshin - Cryo Crystalfly ImageCryo Crystalfly Genshin - Geo Crystalfly ImageGeo Crystalfly Genshin - Blue Frog ImageBlue Frog
Genshin - Frog ImageFrog Genshin - Mud Frog ImageMud Frog Genshin - Blue Horned Lizard ImageBlue Horned Lizard
Genshin - Green Horned Lizard ImageGreen Horned Lizard Genshin - Red Horned Lizard ImageRed Horned Lizard Genshin - Golden Loach ImageGolden Loach

Enemies Archive

The Enemies Archive will be added soon!

Wildlife Overview

List of All Enemies
Genshin - Cryo Abyss Mage ImageCryo Abyss Mage Genshin - Hydro Abyss Mage ImageHydro Abyss Mage Genshin - Pyro Abyss Mage ImagePyro Abyss Mage
Genshin - Anemo Hypostasis ImageAnemo Hypostasis Genshin - Cryo Regisvine ImageCryo Regisvine Genshin - Electro Hypostasis ImageElectro Hypostasis
Genshin - Geo Hypostasis ImageGeo Hypostasis Genshin - Oceanid ImageOceanid Genshin - Primo Geovishap ImagePrimo Geovishap
Genshin - Pyro Regisvine ImagePyro Regisvine Genshin - Cryo Cicin ImageCryo Cicin Genshin - Electro Cicin ImageElectro Cicin
Genshin - Hydro Cicin ImageHydro Cicin Genshin - Eye of the Storm ImageEye of the Storm Genshin - Fatui Skirmisher (Anemoboxer Vanguard) ImageFatui Skirmisher (Anemoboxer Vanguard)
Genshin - Fatui Skirmisher (Cryo-Gunner Legionnaire) ImageFatui Skirmisher (Cryo-Gunner Legionnaire) Genshin - Fatui Skirmisher (Electro-Hammer Vanguard) ImageFatui Skirmisher (Electro-Hammer Vanguard) Genshin - Fatui Cryo Cicin Mage ImageFatui Cryo Cicin Mage
Genshin - Fatui Electro Cicin Mage ImageFatui Electro Cicin Mage Genshin - Fatui Pyro Agent ImageFatui Pyro Agent Genshin - Fatui Skirmisher (Geochanter Bracer) ImageFatui Skirmisher (Geochanter Bracer)
Genshin - Fatui Skirmisher (Hydro-Gunner Legionnaire) ImageFatui Skirmisher (Hydro-Gunner Legionnaire) Genshin - Fatui Skirmisher (Pyro-Slinger Bracer) ImageFatui Skirmisher (Pyro-Slinger Bracer) Genshin - Anemo Samachurl ImageAnemo Samachurl
Genshin - Blazing Axe Mitachurl ImageBlazing Axe Mitachurl Genshin - Cryo Hilichurl Grenadier ImageCryo Hilichurl Grenadier Genshin - Cryo Hilichurl Shooter ImageCryo Hilichurl Shooter
Genshin - Cryo Samachurl ImageCryo Samachurl Genshin - Dendro Samachurl ImageDendro Samachurl Genshin - Electro Hilichurl Shooter ImageElectro Hilichurl Shooter
Genshin - Frostarm Lawachurl ImageFrostarm Lawachurl Genshin - Geo Samachurl ImageGeo Samachurl Genshin - Hilichurl Berserker ImageHilichurl Berserker
Genshin - Hilichurl Chieftain ImageHilichurl Chieftain Genshin - Hilichurl Fighter ImageHilichurl Fighter Genshin - Hilichurl Grenadier ImageHilichurl Grenadier
Genshin - Hilichurl Shooter ImageHilichurl Shooter Genshin - Hilichurl ImageHilichurl Genshin - Hydro Samachurl ImageHydro Samachurl
Genshin - Ice Shield Hilichurl Guard ImageIce Shield Hilichurl Guard Genshin - Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl ImageIce Shieldwall Mitachurl Genshin - Pyro Hilichurl Shooter ImagePyro Hilichurl Shooter
Genshin - Rock Shield Hilichurl Guard ImageRock Shield Hilichurl Guard Genshin - Rock Shieldwall Mitachurl ImageRock Shieldwall Mitachurl Genshin - Stonehide Lawachurl ImageStonehide Lawachurl
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl ImageUnusual Hilichurl Genshin - Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guard ImageWooden Shield Hilichurl Guard Genshin - Wooden Shield Mitachurl ImageWooden Shield Mitachurl
Genshin - Anemo Slime ImageAnemo Slime Genshin - Cryo Slime ImageCryo Slime Genshin - Dendro Slime ImageDendro Slime
Genshin - Electro Slime ImageElectro Slime Genshin - Geo Slime ImageGeo Slime Genshin - Hydro Slime ImageHydro Slime
Genshin - Large Anemo Slime ImageLarge Anemo Slime Genshin - Large Cryo Slime ImageLarge Cryo Slime Genshin - Large Dendro Slime ImageLarge Dendro Slime
Genshin - Large Electro Slime ImageLarge Electro Slime Genshin - Large Geo Slime ImageLarge Geo Slime Genshin - Large Hydro Slime ImageLarge Hydro Slime
Genshin - Large Pyro Slime ImageLarge Pyro Slime Genshin - Mutant Electro Slime ImageMutant Electro Slime Genshin - Pyro Slime ImagePyro Slime
Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Crusher ImageTreasure Hoarders - Crusher Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Cryo Potioneer ImageTreasure Hoarders - Cryo Potioneer Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Electro Potioneer ImageTreasure Hoarders - Electro Potioneer
Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Gravedigger ImageTreasure Hoarders - Gravedigger Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Handyman ImageTreasure Hoarders - Handyman Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Hydro Potioneer ImageTreasure Hoarders - Hydro Potioneer
Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Marksman ImageTreasure Hoarders - Marksman Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Pugilist ImageTreasure Hoarders - Pugilist Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Pyro Potioneer ImageTreasure Hoarders - Pyro Potioneer
Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Scout ImageTreasure Hoarders - Scout Genshin - Treasure Hoarders - Seaman ImageTreasure Hoarders - Seaman Genshin - Geovishap Hatchling ImageGeovishap Hatchling
Genshin - Geovishap ImageGeovishap Genshin - Ruin Grader ImageRuin Grader Genshin - Ruin Guard ImageRuin Guard
Genshin - Ruin Hunter ImageRuin Hunter Genshin - Childe ImageChilde Genshin - Lupus Boreas ImageLupus Boreas
Genshin - Stormterror Dvalin ImageStormterror Dvalin Genshin - Cryo Whopperflower ImageCryo Whopperflower Genshin - Pyro Whopperflower ImagePyro Whopperflower

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