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Nahida Story Quest | Sapientia Oromasdis Act 2 Guide

Genshin Impact - Nahida Story Quest - Sapientia Oromasdis Act 2 Guide

Homecoming is Nahida's Act 2 Story Quest released in Genshin Impact 3.6. Check out how to unlock Nahida's second story quest, quest walkthroughs, on how to defeat the boss here!

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How to Unlock Nahida's Story Quest Act 2

Nahida's Story Quest Requirements

Genshin - Nahida Story Quest Act 2

How to Unlock
Complete Archon Quest Chapter 3 Act 5 - Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises
Complete Nahida's Act 1 Story Quest Lingering Warmth
Reach Adventure Rank 40+

You must complete Archon Quest Chapter 3, Act 5 and Act 1 of Nahida's Story Quest to unlock Nahida's Act 2 Story Quest!

A Story Key will also be needed to unlock the quest. To get 1 Story Key, you need to do 8 Daily Commissions. Since there are only 4 Commissions in a day, you will need a minimum of 2 days to unlock 1 Story Key.

List of Story Quests

Complete Perils of the Dark

Genshin - Perils in the Dark Quest

Completing the Perils in the Dark World Quest is required to play through the second part of Nahida's Act 2 Story Quest.

Perils in the Dark Quest Guide

Nahida Story Quest Walkthrough

Part 1 - Where Lies the Path Home

Where Lies the Path Home Quest Guide
Head to the entrance of Sumeru City. Nahida will be there, from whom you will learn that she is looking for leads about something.
Follow the Hydro Fungus to its "family". Talk to them to learn that one of them is an Elemental Form, not a Fungus.
Follow the Elemental Form to an island nearby for a cutscene. You will then have to continue onward, fighting multiple waves of enemies and learning more about its homeland along the way.
You will eventually end up in a Withering Zone. Clear it out using the Dendrograna nearby, but beware of the Ruin Drake that will spawn once you get towards the end.
Teleport to Mawtiyima Forest to look for the other unconscious Elemental Form.
6 Genshin - Where Lies the Path Home Step 6 - Nahida as Fungus trying to find unconscious Elemental Form
After the cutscene, Nahida will disguise herself by transforming into a Fungus. She will automatically move forward and you will be given an option to go either left or right. Choose left.
Once Nahida makes it close enough to the other Fungi, you will then play as the Traveler. Go to the designated spot and use Elemental Sight to ascertain which one is the Elemental Form.
After the scene, you will be tasked to take care of the soil and eliminate any invading plants. Make sure you have a Hydro character as you will be required to water the seed after planting it.
Once you're done with tending to the farm, pick up the Sweet Flowers to spawn two Pyro Whopperflowers. Defeat them and return to the Elemental Forms to move on to the next part of the quest!

Part 2 - What Shape Does the Self Hold

Note: The next sequence of events in the Quest will require you to go to the depths of The Chasm.

If you haven't unlocked this area yet, you must complete the "Perils in the Dark" World Quest first to progress further.

What Shape Does the Self Hold Quest Guide
Head to the deepest part of The Chasm and press forward. Be sure to equip the Lumenstone Adjuvant before anything else.
Afterwards, make your way to the western part of the area to spot an Oozing Concretion surrounded by Rifthounds. Eliminate them and use the Lumenstone Adjuvant on the Oozing Concretion for another cutscene.
After the cutscene, go to the west of The Sands of Three Canals the Desert of Hadramaveth for relatively short cutscene. Then, make your way east through the path ahead of you until you reach a clearing.
Nahida and the Traveler will be transported to talk to Apep, the Dendro Dragon. Defeat the Elemental Beings it will summon to progress further.
Once you're finished, make your way to a cave in the north of the Sands of Three Canals.
The party will be transported to the Heart of Oasis, where Nahida and Paimon are separated from the Traveler. Press forward to the clearing ahead.
More cutscenes will ensue. Afterwards, defeat the Guardian of Apep's Oasis.
After the boss battle, head to the area at the south of Sumeru City to complete the Story Quest.

Nahida Story Quest Boss Battle Guide

Phase 1: Warden of the Lost Oasis

Genshin - Apep Boss Fight - 1st Phase Warden of the Last Oasis

The first phase of this battle is as straightforward as boss battles go. Simply give it your all and defeat the boss in front of you.

However, do take note of its attacks as it has a long reach capable of damaging an area and sidestepping party members. It will even burrow in the ground to avoid taking damage.

Phase 2: Revitalize the Heart of Oasis

Genshin - Apep Boss Fight - 2nd Phase Enemies can provide shields and healing

The second phase of this fight requires you to defeat six waves of Elemental Beings to advance the revitalization process.

Each wave will spawn clockwise around the Heart of Oasis. On the second and fourth wave, a stronger variant of an Elemental Being will be present. Prioritize taking these down as they might slow the revitalization process.

On the sixth and final wave, a Barrier Generator will be present, which will apply a Dendro Shield on its surrounding minions, except for itself. Take this Barrier Generator down to dispel the shield and defeat the entire wave.

Phase 3: Warden of Oasis Prime

Genshin - Apep Boss Fight - Use the Shields of Revival Hymn to defend from attacks in 3rd Phase

The final phase of the battle is very similar to the first phase, apart from the Warden being much stronger and faster.

It will burrow more often, but will resurface almost immediately to do a swiping attack. Additionally, it can unleash shockwaves of the apocalypse, which can only be avoided by entering the Shield of Revival's Hymn.

Guardian of Apep's Oasis Boss Battle Guide

Nahida Story Quest Rewards

All Homecoming Rewards

Quest Quest Rewards
Where Lies the Path Home
Genshin - Mora Image Mora x 53,900
What Shape Does the Self Hold
Genshin - Mora Image Mora x 53,900

Nahida Story Quest Act 2 Release Date

Released on Version 3.6

Genshin Impact Version 3.6
Genshin Impact - Version 3.6 A Parade of Providence
Release Date April 12, 2023

Act 2 of Nahida's Story Quest, Homecoming, was released on Version 3.6 on April 12, 2023!

Version 3.3 Release Date & Patch Notes

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