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Life Orb Effect and How to Get It

Life Orb

This is a page on the Battle Item Life Orb and its location in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra DLC. Read on to see its effect, how to get it, and how to use it competitively.

Life Orb Effect

Life Orb ImageLife Orb
Effect An item to be held by a Pokémon. It boosts the power of moves, but at the cost of some HP on each hit.

How to Get Life Orb


Places This Item Can Be Found
Slumbering Weald Giant's Bed

Obtain at Slumbering Weald

You can get Life Orb in the inner part of Slumbering Weald.

How to Get There

Travel the path in Slumbering Weald until you meet a junction.
Life Orb Walkthrough 2.jpg Take the right side.
Life Orb Walkthrough 3.jpg Use your Rotom Bike to cross the water. Go south and you can obtain the item.

Champion Cup Finals Prize

Champion Cup Finals.png
You can receive Life Orb as a prize for winning the Champion Cup Finals, after finishing the main story.

You can get other more rewards by winning the tournament. Learn more about the Champion Cup Finals and the opponents through our guide below!
Champion Cup Finals Walkthrough (Part 11)

Obtain in Giant's Bed

Crown Tundra - Giant

A Life Orb can be found in the Giant's Bed area of the The Crown Tundra DLC.

Giant's Bed Map and Obtainable Pokemon

How to Use Life Orb

Life Orb is a staple item for hyper-offensive Pokemon as it boosts its damaging moves by 30%, but deals recoil damage equal to 10% of its HP.

Life Orb vs A Choice Item

When building offensive Pokemon, it is a common question on which item it should hold to maximize its attacking capabilities. Life Orb and Choice Band or Choice Specs are the usual candidates for offense-boosting items.

Both of these items have advantages and disadvantages, and the better choice will boil down on what you want to achieve with your Pokemon's moveset.

Advantage Disadvantage
Life Orb ・30% damage boost
・Can use all moves
・Recoil damage
Choice Band or Choice Scarf ・50% boost to Atk/Spd ・Locked to one move

Abilities Ignoring Life Orb Recoil

Some Abilities will ignore Life Orb's recoil damage and allow these Pokemon to safely use Life Orb.

Letting Pokemon with Sheer Force hold Life Orb will bypass the item's recoil when attacking, making it capable of dealing tremendous amounts of damage.

Additionally, Pokemon with Magic Guard will ignore Life Orb's recoil damage.

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