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Genshin Impact - Childe
The Monoceros Caeli Chapter is Childe's Story Quest in Genshin Impact. Keep on reading to learn how you can unlock this chapter and all of its requirements.

Mighty Cyclops' Adventure! Basic Information

Quest Details

Quest Type Story Quest
Chapter Monoceros Caeli, Act 1
Location Minlin, Liyue
Required AR 40
Quest Giver -

How to Unlock

Genshin Impact - Story Key Image Story Key x1

Reach AR 40 and complete Xingqiu's quest, Bookworm Swordsman.

You also need to clear all Archon quests available in versions 1.0 and 1.1, concluding with Chapter 1, Act 3: A New Star Approaches.

Main Story Walkthrough

Mighty Cyclops' Adventure! Walkthrough and Rewards

Across the Sea


You and Paimon prepare to investigate a ruin near Lingju Pass...

Across the Sea Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Ask the Millelith about the situation
  • Investigate the Ruin Guard's whereabouts
  • Defeat the Ruin Guard
  • Talk to Paimon
  • Keep searching the surrounding area
  • Go to Northland Bank


1 Across_Marker.jpg
Teleport to the marked area of the map and talk to the Millelith.
2 Across_Footprint.jpg
Follow the Ruin Guard's footprints.
3 Across_Ruin Guard.jpg
Defeat the Ruin Guard.
4 Across_Teucer.jpg
Follow the marker to a boy looking at an inactive Ruin Guard.
5 Across_Bank.jpg
Use the Liyue Harbor teleport waypoint and head to Northland Bank.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×375 Mora Image Mora ×22000 Hero Hero's Wit ×2
Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×5

Teucer's Terrific Tour


The Snezhnayan boy that you met by chance while investigating the Ruin Guards turned out to be Childe's younger brother Teucer. Childe requests that you keep his identity a secret and that you give the boy a tour of Liyue.

Teucer's Terrific Tour Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Take Teucer out to the toy store
  • Bring Teucer to Wanmin Restaurant
  • Bring Teucer to the Wharf
  • Talk to Teucer
  • Talk to Teucer
  • Talk to Teucer
  • Bring Teucer to where Childe is
  • Complete the Treasure Hoarder's test by obtaining the treasure
  • Talk to the members of the Treasure Hoarders
  • Go to Childe's location to look for Teucer
  • Defeat all the Fatui recruits


1 TTT_Granny.jpg
Head over to the toy store in Liyue Harbor and barter with Granny Shan.
2 TTT_Chef.jpg
Continue to Wanmin restaurant and haggle with Chef Mao next.
3 TTT_Wharf.jpg
Go to the Wharf next and follow Teucer around.
4 TTT_Map.jpg
Teleport to Qingxu Pool area and meet up with Childe at the marked area.
5 TTT_Treasure Hoarder.jpg
Using Childe, you have to complete a time trial challenge and open a treasure chest within 80s.
6 TTT_Teucer.jpg
Head to the north of Qingxu Pool to look for Teucer.
7 TTT_Childe.jpg
Using Childe again, defeat the 2 waves of Fatui recruits.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×625 Mora Image Mora ×38100 Hero Hero's Wit ×4
Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×8

Defender of Childhood Dreams


Though the process was winding and awkward, Childe proved able to conceal his identity from his brother. Before Teucer could return to Snezhnaya, Childe agreed to his final request - to tour Liyue's Institute for Toy Research. But in truth, that Institute is...

Defender of Childhood Dreams Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Go to Liyue's Institute for Toy Research
  • Enter the Institute for Toy Research
  • Protect Teucer, find a way to meet up with him
  • Eliminate the Ruin Guard threat
  • Find Childe and talk to him
  • Talk to Teucer
  • Return to Nothland Bank


1 Defender_Map.jpg
Head to the area marked on the map, just north of Lingju Pass.
2 Defender_Toy Research.jpg
Enter the Institute for Toy Research.
3 Defender_Hydro Monument.jpg
Use Childe's charged bow attack to hit the Hydro monument to fill up the area with water and reach the stairs.
4 Defender_Laser.jpg
Use the moving Ruin Guard bodies to block the laser and walk past them.
5 Defender_Electro Switch.jpg
Use Childe's charged bow attack to deactivate the Electro switch and open the gate.
6 Defender_Ruin Guard.jpg
Defeat the Ruin Guards in 60s. More Ruin Guards will keep appearing and you won't be able to defeat all of them.
7 Defender_Childe.jpg
Follow the marker to find Childe.
8 Defender_Teucer.jpg
Give Teucer the Mr. Cyclops action figure. Don't forget to open the chest before exiting the domain.
9 Defnder_Bank.jpg
Go back to Liyue Harbor and head over to the Northland Bank.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×725 Primogem Image Primogem ×60 Mora Image Mora ×44000
Guide to "Freedom" Image Guide to "Freedom" ×5 Hero Hero's Wit ×5 Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×10

Mighty Cyclops' Adventure! Tips & Strategies

Haggling with Granny Shan


Granny Shan will accept if you offer more than 7500 and less than 8000.

Failing 3 times will set the price to 14,000.

Haggling with Chef Mao


Chef Mao will accept if you offer more than 5000 and less than 7900.

Remaining money can be exchanged for Mora


Any money left from haggling can be exchanged for Mora at the Northland Bank in Liyue Harbor.

Talk to Ekaterina to have it exchanged.

Perfect time to try out Childe

You'll have plenty of time and opportunity to try out Childe/Tartaglia during this quest. Try him out with your existing party to see if they have synergy!

Tartaglia (Childe) Rating and Best Builds

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