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This is a guide to Geovishaps, an elite enemy in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn locations where you can find Geovishaps, as well as spoils dropped when defeating them.

Geovishap Locations and Basic Info

Geovishap Image
Adventurer Handbook Description
A mature Geovishap. It is said after many years have passed, Geovishap Hatchlings will shed the armor that originally protected them and become Geovishaps. However, these two and the older, greater Primo Geovishaps have spent many years hibernating under the mountains, and have only emerged and become active in recent times. As such, none can personally attest to have witnessed or recorded such a thing in person.

Items Dropped By Geovishaps

Drop Level
Any Lv.
Lv. 40+
Lv. 60+

How to Beat Geovishaps

Attack the Face to Stun

Geovishap Stun
Dealing damage directly to the Geovishap's face will stun it giving you an opportunity to deal massive damage.

Use a Shield to Counter the Charge

Geovishap Shield
Having a shield up when the Geovishap charges will cause it to topple over just like Geovishap Hatchlings. This can set up another opportunity to unleash your highest damage combos.

Recommended Shield Characters
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Change Party Based on Element

Genshin - Geovishap - Electro.png

The Geovishap can infuse its body with Cryo, Hydro, Electro or Pyro depending on its location. This will also affect its elemental resistance, so its best to bring a party suitable for combating its infused element.

Geovishap Attack Patterns

Claw Swipe

Geovishap Swipe
The claw swipe has a very obvious wind up before it starts. Once you the Geovishp raise its claws to strike you should dodge to clear the attack.

Double Jump

Gevishap jump
Similar to the Geovishap Hatchlings, the Geovishap has a jump attack however it will immediately jump again after landing. Be sure to have enough stamina to dodge 2 large AoE jump attacks.

Triple Stone Spikes

Geovishap Spike
The Geovishap will slam its fists into the ground and send stone spikes at the player 3 consecutive times. The telegraph for this attack is rather easy, so be sure to quickly dodge or use a shield to tank the attack.

Charge Slam

Geovishap Charge
The Geovishap will curl into a ball before rolling at the player at a high speed. Getting hit by the initial charge will also cause you to get hit by the subsequent slam attack. Take care when you see this attack as it is rather fast.

Additional Elemental Effects

During battle, a Geovishap will imbue itself with an different element depending on its location. This will boost their reistances and also change the way they attack.

Pyro Vishap

Pyro Vishap
Pyro imbued Vishap attacks will be imbued with Pyro and it will easily set the environment ablaze with AoE attacks which will deal constant damage. Be sure to bring a good healer.

Hydro Vishap

Hydro Vishap
When the Hydro imbued Vishap attacks, a Hydro ring will form around the active character for a short period of time. Once it disappears a burst of water will erupt from where it vanished. There is a small delay between the ring disappearing and the hydro burst, use that window to dash away safely.

Hydro Vishaps can also be constantly frozen due to being imbued with Hydro energy

Electro Vishap

Electro Vishap
Electro imbued Vishaps will release Electro orbs when they attack. The Electro orbs will move randomly around the field making them difficult to dodge.

Cryo Vishap

Cryo Vishap
Cryo imbued Vishaps will place patches of ice spikes on the ground that will explode if the active player comes in contact with them. Be sure to watch your footing.

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