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This is a strategy guide for using Coalossal in competitive play for the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for tips on the best Nature, EV spreads, Movesets, and Held Items to use with Coalossal, as well as its strengths and weak points.

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Basic Information for Coalossal

Types and Abilities

Pokemon Type 1 Type 2
Pokemon Sword and Shield - Rock Type
Pokemon Sword and Shield - Fire Type
Flame Body Contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker.
Steam Engine Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat drastically if hit by a Fire- or Water-type move.
Flash Fire (Hidden) It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.

Type Defenses

Takes 4x damage
Pokemon Water Image
Pokemon Ground Image
Takes 2x damage
Pokemon Fighting Image
Pokemon Rock Image
Takes 0.5x damage
Pokemon Normal Image
Pokemon Ice Image
Pokemon Poison Image
Pokemon Flying Image
Pokemon Bug Image
Pokemon Fairy Image
Takes 1/4x damage
Pokemon Fire Image
Takes 0x damage

What is Type Effectiveness?

Base Stats

HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
110 80 120 80 90 30

Best Nature for Coalossal

Best Natures
(+Atk, -SpAtk)
(+SpAtk, -Atk)
(+Atk, -Spd)
(+SpAtk, -Spd)

What are Natures?

Singles Movesets for Coalossal

Weakness Policy Special Attacker Moveset & Best Build

Nature Modest (+SpAtk, -Atk)
EV Spread HP92 / Def. 4 / Sp.Atk. 252 / Sp.Def. 84 / Spd. 76
Final Stat Values HP 197 / Atk. 90 / Def. 141 / Sp.Atk. 145 / Sp.Def. 121 / Spd. 60
Ability Steam Engine
Held Item Weakness Policy
Moveset Burn Up
Stone Edge
Earth Power
Solar Beam

These values are from base stats and ideal EVs, excluding external factors.

Weakness Policy Special Attacker Coalossal.png

This special attacker build specializes in defeating the popular Physical defenders Corviknight, Gastrodon, Quagsire, and Toxapex. These Pokemon often use attacks that trigger Coalossal's held Weakness Policy.

Once activated, its Steam Engine Ability will allow you to strike even before a Dragapult with maximized Speed (stat value 213). Even after you've knocked out the Pokemon you sent Coalossal in to handle, it can also get in another hit against the opponent that switches in and wear down its HP.

EV Spread Explanation

EVs have been placed in HP to survive a Body Press from a Corviknight after one Iron Defense, and survive a Scald from Gastrodon.

The Speed EVs allow it to outspeed a basic Physical defense build for Gastrodon with 59 Speed. This will allow it to use Max Overgrowth on a switch-in and knock out Gastrodon or Quagsire before they can attack.

When using Dynamax Coalossal

Your Rock-type moves convert to Max Rockfall when Dynamaxed, increasing your Sp.Def. with a Sandstorm, allowing it to wear down its opponent with the Sandstorm damage while taking on a more defensive role.

When using Gigantamax Coalossal

Gigantamax Coalossal.png
How to Get Gigantamax Coalossal

G-Max Volcalith The Gigantamax counterpart of Coalossal's Rock-type moves. It inflicts damage equal to 1/6 of the opponent's maximum HP (except against other Rock-types), at the end of every turn, for 4 turns.

Rock-type moves are converted to G-Max Volcalith, which replaces weather effects with automatic damage to opponents at the end of every turn, for 4 turns. Though ineffective against other Rock-types, it has a heavy damage output that affects even the opponent's subsequent switch-ins and can continue to put on pressure even after it leaves the arena.

Other Viable Moves

Overheat Same type and power as Burn Up, without losing your Fire-type advantage. However, it lowers your Sp.Atk. stat.
Flamethrower A powerful Fire-type special attack, though its accuracy is relatively low.
Fire Blast A powerful Fire-type special attack, though its accuracy is relatively low.
High Horsepower Ground-type move effective against Nihilego.

Leftovers Moveset & Best Build

Nature Sassy (+SpDef, -Spd)
EV Spread HP 252 / Def. 4 / Sp. Def. 252
Final Stat Values HP 217 / Atk. 100 / Def. 141 / Sp. Atk. 100 / Sp. Def. 156 / Spd. 45
Ability Flash Fire
Held Item Leftovers
Moveset Fire Spin
Stealth Rock
Rock Blast

This build focuses on making Coalossal survive and take more hits, while also allowing it to have some offensive power.

About Coalossal's Moves

Setup an entry hazard with Stealth Rock to damage any opposing Pokemon brought out in the battle. Additionally, use Will-O-Wisp to lower the Attack of any physical attackers.

When facing Flying-types such as Togekiss, use Fire Spin to hinder any attempts of the opponent switching out.

About Coalossal's EV Spread

EVs are alotted to Special Defense and HP to make Coalossal tankier and be more durable against its weaknesses, especially with special attackers.

Other Viable Moves

Flamethrower Alternative Fire-type move that relies on the Special Attack stat.
Protect Used for stalling, avoiding attacks, and wasting an opponent's Dynamax turn.

Power Herb Moveset & Best Build

Nature Modest (+SpAtk, -Atk)
EV Spread HP 92 / Def. 4 / Sp. Atk. 252 / Sp. Def. 84 / Spd. 76
Final Stat Values HP 197 / Atk. 90 / Def. 141 / Sp. Atk. 145 / Sp. Def. 121 / Spd. 60
Ability Steam Engine
Held Item Power Herb
Moveset Meteor Beam
Solar Beam
Burn Up

This set utilizes the combo of Meteor Beam and Power Herb to immediately attack. Additionally, being hit with a Water-type move will activate Steam Engine and boost Coalossal's Speed, making it a fantastic attacker.

About Coaloassal's Moves.

Using Burn Up will make Coalossal lose it's Fire typing. This can be used to reduce the 4x weakness to Water and Ground to just 2x.

Other Viable Moves

Flamethrower Alternative Fire-type move that relies on the Special Attack stat.
Protect Used for stalling, avoiding attacks, and wasting an opponent's Dynamax turn.

How to Use Coalossal Effectively

A Highly-durable and Highly-defensive Pokemon

Coalossal is built with high HP, Def, and Sp.Def, without sacrificing much of its attack power. Because both its Attack and Special Attack are fair, it's able to use attacks of both kinds to match the opponent you want it to handle. It can withstand attacks and counterattack with a variety of moves, depending on the opponent it's facing.

Take Advantage of Its HP and Defense

Coalossal has a total 4x-weakness against Water and Ground-type moves. However, with its high defensive stats, the HP boost from Dynamaxing serves it well, allowing it to survive attacks and activate Weakness Policy.
G-Max Volcalith is also a formidable damage-dealer when using Gigantamax Coalossal.

Reduce Damage with Sandstorm or Grassy Terrain

Being a Rock-type Pokemon, Coalossal's Special Defense is boosted by 1.5x during Sandstorm. Grassy Terrain will also reduce the power of Earthquake, which Coalossal is weak against.

Alternatively, Burn Up will make Coalossal lose its Fire typing, reducing its 4x weakness to Water and Ground-type moves to 2x.

Counters for Coalossal

Pokemon Water Image
Pokemon Ground Image
Pokemon Fighting Image
Pokemon Rock Image

Turn Down the Heat with a 4x Type Advantage

Although Coalossal is durable, when not Dynamaxed, it can be bested by its 4x-weakness against Water and Ground-type moves. Even when it is Dynamaxed, it will usually survive with only a small amount of HP, making it usually possible to push it over the edge.

Fight with Pokemon that have the type-advantage over Coalossal, so that even if you can't KO it in one hit, you can survive its attacks and ultimately, knock it out.

Best Pokemon to Use

Pokemon Description
Pokemon SWSH - Dracovish ImageDracovish Ranking: ★★★★★
・Attack first with Fishious Rend to score a 1HKO even when Dynamaxed.
Moveset & Best Build for Dracovish
Pokemon SWSH - Gyarados ImageGyarados Ranking: ★★★★
・Can easily defeat Coalossal, especially with a Life Orb-ed Max Geyser.
Moveset & Best Build for Gyarados
Pokemon SWSH - Garchomp ImageGarchomp Ranking: ★★★★
・Can use Earthquake with STAB.
Moveset & Best Build for Garchomp
Pokemon SWSH - Flygon ImageFlygon Ranking: ★★★★
・Coalossal's moves aren't very effective against Flygon, so attack it with Ground-type moves.
Moveset & Best Build for Flygon
Pokemon SWSH - Wash Rotom ImageWash Rotom Ranking: ★★★★
・When it has EVs in HP, it can withstand Max Overgrowth (Solar Beam).
Moveset & Best Build for Wash Rotom

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