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Genshin Impact - Floating Hydro Fungus Enemy Guide

The Floating Hydro Fungus is an enemy found in The Chasm and Sumeru in Genshin Impact. Check out information about the Floating Hydro Fungus, where to find it, and it's release date here!

Where to Find Floating Hydro Fungus

Found at the Chasm Mines

You can open the image in a new tab for a bigger view of the map

Floating Hydro Fungus can be found deep within the Chasm's Underground Mines, particularly in the Underground Waterway and The Glowing Narrows.

The Chasm Map Guide

Floating Hydro Fungus in Sumeru

Floating Hydro Fungus in Sumeru Rainforest

The numbers indicate how many Shroom-kin enemies can be found in each location

There are also Floating Hydro Fungus in the Sumeru Rainforest, where they originated! Here are all Shroom-kin and Fungi locations in Sumeru. All Shroom-kin drop the same set of items, and are often found in groups!
Sumeru Rainforest Map Guide

Floating Hydro Fungus in Great Red Sand

The numbers indicate how many Shroom-kin enemies can be found in each location

Even in the ravaging deserts of Sumeru, the Shroom-kin still strives! Here's the map overview of the Shroom-kin's location in the Great Red Sand.
The Great Red Sand Map Guide

Floating Hydro Fungus in Hadramaveth Desert

Aboveground Underground

The numbers indicate how many Shroom-kin enemies can be found in each location

With its entombed ruins and the Endless Sandstorm, the Shroom-kin are still scattered everywhere in the Desert of Hadramaveth. Here's the map overview of the Shroom-kin's location in the Hadramaveth Desert.
Desert of Hadramaveth Map Guide

Floating Hydro Fungus Drops

Floating Fungus Item Drops

Drop Level
Lv. 60+
Lv. 40+
Any Lv.
Lv. 40+
Lv. 60+
Any Lv.

Different Drops in Different States

Genshin - Shroom-kin in Activated and Scorched State
When Pyro or Electro is applied to the Floating Hydro Fungus, it becomes activated or scorched.

Activated and Scorched Shroom-kin are able to drop Dormant Fungal Nucleus, Inactivated Fungal Nucleus, and Robust Fungal Nucleus when defeated. The probability of getting the other drops also lower.

Regular Shroom-kin will only be able to drop Crystalline Cyst Dust, Fungal Spores, and Luminescent Pollen.

Used as Character Ascension Materials

Item Type Character
Regular Drops
Tighnari Image Nilou Image Nahida Image

Used as Weapon Ascension Materials

Item Type Weapon
Regular Drops
Genshin - Staff of the Scarlet Sands ImageGenshin - A Thousand Floating Dreams ImageGenshin - TulaytullahGenshin - Fruit of Fulfillment ImageGenshin - End of the Line ImageGenshin - Wandering Evenstar Image
Activated Drops
Genshin - HunterGenshin - TulaytullahGenshin - KingGenshin - End of the Line Image

Floating Hydro Fungus Information

Floating Hydro Fungus Basic Info

Genshin - Floating Hydro Fungus
Floating Hydro Fungus
Adventurer Handbook Description
A spore organism of some intelligence. It possesses extreme adaptability.
It is said that it tastes awful. However, such fungi have lots of moisture within them, and so can be used as an emergency water source...
The Chasm Mines, and Sumeru

New Floating Enemy in The Chasm

Genshin - Fight the Floating Hydro Fungi

The Floating Hydro Fungus is a spore organism with some intelligence in The Chasm that possesses extreme adaptability, and has even adapted to the environment with little to no light!

Floating Hydro Fungus Release Date

Genshin Impact Version 2.6
Genshin Impact - Version 2.6 - Zephyr of the Violet Garden
Release Date March 30, 2022

The Floating Hydro Fungus was made available once Version 2.6 of Genshin Impact was released. These enemies are initially found in The Chasm, located in Liyue.

Update 2.6 Release Date & Patch Notes

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