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This is a guide to Ruin Guards, an enemy appearing in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn locations where you can find Ruin Guards, as well as spoils dropped when defeating them.

Ruin Guard Locations and Basic Info

Ruin Guard Image
Ruin Guard
Adventurer Handbook Description
An ancient humanoid war machine. They are said to be remnants from a lost ancient nation. Some believe that they were developed not as war machines, but as protectors of the ruins. Though that hypothesis does not explain why would they choose to employ explosive weaponry inside the very ruins they are supposed to protect...
Mondstadt, Liyue

Items Dropped By Ruin Guards

Drop Level
Lv. 60+
Lv. 40+
Any Lv.

How to Beat Ruin Guards

• Highly Susceptible to Bow Users.

Because Ruin Guards have can be stunned by hitting their weak points it is highly recommended to bring Bow users.

Dodge the Missile Salvo

Ruin Guard - Missiles
Typically, Ruin Guards will fire a salvo of missiles when you approach. These missiles will lock on to and follow the player. They can be avoided by dodging to the left or right at the last second.

Ruin Guard - Back Weak Point
Back Weak Point

If you are quick enough, a bow user can disable the missile attack by shooting the weak point on the back of the Ruin Guard.

Hit the Weak Points to Stun

Ruin Guard - Weak Point

Shooting a Ruin Guard in its weak point will disable its movement for a few seconds, and hitting it a second time immediatly after the first will completely knock it down. The Ruin Guard's glowing eye is its main weak point, but a second weak point appears on its back just before it fires missiles. You'll need to be quick when hitting the Ruin Guard's Weak Point for the second time as the window of opportunity to knock it down is rather small.

Ruin Guard Stunned
Disabled Ruin Guard

Knocking down a Ruin Guard creates a huge window to deal as much damage as possible and is the recommended way to deal with Ruin Guards if you're not great at dodging its various attacks.

Beware of Combo Attacks

When fighting in melee range Ruin Guards use either a single stomp, clap or punch attack which can be easily dodged. However, there are 2 combo attacks that can easily deal tons of damage if you aren't careful.

Dodge the Slam Combo

Ruin Guard Slam
If you see the Ruin Guard begin to swing its fists left and right, it will then leap and slam down for an AoE attack. The slam deals the most damage so be sure to be out of the red AoE. This is especially important to dodge when fighting multiple Ruin Guards as it's their main gap closing ability.

Run from the Spin Attack

Ruin Guard - Spin Attack
Along with the missle attack, the Ruin Guard's spin attack is one of the most important attacks to avoid. Getting hit by this attack will stun an unshielded character and can potentially stun lock them untill they're knocked out. The safest way to avoid this attack is to keep your distance by running or using a shield from a Skill or Crystalize Reaction to negate the stun.

Spin Weak Point
Weak Points During Spin Attack

If you're confident in your aim, or just feeling lucky, both of the Ruin Guard's weak points are exposed during the spin attack. The attack can be disabled if you're able to hit one of them as while it's spinning.

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2 Jayrien5 months

>>1 they're going to be activated after you defeat the 1st active one, BTW the active ruin guard has the shoulder PUMP rising up , and when you get close they eventually start chasing you all around the island, Level 25 but my hero level 15 new player.

1 Jayrien5 months

in the secret island there is 4 passive guardian but once you defeat them the are going to spawn in different parts of island and will be activated , i defeated 1 and continue to kill the new one since i login again and another one spawn

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