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Crane's Echoing Call Best Characters and How to Get

Genshin Impact - Crane

Crane's Echoing Call is a 5-star catalyst and Xianyun's signature best-in-slot weapon in Genshin Impact 4.4. See the Crane's Echoing Call release date, how to get the weapon, and all other details about it here!

Crane's Echoing Call Best Characters

Who is Crane's Echoing Call Good For?

Recommended Characters
Xianyun ImageXianyun

Xianyun's Best-in-Slot

The Crane's Echoing Call is Xianyun's best-in-weapon, as the passive is tailor made to further buff her heals and Plunging Attack buffs in her dedicated teams. It also provides additional Energy to Xianyun if other party members hit their Plunging Attacks.

Not recommended for other characters

This weapon does not practically benefit any other Catalyst users other than Xianyun. Unless your party can make use of Xianyun's plunging buffs, it's more recommended to have her equip it herself anyways.

Wanderer at the very least can plunge after ending his Elemental Skill, but as a Main DPS, this isn't recommended for his intended role.

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Crane's Echoing Call Information

Crane's Echoing Call Basic Stats and Skills

Crane's Echoing Call
Type Catalyst
Base ATK 49
Rarity ★★★★★
Bonus Effect
ATK + 3.6%
Cloudfall Axiom
・After the equipping character hits an opponent with a Plunging Attack, all nearby party members' Plunging Attacks will deal 28% increased DMG for 20s. When nearby party members hit opponents with Plunging Attacks, they will restore 2.5 Energy to the equipping character. Energy can be restored this way every 0.7s, and can be triggered off-field.
A fan carved from pure jade, around which swirls an ancient aura of adeptal energy.
How to Obtain

Crane's Echoing Call Stats

Lvl. Base ATK ATK
1/20 49 3.6%
20/20 145 6.4%
40/40 286 9.3%
50/50 374 10.7%
60/60 464 12.2%
70/70 555 13.6%
80/80 648 15.1%
90/90 741 16.5%

How to Get Crane's Echoing Call

Wish on the Weapon Banner in Version 4.4 Phase 1

Genshin Impact - Epitome Invocation Banner 4.4 Phase 1

Banner Start January 31, 2024
Banner End February 20, 2024

Crane's Echoing Call was one of the featured 5-star weapons in the first phase of Version 4.4. As this is an Event-Wish exclusive weapon, you cannot obtain Crane's Echoing Call by any other means.

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Crane's Echoing Call Ascension Materials

Crane's Echoing Call Materials and Amount Needed


Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×10,000

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×20,000

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×30,000

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×45,000

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×55,000

Genshin - Mora Image Mora ×65,000

Feathery Fin from new Xuanwen Beasts

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale - Xuanwen Beast

A new type of enemy was released on Version 4.4's Chenyu Vale: Xuanwen Beasts! These will drop the Feathery Fins, Lunar Fins, and Chasmlight Fins needed to ascend this weapon.

This is similar to how Baizhu's weapon, Jadefall's Splendor, had the new Hilichurl Rogue drop its ascension material back in Version 3.6.

Xuanwen Beast Locations and Enemy Guide

Crane's Echoing Call Release Date

Released on Version 4.4

Genshin Impact Version 4.4
Genshin Impact - Version 4.4
Release Date January 31, 2024

The Crane's Echoing Call debuts along with Xianyun in Version 4.4 Phase 1 which went live on January 31, 2024!

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2 Anonymous3 months

I think you can utilize it on someone like Wrio if you able to do dragonstrike on him consistently but that is about it, my condolences..

1 Anonymous3 months

So NO ONE can xianyun's weapon? (I pulled her weapon 3 times but I don't have her :D)

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