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Genshin Impact - Unusual Hilichurl Locations
The Unusual Hilichurl is an enemy in Genshin Impact. Learn more about the Unusual Hilichurl, their locations, and rewards for defeating them!

Unusual Hilichurl Basic Information

The Unusual Hilichurl was a new enemy that was introduced in Version 1.1. They can spawn in various areas in different locations, with some only appearing during certain times. The Unusual Hilichurl appears to be looking for something in the area.

Unusual Hilichurls are initially not hostile to the player and will not attack the player unless attacked first.

Conditions for Unusual Hilichurls to Appear

Checkmark.pngUp to 2 Unusual Hilichurls appear in a day

Checkmark.pngUnusual Hilichurls only appear one at a time

Checkmark.pngAfter defeating one, another will spawn in a different area

Above are the details on how or when Unusual Hilichurls appear.

You can only see up to 2 Unusual Hilichurls per day, and only one will spawn at a time. After defeating one Unusual Hilichurl, another will spawn in a different random area.

Unusual Hilichurl Respawn Time

After you find and defeat the 2 Unusual Hilichurls per day, a new one will spawn in 24 hours.

Unusual Hilichurl Locations

Have you spotted any Unusual Hilichurls?

We are currently checking the locations of Unusual Hilichurls, but they are quite sneaky! (Or shy?)

If you have information and screenshots of their locations, please let us know in the comments so we can include it here.

Unusual Hilichurl Locations in Mondstadt

Genshin Impact - Unusual Hilichurl Locations in Mondstadt

A white circle around the Unusual Hilichurl marker indicates that Unusual Hilichurls have different spawn points nearby.

Map Location
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl in Stormbearer MountainsEnlarge By the Shrine of the Depths west of the Anemo Hypostasis in Stormbearer Mountains.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl in WolvendomEnlarge On top of Lupus Boreas' arena wall, slightly to the left of the entrance.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl in StormterrorEnlarge On a broken bridge southeast of the Stormterror's Lair Waypoint.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl at WindriseEnlarge Near the roots of the giant oak tree. If you're standing near the waypoint, face the tree and go to the roots on the left side.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl in Dadaupa GorgeEnlarge On the edge of a cliff, overlooking the Cemetery of Swords.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl in Cape OathEnlarge At the very tip of Cape Oath, overlooking the sea.

Unusual Hilichurl Locations in Liyue

Genshin Impact - Unusual Hilichurl Locations in LiyueEnlarge

Map Location
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl in Mingyun VillageEnlarge In Mingyun Village, south of the Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula Domain.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl in Stone GateEnlarge On top of the mountain east of Stone Gate Waypoint in Bishui Plain.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl in Lingju PassEnlarge On a hill south of the Lingju Pass Waypoint.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichirl in Tianqiu ValleyEnlarge On the broken bridge leading to the ruins in Tianqiu Valley.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl in Qingce VillageEnlarge Lying down near the flower fields in Qingce Village.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl at Qingyun PeakEnlarge West of the teleport waypoint in Qingyun Peak, near a floating rock platform.
Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl in Cuijue SlopeEnlarge Near the Nine Pillars of Peace World Quest entrance in Cujiue Slope

Hunt Unusual Hilichurls in Co-Op Mode

Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl Co Op

It is recommended that you hunt for Unusual Hilichurls in multiplayer. Once you defeat the Unusual Hilichurls in your world, join a friend's world to hunt for more. If you are in a 4-player party, you can find up to 8 Unusual Hilichurls total. So play with your friends!

If you don't have a lot of friends on Genshin Impact yet, try meeting and adding people on our Friend Request Board!

Friend Request Board

Unusual Hilichurls Drops

Gain 18 Adventure EXP

Unusual Hilichurl Exp Drop
Defeating an Unusual Hilichurl will give you 18 EXP for the trouble.

Other Rewards

Items Dropped
Mora Image Mora x233
Cabbage Image Cabbage x1 - 3

In addition to the 18 Adventure EXP, the Unusual Hilichurl will also drop Mora and some Cabbages!

Unusual Hilichurl Achievements

Genshin - Unusual Hilichurl AchievementEnlarge

Defeating Unusual Hilichurls can unlock achievements with Primogem rewards. You will complete each stage of ''...Well, That Was Strange'' after defeating your 1st, 20th, and 50th Hilichurl.

Achievement Rewards

No. of Unusual Hilichurls Defeated Reward
1 Primogem.pngPrimogem x 5
20 Primogem.pngPrimogem x 10
50 Primogem.pngPrimogem x 20

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29 Anonymous8 days

There's also an Unusual Hilichurl spawn location at the tip of Cape Oath.

28 Anonymous15 days

looking for another unusual hilichurl


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