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Whimsicott - Evolutions, Location, and Learnset

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Whimsicott - Evolutions, Location, and Learnset

Whimsicott in Other Pokemon Games
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This is a page on the Pokemon Whimsicott, including its learnable moves and where it can be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Read on for information on its evolutions, abilities, type advantages, and location.

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CottoneeCottonee WhimsicottWhimsicott RhyhornRhyhorn
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Whimsicott - Type and Abilities

Whimsicott - Type

Windveiled Pokémon
Pokemon - Whimsicott
Type 1 Type 2
Pokemon Grass Image Pokemon Fairy Image

Whimsicott Weaknesses and Resistances

Takes 4x damage
Pokemon Poison Type Icon
Takes 2x damage
Pokemon Fire Type Icon Pokemon Ice Type Icon Pokemon Flying Type Icon Pokemon Steel Type Icon
Takes 0.5x damage
Pokemon Water Type Icon Pokemon Grass Type Icon Pokemon Electric Type Icon Pokemon Fighting Type Icon Pokemon Ground Type Icon Pokemon Dark Type Icon
Takes 1/4x damage
Takes 0x damage
Pokemon Dragon Type Icon

Whimsicott Pokédex Entries

It scatters cotton all over the place as a prank. If it gets wet, it’ll become too heavy to move and have no choice but to answer for its mischief.
As long as this Pokémon bathes in sunlight, its cotton keeps growing. If too much cotton fluff builds up, Whimsicott tears it off and scatters it.

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Whimsicott Abilities

Name Description
Prankster Gives priority to a status move.
Infiltrator Passes through the foe's barrier and strikes.

Whimsicott Hidden Ability

Name Description
Chlorophyll Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in sunshine

Whimsicott Egg Group

Egg Groups
Pokemon - Grass Egg GroupGrass Pokemon - Fairy Egg GroupFairy

Effort Values (EV) Earned

Effort Values (EV) Earned

Base Stats of Whimsicott

Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Total Base Stats

List of All Pokemon by Base Stats

Evolution Chart of Whimsicott

Evolution Line
Cottonee ImageCottonee Sun Stone Image Sun Stone
Whimsicott ImageWhimsicott

How to Evolve Every Pokemon

How to Get Whimsicott

In the Wild

Set Location Encounter

Map Weather
Ballimere Lake
Clear Rain

Raid Encounter

Location Hidden Ability?
Dappled Grove Rare Den (E) Yes
Dappled Grove Rare Den (C) Yes
Stony Wilderness Den (D) Yes
Stony Wilderness Rare Den (D) Yes
Bridge Field Den (G) Yes
Bridge Field Rare Den (G) Yes
Giant's Mirror Den (A) Yes
Giant's Mirror Rare Den (A) Yes
Frostpoint Field Den D Yes
Frostpoint Field Rare Den D Yes
Giant's Bed Den S Yes
Giant's Bed Rare Den S Yes
Snowslide Slope Den E Yes
Snowslide Slope Rare Den E Yes
Ballimere Lake Den H Yes
Ballimere Lake Rare Den H Yes
Frigid Sea Den H Yes
Frigid Sea Rare Den H Yes

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Catch Whimsicott in Dynamax Adventures!

Pokemon - Crown Tundra - Complete Dynamax Adventures with other Players

Whimsicott is one of the Pokemon you can find and catch during your Dynamax Adventures in The Crown Tundra DLC. Catching Pokemon in the Max Lair has a 100% chance of success, no matter what Pokeball you use, and even for Legendary Pokemon!

You can see a Pokemon's type before you decide which path to take, so rally your friends and get hunting!

Dynamax Adventures Guide

Learnset of Whimsicott

Learnset by Leveling Up

Lv. Move Type Power Acc. PP
Base Charm Pokemon Fairy Image - 100 20
Base Cotton Guard Pokemon Grass Image - - 10
Base Cotton Spore Pokemon Grass Image - 100 40
Base Endeavor Pokemon Normal Image - 100 5
Base Energy Ball Pokemon Grass Image 90 100 10
Base Fairy Wind Pokemon Fairy Image 40 100 30
Base Giga Drain Pokemon Grass Image 75 100 10
Base Gust Pokemon Flying Image 40 100 35
Base Helping Hand Pokemon Normal Image - - 20
Base Hurricane Pokemon Flying Image 110 70 10
Base Leech Seed Pokemon Grass Image - 90 10
Base Mega Drain Pokemon Grass Image 40 100 15
Base Memento Pokemon Dark Image - 100 10
Base Moonblast Pokemon Fairy Image 95 100 15
Base Poison Powder Pokemon Poison Image - 75 35
Base Razor Leaf Pokemon Grass Image 55 95 25
Base Solar Beam Pokemon Grass Image 120 100 10
Base Stun Spore Pokemon Grass Image - 75 30
Base Sunny Day Pokemon Fire Image - - 5
Base Tailwind Pokemon Flying Image - - 30
Base Growth Pokemon Normal Image - - 40
Base Absorb Pokemon Grass Image 20 100 25
This Pokemon currently has no moves learned in this way.

Learnset by TM

No. Move Type Power Acc. PP
TM08 Hyper Beam Pokemon Normal Image 150 90 5
TM09 Giga Impact Pokemon Normal Image 150 90 5
TM11 Solar Beam Pokemon Grass Image 120 100 10
TM17 Light Screen Pokemon Psychic Image - - 30
TM19 Safeguard Pokemon Normal Image - - 25
TM21 Rest Pokemon Psychic Image - - 10
TM23 Thief Pokemon Dark Image 60 100 25
TM24 Snore Pokemon Normal Image 50 100 15
TM25 Protect Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TM28 Giga Drain Pokemon Grass Image 75 100 10
TM29 Charm Pokemon Fairy Image - 100 20
TM31 Attract Pokemon Normal Image - 100 15
TM34 Sunny Day Pokemon Fire Image - - 5
TM37 Beat Up Pokemon Dark Image - 100 10
TM39 Facade Pokemon Normal Image 70 100 20
TM40 Swift Pokemon Normal Image 60 - 20
TM41 Helping Hand Pokemon Normal Image - - 20
TM47 Fake Tears Pokemon Dark Image - 100 20
TM56 U-turn Pokemon Bug Image 70 100 20
TM59 Fling Pokemon Dark Image - 100 10
TM70 Trick Room Pokemon Psychic Image - - 5
TM76 Round Pokemon Normal Image 60 100 15
TM88 Grassy Terrain Pokemon Grass Image - - 10
TM89 Misty Terrain Pokemon Fairy Image - - 10

Learnset by TR

No. Move Type Power Acc. PP
TR11 Psychic Pokemon Psychic Image 90 100 10
TR20 Substitute Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR26 Endure Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR27 Sleep Talk Pokemon Normal Image - - 10
TR30 Encore Pokemon Normal Image - 100 5
TR33 Shadow Ball Pokemon Ghost Image 80 100 15
TR37 Taunt Pokemon Dark Image - 100 20
TR59 Seed Bomb Pokemon Grass Image 80 100 15
TR65 Energy Ball Pokemon Grass Image 90 100 10
TR77 Grass Knot Pokemon Grass Image - 100 20
TR89 Hurricane Pokemon Flying Image 110 70 10
TR90 Play Rough Pokemon Fairy Image 90 90 10
TR92 Dazzling Gleam Pokemon Fairy Image 80 100 10

Learnset through a Move Tutor

Move Type Power Acc. PP
Grassy Glide Pokemon Grass Image 70 100 20

Learnset via Egg Moves

Move Type Power Acc. PP
Memento Pokemon Dark Image - 100 10
Tickle Pokemon Normal Image - 100 20
Nature Power Pokemon Normal Image - - 20
Switcheroo Pokemon Dark Image - 100 10
Worry Seed Pokemon Grass Image - 100 10

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Whimsicott in Other Pokemon Games

Whimsicott in Other Pokemon Games
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