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Ruin Scouts are a type of Ruin Sentinel enemy in Genshin Impact. Learn where to find Ruin Scouts, how to defeat them, and what items you can get from them in this guide!

Ruin Scout Enemy Information

Ruin Scout Information

Ruin Scout Image
Ruin Scout
Adventurer Handbook Description
Various bizarrely-shaped machines that have taken different forms and functions as an adaption to different goals.

Legend has it that they were war machines left behind by a nation that has now been destroyed. Leaving its hard armor and powerful abilities aside, some believe that the design of these ruin machines has greater value in the study of biomimesis than the more common Ruin Guards.

Inazuma Map Guide

Summoned by the Perpetual Mechanical Array

Genshin - Perpetual Mechanical Array
Fighting the Boss enemy, the Perpetual Mechanical Array, involves a phase making use of several Ruin Sentinels, including the Ruin Scout.

Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss Guide

All Ruin Scout Locations

Ruin Scout Locations in Inazuma

Ruin Scout Locations
Narukami Island Kannazuka
Yashiori Island Watatsumi Island
Seirai Island Tsurumi Island

Note that the numbers on the map indicate how many Ruin Sentinels may be found in that area.

Ruin Scout in Narukami Island

Ruin Scouts and other Ruin Sentinels can be found around the entrance and in the underground ruins of Araumi.
Narukami Island Guide

Ruin Scout in Kannazuka

Ruin Scouts and other Ruin Sentinels can also be found in the southern area of Tatarasuna, Kannazuka.
Kannazuka Area Guide

Ruin Scout in Yashiori Island

You can also find Ruin Scouts and other Ruin Sentinels in Yashiori Island, particularly in the underground caverns.
Yashiori Island Guide

Ruin Scout in Watatsumi Island

Ruin Scouts and other Ruin Sentinels can be found mostly in the northern part of Watatsumi Island.

Watatsumi Island Guide

Ruin Scout in Seirai Island

Northern Seirai

Ruin Scouts and other Ruin Sentinels can be found either in their resting state or patrolling areas in various parts of Seirai Island.

Amakumo Peak

The best place to find groups of Ruin Scouts and other Ruin Sentinels would be in the underground ruins of Amakumo Peak.

Amakumo Peak Ruins Guide

Ruin Scout in Tsurumi Island

Genshin - Ruin Sentinels - Tsurumi Island Location.png
Ruin Scouts and other Ruin Sentinels in Tsurumi Island are often found underground underneath Shirikoro Peak and Chirai Shrine.

Tsurumi Island Guide

Items Dropped By Ruin Scouts

All Ruin Scout Drops

Drop Level
Lv. 60+
Any Lv.
Lv. 40+

How to Beat Ruin Scouts

Genshin - Ruin Scout

Use Shield Characters!

Ruin Sentinels are usually grouped in twos or more, making it harder to dodge all their attacks. Having a shield would make defeating these monsters easier, although it is not as necessary when facing a lone Ruin Sentinel.

Hitting its weakpoint will also knock it down for some time, making it vulnerable.

Dodge its Charge Attack

Genshin - Ruin Scout - Charge
Ruin Scouts will turn its body horizontally until the top of its head is pointing towards you. It will pause for a few seconds during which you can dodge just before it charges at your character.

Beware of its Spin Attack

Genshin - Ruin Scout - Spin
Ruin Scouts also has an attack characterized by spinning its body, dealing damage within a small AoE.

Avoid Energy Balls

Genshin - Ruin Scout - Energy
They also attack by compressing their bodies and leaving small golden balls of energy that deals damage when touched. When more than two of these balls of energy are present, they will connect with each other and deal damage to your character if you pass by the connection.

It's best to avoid these attacks by keeping your distance.

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