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The Great Snowboar King is an animal in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock the Great Snowboar King, its location, dropped items, and other basic information.

Great Snowboar King Basic Information

Genshin - Great Snowboar King Image
Type Boar (Beast)

Archive Description

Amidst the snow and ice dwells an ancient king waiting to be awakened by its ice-entombed brethren.

In the distant past beyond memory, a certain legend circulated among hunters out in the wild: when the land sealed by ice returns to life and when an uninvited guest disturbs the deep, frozen silence, the lord and leader of the snowboars unto greatness will awaken from slumber, shake off the ice that shackles it, and bring judgment upon those disrespectful interlopers.

Great Snowboar King Locations

Great Snowboar King Habitat

You can find the Great Snowboar King slumbering in a cave in Dragonspine.

Recommended Great Snowboar King Location

East of Skyfrost Nail

Genshin - Great Snowboar King Map Location - East of Skyfrost NailEnlarge Map location Genshin - Great Snowboar King Location - East of Skyfrost NailEnlarge At the location

You can find the Great Snowboar King west of the Skyfrost Nail. Once in the marked location, melt and defeat the three frozen Snowboars in the area to make the Great Snowboar King appear. If you have completed the ''Ah, Fresh Meat!'' quest line, you should have unlocked the Great Snowboar King.

Other Known Locations

We are looking for more Great Snowboar King locations!
Let us know if you've seen any Great Snowboar Kings by leaving a message in the comment section!

How to Unlock the Great Snowboar King

Defeat to Unlock

You can unlock the Great Snowboar King in the Living Beings Archive by defeating it.

Drops Chilled Meat when defeated

Genshin - Great Snowboar King Image Drop
Drop Type Food

You can also get Chilled Meat after defeating the Great Snowboar King, which is useful for cooking!

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