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Genshin Impact - Sal Flore Story Quest

Sal Flore is a Story Quest in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock Zhongli's Story Quest, where it is found, as well as its rewards and a full walkthrough for completing the Quest.

Sal Flore Basic Information

Quest Details

Quest Type Story Quest
Chapter Historia Antiqua, Act 1
Location Sea of Clouds, Liyue
Quest Giver -
Availability Period Permanent after 2020/12/01 4:00

How to Unlock

Genshin Impact - Story Key Image Story Key x1

Complete "Act 1: Chapter 3 - A New Star Approaches."

You need to clear all Archon quests available in versions 1.0 and 1.1, concluding with Chapter 1, Act 3: A New Star Approaches.

Main Story Walkthrough

Sal Flore Walkthrough and Rewards

Shadow of Yore


You and Paimon recognize a familiar face as soon as you come aboard the Pearl Galley...

Shadow of Yore Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Go to Pearl Galley
  • Meet Zhongli at the tableside
  • Head to the stern and ask Wanyan about her problem


1 Shadow of Yore_Pearl Galley.jpg
Go to the Pearl Galley, the ship just outside Liyue Harbor.
2 Shadow of Yore_Pearl Galley2.jpg
Approach the table where Zhongli is.
3 Shadow of Yore_Wanyan.jpg
Follow the marker to meet with Zhongli and Wanyan.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×350 Mora Image Mora ×19675 Hero Hero's Wit ×2
Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×4

Vortex's Wake


After your chance meeting with Zhongli, you learn that a Fatuus named Kliment is trying to organize an archaeological expedition. Zhongli is roped in as a consultant, along with an archaeologist named Wanyan who volunteers for the task. Though you distrust the Fatui, you join up at Zhongli's invitation. The first subject of this investigation is Osial, Overlord of the Vortex.

Vortex's Wake Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Go to Guyun Stone Forest
  • Use Elemental Sight to search for relics
  • Defeat the enemies and open the chest
  • Continue using Elemental Sight to seach for relics
  • Defeat the mimic monsters and recover the relic
  • Meet up with the other group


1 Vortex
Go to Guyun Stone Forest using the Teleport Waypoint.
2 Vortex
Use Elemental Sight and follow the marker to a group of Hilichurls protecting a chest. Defeat them and open the chest.
3 Vortex
Follow the marker again using Elemental Sight to get a relic floating in the water near two Cryo Slimes.
4 Vortex
Go to the next area and defeat the Hydro Mimics to get the last relic.
5 Vortex
Meet up with Wanyan and Kliment.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×500 Mora Image Mora ×27825 Hero Hero's Wit ×3
Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6

A Ruin Under Lock and Key


The expedition to investigate Osial in the Guyun Stone Forest came away with slim pickings. Kliment and Wanyan also clashed vociferously over their differing perspectives, which has greatly displeased the former. During the argument, he heard Wanyan mention the tale of the God of Salt, and decided to take the party there to try their luck, lest he finishes this venture empty-handed.

A Ruin Under Lock and Key Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Go to Sal Terrae
  • Go to the first contraption
  • Look for a spot from which the picture formed by the relics can be seen
  • Go to the second contraption
  • Follow Zhongli's instructions and light the monuments up
  • Go to the site of the broken seal


1 A Ruin Under Lock and Key_Start.jpg
Go to Sal Terrae and meet up with the others at the marker.
2 A Ruin Under Lock and Key_Picture.jpg
Head over to the first contraption and stand at the marker and align the camera angle to complete the picture.
3 A Ruin Under Lock and Key_East.jpg
Go to the second contraption and using an Electro character, activate the 4 monuments in the following order: South, East, West, North.
4 A Ruin Under Lock and Key_Seal.jpg
Return to the seal.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×500 Mora Image Mora ×27825 Hero Hero's Wit ×3
Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×6

Farewell, Sweet Salt


With the aid of Zhongli's knowledge, you are able to undo the seals, but before entering the ruin, he lays a condition before Wanyan and Kliment: to alternate who gets claim to each treasure encountered, with only one object permitted per claim

Farewell, Sweet Salt Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Descend into the cave
  • Explore the cave and enter the ruins
  • Continue exploring
  • Punish Kliment
  • Talk to Zhongli and Wanyan
  • Proceed deeper within
  • Examine the broken sword
  • Catch up to Wanyan
  • Talk to Wanyan and witness the truth


1 Farewell Sweet Salt_Drop.jpg
Jump down into the cave.
2 Farewell Sweet Salt_Ruin.jpg
Follow the cave and enter the ruins at the end. On the way, there are some Geo Slimes that appear.
3 Farewell Sweet Salt_Chalice.jpg
Follow the marker through the ruins and approach the first relic, the Chalice of Salt.
4 Farewell Sweet Salt_Door Pillar.jpg
Use Zhongli's Geo Skill to create consructs on the pressure plates to open the door.
5 Farewell Sweet Salt_Fatui Kliment.jpg
Approach the next relic, the Ruler of Salt. You will then have to fight against Fatui Kliment.
6 Farewell Sweet Salt_Geo Monument.jpg
Activate the three Geo Monuments with Zhongli's skills to open the next door.
7 Farewell Sweet Salt_Ruler.jpg
Once inside, you have to defeat some Hilichurls and then you'll be free to examine the next relic, the Broken Sword.
8 Farewell Sweet Salt_Truth.jpgEnlarge Continue through the domain and talk to Wanyan to discover the truth.
9 Farewell Sweet Salt_Exit.jpg
After opening the treasure chest in the last room, you can leave the domain already.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×575 Mora Image Mora ×31125 Hero Hero's Wit ×4
Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×7

A Record of All Things


Within the ruins, Kliment and Wanyan each betray the contract in turn for personal reasons. As punishment, Kliment is cast out of the ruin and deprived of his reward. Wanyan is made to witness a truth that shatters her beliefs - the God of Salt was gentle but weak and was betrayed and slain as a result. Bearing witness to this incident and filled with conflicted feelings as a result, you follow Zhongli back to Guyun Stone Forest.

A Record of All Things Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Go to Guyun Stone Forest and talk to Zhongli


1 A Record of All Things_Zhongli.jpg
Climb the hightest point of Guyun Stone Forest and talk to Zhongli there.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×300 Primogem Image Primogem ×60 Mora Image Mora ×17050
Guide to Gold Image Guide to Gold ×5 Adventurer Adventurer's Experience ×8 Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×4

Sal Flore Tips & Strategies

Recommended Party

You will face a variety of enemies in this quest. It's best to choose a well-rounded party with different elements. Having Cryo, Pyro, Electro, and Hydro characters will make it easier to defeat any monsters you might come across.

How to Get on the Pearl Galley

Finish the Ocean Pearl Quest

Shadow of Yore_Pinghai.jpg

If you've already finished The Oceal Pearl world quest, you can go and speak with Pinghai at the docks in Liyue Harbor to bring you to the Pearl Galley.

The Ocean Pearl Quest Guide

Freeze your way to the ship

Freeze_Ocean Pearl.jpg

If you haven't finished The Ocean Pearl world quest yet, you will have to make your way to the ship by freezing the water with Cryo characters. Once you're close enough, you can then just climb the side of the ship to get on.

Glide to the ship

Gliding onto the Ship.jpg

You can get onto the ship by climbing onto the hill nearest to the boat to the south. Once on top, you can glide as close as you can to the ship, either landing on it or landing in the water and climbing onto it.

Second Contraption Puzzle Solution

1. South (Tianheng) 2. East (Yaoguang)
A Ruin Under Lock and Key_South.jpgEnlarge A Ruin Under Lock and Key_East.jpgEnlarge
3. West (Jueyun) 4. North (Qingce)
A Ruin Under Lock and Key_West.jpgEnlarge A Ruin Under Lock and Key_North.jpgEnlarge

To solve the second contraption puzzle, you need to use an Electro character to activate the monuments in the order stated above.

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I came aboard the ferry but I can't see Zhong li anywhere, I'm ar 44 currently, pls if you can help

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